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On Friday night, Mal and I ordered pizza, salad, and spinach artichoke dip from Bertucci’s. A CrossFit friend, who works for Frito-Lay, gave us a few party size bags of Cheetos, so Mal and I have been chomping on them all weekend. Murphy gathered acorns for the long winter ahead and then chewed them up all over the living room. Watching Extreme Cheapskates also reminded me of a number of frugal things that my family did when I was growing up. To save money on shampoo and conditioner, my dad told my sister and me to use bar soap to wash our hair, which, of course, was, um, awesome when it came to detangling long hair. To save money on toilet paper, my dad instructed us to count out 4 squares of toilet paper per trip to the bathroom.
I wouldn’t call us frugal, but we try our best not to buy things new unless its necessarily or not sanitary to buy it used. I really like the show because it reminds me not to be too frugal, and not to get lost in the details of life while losing sight of the big picture. According to Victoria who told Anderson Cooper on Anderson Live last week that she has a spreadsheet for her budget until the day she dies, but the idea is to save cash.
Take a look at the video clip of the cheap millionaire who requires house guests to pee in a bottle. Ballers and shot-callers: Which musicians are the best at basketball?In his 1995 hit “I Wish,” Skee-Lo used the second of his wishes to gain the ability to play basketball (his first was a slight height increase, which may be related). Charlie Hunnam sticking up for his girl on social media, asks fans to stop bullying herCharlie reveals he is confused as to why fans claim to be devoted to him are attacking McNeilis in this manner. Extreme Cheapskates follows thrifty people who go beyond the call of duty to live life as cheap as possible.
First Look: One of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates Gets By Without Using the ToiletYou think you're frugal? It wasn't always this way; 25 years ago Hunt was a single mother living in a trailer park and receiving government assistance. Hunt's cheapness doesn't stop at her bottle toilet routine, and to stay on budget, she meticulously tracks every penny spent in a giant spreadsheet. Her other cheap tricks include putting her freezer on a timer so it only runs 12 hours a day and taking showers at her gym to save electricity and water. While living a life of extreme thrift has allowed Hunt to save money and retire before 50, it hasn't always been easy.

Stephanie's cheap behavior embarrasses her boyfriend, Patrick, who thinks they have plenty of money to spend. One cheapskate visits junkyards for her family's Christmas gifts while another creates a Christmas turkey mutation out of ground meat, chicken and turkey legs.
Ann-Marie Jackson and fiance Peter wed in a pizza parlor, the location of their first date.
Patriarch Raul Pinto scours through vacuum canisters at the car wash in hopes of finding spare change. This Cheapskate saves her boutique money by using standard farm supplies for her beauty products.
This penny-pinching lady saves money any way she can, even if that means eating leftover airplane food! She displays a discolored and rusty pair of pliers and says, "The extraction will actually take place using this barber's tool.
The guy on TV packed it into a cardboard toilet paper roll and then lit it to start a fire in his fireplace. I actually do this with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and face wash—you’ll get an extra week’s worth of product!
He’s a tinkerer and good with his hands, so he was always repairing or creating things from what he had around the house. Just got word from Reebok that they’re planning to offer some really great Black Friday promotions. This guy is putting his laundry in with other people’s and going to clinical trials to save on medical bills haha I would say I am careful with how I spend my money, but they are definitely way more extreme then I am!
Well, TLC on Tuesday night will reveal a cheaper, much more shocking individual that might put your cheap pal in perspective. The woman is a millionaire and obsessed with living a poor life after making her way out of poverty which includes peeing in a bottle. Sharing entertainment favorites with her audience and covering stars, movies, tv, fashion and red carpet events, this is her dream job. Roy also tries to save some bucks by reusing paper towels, salvaging coffee grinds and more.
In fact, Hunt is self-made millionaire who owns several houses and has stock and other investments. It basically profiles people who are super frugal and shows just how far they’ll go to save (literally) a penny.

She clipped coupons, shopped sales and flea markets, and took us to thrift shops to go clothes shopping. At one point, I remember he somehow hooked up a vacuum to a vent in the kitchen, so he could just use the hose when he wanted to vacuum and not drag out the whole vacuum cleaner. In the episode I watched, the whole family shared bath water to cut down on bills, and used crumpled up newspaper instead of toilet paper. Extreme Cheapskates is all new with a special episode on how to save cash by peeing in a bottle.
During the program she is seen feeding her guests cake from the dumpster and other so-called tasty treats. TLC has ordered six episodes of the show, which features penny pinchers as they dumpster dive and reuse toilet paper, among other things, to save a few bucks. She is so cheap that she urinates in a bottle and then empties it in her garden, a move she estimates shaves a couple dollars off her monthly water bill. She retired from her career as an accountant at age 48, and now her primary income comes from her rental properties.
Everything on your lawn that is a weed, like clover and purslane, are all edible." In fact, she now picks her own dandelion roots for herbal tea, instead of paying $8 per box. In the year-and-a-half they have been dating, they have joined forces to create a life based on modern-day hunting and gathering.
My dad, however, was a bit more “extreme” with his frugality (although, it was NOTHING like what I watched on TV over the weekend). She saves her urine to put in her compost pile and saves about $10 a month not flushing the toilet.
Still, she lives on just $12,000 per year, including bills, groceries and even health insurance. He then proceeds to dip the dirty pliers in cola to remove the rust, and then pours rubbing alcohol over it for sterilization.The couple stands to save $175 by doing the at-home method, as it's only costing them $10 vs.

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