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One way to do this is the concept of interpersonal contracts, of which I won’t get into too specific details right now. The way I framed this blog post is of my own opinion, and I put my own personal development (self-awareness) type of twist on it.
I certainly see this as your twist on things – as, if you like, my throwing depression into the mix was mine. If someone has any degree of clinical depression (not just having an off day) then they will spend a lot of time immersed in negative thinking. It is of course also useful to get to know any inner critics that are overly harsh, ask them what their positive purposes are, and if they would be willing to communicate in more constructive ways.
Realizing why you are not worth feeding sure can be a wake-up call as to what is on the way if you don’t change things. We are all worth feeding because we, as human beings, are a physical expression of the universal spirit of love. Here we learn about the interactions we will encounter, and the kind of mental maneuvering we have to do in order to deliver optimal treatment and prevent the patient from standing in the way of their oral health. They’re basically an understanding between the doctor and patient that both parties are working to meet each others expectations.
Hittelman the Psychologist who teaches this course, made an interesting distinction about what self-esteem is.

You can make a list of things you’d like to improve upon in yourself, and slowly but surely take action towards being a valuable person. Hittelman presented this to the class, I don’t think he meant it to be an exercise in raising self-esteem. I do believe that if you ask this to someone that is depressed, it could make them aware and facilitate them striving for something bigger. We are part of the divine and entitled to everything good in life, simply because we are alive. Are you looking for practical advice you can use to dramatically improve the quality of your life?
If you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that such interesting topics would be taught in dental school, but here I am learning about them.
You might become aware of something that is valuable about you, which you might have overlooked before. Whether or not this it will come down to your personal opinion is arbitrary, but perhaps you really aren’t being a very valuable person at the moment.
There is a great overlap between low self esteem and depression, and I’m sure no one would think of asking someone who is depressed that question? Changing that thinking can take along time, and may need other interventions, before someone can accept a more positive viewpoint.

I do think that I am worth enough now, maybe not worth the most yet, but I’m working on it. Rather it’s a feeling that you are a valuable human being by possessing a quality that makes you such.
You’ll be able to then focus in on this worth, do more of it, and use it to raise your self-esteem. By doing this exercise, and self-actualizing about where you think you are lacking in this department, I believe you could create positive forward-bound momentum in your life. This could be for a number of reasons, including but not exclusive to, having a skill, talent, job, relationship, helping people, being attractive, etc.
Being proud of yourself, for one reason or another, will color your days a different color as you move forward through life. If you’re already at rock bottom, that means you have the whole world to expand and improve into.
So as a starting point to build self esteem I think the question could be somewhat different.

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