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Covering such various techniques as zazen, mantra, visualization, heart, third eye and chakra, this introduction to meditation, which helps lower stress, increase well-being and prevent disease, shows readers how to start meditating as well as how to invigorate an existing practice. While I was growing up in Los Angeles, the city felt like a vast, hardened prison from which no escape seemed possible. Back then, my only moments of release came while gazing across the Pacific Ocean, where humans and their works ended, and nature and hers began — toward the freedom of the open horizon. AdvertisementLikewise, here was the grand McKenzie River, carving its course with no mind for people, time, or obstacles of any type. For just one instant, I lost myself to life’s flow and experienced a peace unlike any I had felt before.

You have probably had moments like this too, when you have “lost yourself” and perhaps even felt touched by some mysterious, magnetic force that seemed to connect with your own life from somewhere deep within.
For most people, these moments are like glimpses through a window that is ordinarily hidden but that serves to remind us that there is far more to life than what we can see, touch, or hear. They are mystical moments that, in a flash, infuse life with meaning and a renewed sense of purpose.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe practice of meditation is the practice of actively making yourself open to this experience and the far more compelling states that can follow, for this common, passing experience is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inner space. Practiced actively, meditation can lead to states of sublime peace and profound joy that are so powerful, they defy description.
Hindus, who have been meditating for thousands of years, refer to these ecstatic meditative states as samadhi.

During meditation, you switch your focus from the external world — with its complexity, constant stress, and sense of separation — toward the internal world, which is the opposite in every respect. Through this shift you may discover that just beyond our ordinary human awareness, life is a vast, interconnected network that exists in a state of peaceful union.
Essentially, through meditation you learn that you are not a physical being living a temporary life of separation from the rest of the world, but a spirit living an eternal life of union with every living creature in the universe.

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