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So today I’m going to try as hard as I can to set my reasonable as well as my  unreasonable expectations aside and see what happens.
What would happen if we lowered our expectations for those around us and raised our expectations for how we serve them? I wonder what that looks like in real-world scenarios where it’s appropriate to have expectations? Agatha, you're completely correct when it comes to a dating and potentially marriage relationship.
Interesting that when you make these conscious efforts something interesting always happens to stretch that commitment. I wonder what that looks like in real-world scenarios where it's appropriate to have expectations? Not always easy to maintain a level of commitment in giving away or going the extra mile with those around you esp. You should join our FREE mailing list, and learn how to get more prospects, and advance relationships with C-level executives!
September 25, 2012 By Todd Youngblood 5 Comments One of the online groups I frequent recently had a discussion regarding the setting of appropriate expectations from attending trade shows. So I’m going to invest the time and treasure required to travel, buy hotel rooms, lug a small mountain of stuff to load into the booth and buy cool, new shirts for the whole team. They plan for three days with three sales pros and three more folks in the booth which is set up as a remote radio studio. At the show, sales ace meets exec at his or her own booth 20 minutes prior to interview time, provides an escort to the radio dudes and talks a little shop. There’s buzz from their last trade show presence driving interest in the next trade show presence.
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In the prior article about home haircuts  there are examples of men who had to change and start caring about their appearance for business or social reasons.  I would think every man would just want to look his best all the time, not just when external factors made it necessary.

Rich Kletting is a traditional, old-style barber performing services such as men’s haircuts,  classic hot-towel straight-razor face shaves,  beard trimming & shaping,  scalp treatments  and more. So there is an implied expectation that the information presented will be professional, thorough, concise and informative. The chatter after the meeting was not about all the great things being done by all the organizations presenting; rather, it was about how poorly this one session went.
So simplistically, there are three conditions that can be met: exceed expectations, meet expectations, or fall below expectations.
A colleague of mine likes to use the Cajun word “lagniappe” to describe the concept of “a little something extra.” It is what anchors the experience as a positive one. You reach out and give beyond what  you thought you should give, and yet, there’s nothing in return, or at least not the return you expected. You should have high standards for both you and your potential mate, but even there, the danger is to look for fulfillment and meaning in a level that those relationships were never intended to fulfill. He is a full time barber in downtown Salt Lake City and is also a  licensed barber instructor  teaching a new generation of student skills which have been lost in a recent era of women’s salons and quick-clips. It’s a big, annual meeting of industry executives and we are getting updates on all the things the presenting organizations do for their members. Exceed some expectations and let our customers know we are grateful for the opportunity to meet their expectations.
When I entered the business world it came as a shock to me that my expectations were clearly unrealistic – especially my expectations of others. Even now that I am just past 50 I still do my best to eat right (and my wife makes sure I do) and still train 6 days a week up to 2 hours per day. I think the heart behind the post is absolutely something I need to cultivate within myself. For some reason church members believe Pastors don't need encouragement and gratitude since you have it all figured out. Life taught me not no expect anymore the same level of emotion as I invested in that action, and on the other hand people like me (us) are "forced" to check our motifs, are we doing it for what we get back from the people or are we doing it because of who God is for us or did to us?

Why not start at the top, dress sharp and then you know, people, you know, “Oh, you’re a student but you dress like a professional.
Membership with these organizations is not a small investment and the cost to send people to this conference is also not a small investment. His strong work ethic runs through my veins and has seen me endure some tough assignments including a few periods of unemployment, career changes etc.
We must first hold ourselves to the highest standard and then lead and support others to lift up their standards. We all have, and some of us seem to live in a place where we resent people’s lack of gratitude more than we appreciate our relationship with them. I just don’t know how to process it in many situations where expectations are appropriate ( and yes, there are many where they are indeed appropriate).
I just don't know how to process it in many situations where expectations are appropriate ( and yes, there are many where they are indeed appropriate).
Today, I just chose to engage people without expecting anything in return, as much as I'm humanly capable. In addition, one of the speakers was awkward in her humor and for another presenter, information he cited to refute research contrary to the organization’s interests was not convincing. In recent years, regrettably, I experienced broken promises and unmet expectations in an unfortunate business deal that consumed 2 years of my sweat but yielded little of the promised reward. While I know that's unrealistic on a daily basis, today, at least, I let God take care of the rest. I take very seriously my responsibility to lead my clients, my network, my family and my friends. My wife and I are making sure that fitness and learning are a habit we share with our kids.

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