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If they had a choice, all loan originators would most likely prefer to have a referral-only business. You may hesitate to ask for referrals because you believe excellent service should be sufficient incentive for customers to refer you to others. You can also mention a similar notation on the back of business cards, in voice mail messages, on your Website, blog, tweets, personal brochure, a sign in your office, and on a badge worn at events.
Fred Arnold reminds us that there are occasions when it’s not appropriate to discuss referrals. In addition to sending thank you notes, Frank looks for other ways to show her appreciation to all customers—including those who have provided referrals—without risking a RESPA complaint. Editor’s Note: Please let us know your specific referral strategies so that we can highlight them in future articles.
One of the challenges many loan originators face is how to help borrowers with credit issues. Broker Banker asked several successful mortgage loan professionals: What is the most effective referral- generating strategy?
Girls in grades 6 to 9 are invited to explore careers in math and science through fun, hands-on workshops taught by women in the field. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Last year’s UC Berkeley event attracted 221 middle school students who participated in 18 different workshops supported by 58 workshop leaders.
During the day long event, participants will hear from UC Berkeley professors, graduate students and industry professionals covering biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and other STEM-related fields.
Parents are recommended to register their child early as this event is expected to be very popular; online registration is available here (registration closes February 25) and is only $15 (thanks to donations and sponsors).
All Creatures Great and Small: This workshop will introduce students to a career in veterinary medicine. Digging the Past: In this workshop girls will get hands-on experience with how archaeologists use archaeological materials to study how past people lived their daily lives.
Girls on the Mic: Explore the careers of Recording Engineers, Music Producers, Live Sound Engineers and more. Go with the Flow: In this workshop, girls will get hands-on experience on creating microfluidic devices and learning how fluid flowing through these devices is different from fluid flowing through water pipes. Lights in the Sky: Students will be introduced to optical phenomena visible in the night sky, namely aurora and airglow, through a variety of hands-on demonstrations involving magnetism and exploration of the spectral properties of light. My Instagram Collage: This workshop will introduce students to a career in software engineering and web design. This is the Life in Space: Ever wondered how to become an astronaut and actually go to outer space?

Through the Looking Glass: Intro to programming with a 3D programming environment called Alice. Charla Lautar, along with senior dental hygiene students Alyssa LoVerde and Malia Casali, facilitated a workshop "Dental Hygiene - More Than Just Teeth" for SIUC's Expanding Your Horizon participants explored properties of various dental materials, learned how to place dental sealants and how to identify aspects of tooth anatomy. After all, it’s much easier to work with prospects who already have been told how great you are. Make a good first impression, provide customers with extra service throughout the transaction, and be sure they and others are aware that you would appreciate having referrals from their work associates, family members, neighbors, friends and everyone else.
Also, you may have customers who don’t go out of their way to provide referrals because they think you’re already busy enough. Veteran originator David Kuiper, First Place Bank, Holland, Mich., is adamant that customers need to be reminded. A Florida originator wore such a button while walking through the tailgate party activities at a professional football game.
To avoid violating RESPA, which prohibits offering a “thing of value” in exchange for referrals, it’s best to send a thank you card or e-mail.
Previous customers are so impressed with you that they tell their friends and others to call. This year’s ATK-sponsored EYH conference in Salt Lake City will be held Saturday, March 10, from 8 a.m. If so, there is a terrific local opportunity to further that interest being held on the UC Berkeley campus Saturday March 2. In all 150 UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate student volunteers helped make the event a tremendous success.
Students will learn about the diverse opportunities available in the field of veterinary medicine by speaking with veterinary students and engaging in hands-on activities with live animals.
You will learn about the role of the athletic trainer and sports medicine professional, how trainers combine sports and science, different opportunities for those interested in sports medicine, and a look at a typical day for a collegiate athletic trainer. Be a bird biologist and try your hand with bolus dissections and satellite tracking to investigate the diet and chick rearing habits of the amazing Albatross.
Learn to record and produce music, create sound for video, and set up sound for a live concert. Come meet Google experts and learn how to envision, design, and develop useful products that solve problems.
Test you mechanical engineering and design skills as you design, build, and test a hydraulic system to make your invention move. Each student will extract their own DNA in a fun and easy experiment, while learning about the science behind the process.
Art and science come together in this workshop to show you how science is not that different from art!

Come meet a real astronaut to learn about the interesting aspects of space exploration, and how science is used to approach and solve these out-of-this-world problems.
Participants were also introduced to "hands-on activities" that included simulated charting, mixing and pouring plaster, and applying pit and fissure dental sealants. One top producing originator has made a point to refer potential clients to his Realtor contacts before asking for the agents’ referrals. Also when someone is sick, for their birthday or other special occasion that is unrelated to a specific referral, I have also given a one-year subscription to magazines, sent flowers and gift certificates to local restaurants or training sessions at a local gym. This year 25 workshops are planned covering a diverse range of science, technology, engineering and math topics (see below for more details).
Students choose three different workshops from a broad selection, attend a keynote presentation and end the day with an undergrad college panel. You’ll get to test your skills by practicing different taping techniques used for injury prevention and management in an athletic setting. Learn the neuroscience behind how and why your brain changes and discuss what your findings mean for how your brain learns every day. We will use techniques used by scientists who study these birds to understand what they are eating and where they are migrating so that the species can be protected. Explore your world with Google Earth and learn how satellite and computer technology can be used to understand complex environmental issues. You’ll put ice, water, and steam together in a beaker and coat pennies with different colors to learn about how vacuums work. Each student will use their own personal photos (or select their favorites from our collection) to create a downloadable photo collage! You’ll learn why creativity is so important to scientists when they ask questions and solve problems.
Hopefully, these young girls in grades 5 through 9 will further investigate the art and science of dental hygiene as a career. Pre-registration is required (by February 22) – but register early before workshops are full.
Over 26,000 young women participate in Expanding Your Horizons events every year, with UC Berkeley hosting an event for the second time this year. You’ll also get a chance to see art made by current scientists and hear the stories about their lives, and then you will get to make your own art to illustrate your favorite scientific topic or idea! The event includes an opening session, 3 hands-on workshops, lunch, a keynote presentation and fabulous door prizes!

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