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Beautiful full color pictures make it easy for you to figure out and do the Home Tip yourself saving you lots of money in the long run. Share your thoughts on Essential Home Tips: 500 Solutions for Problems Around Your Home (Today's Homeowner).
Filled with interesting facts, real-life stories and insights, and common pitfalls to avoid, this book provides everything you need to select the right type of home for your family, the right mortgage, the right agent, the right inspections -- and much more.
Along with this step-by-step handbook, you'll receive online access to The Homebuyer's Toolkit, including dozens of forms and MP3s to help you find the right place, crunch the numbers, interview real estate professionals, and even borrow down payment money from your parents. The brand new edition is fully updated to reflect the latest changes to the housing market, with emphasis on how to deal wiht competition from other buyers when making an offer. Alayna Schroeder is a coauthor of several Nolo books, including Selling Your House in a Tough Market and Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home.
Bray's working background includes solo practice, nonprofit, and corporate stints, as well as long periods of volunteering, including an internship at Amnesty International's main legal office in London. Bray also blogs on ideas for raising money for your nonprofit at Nolo's Fundraising Tips for Busy Nonprofits and provides tips for anyone buying or selling a home at Nolo's Real Estate Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers -- winner of the 2012 "Best Blog" award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE). Marcia Stewart has been a Nolo editor and author since 1989, writing and editing Nolo books and forms on landlord-tenant law, real estate, and small business.
Buying a home is one of those rare instances where you can control a very large and potentially appreciating asset with a comparatively small initial cash investment (your down payment). Some people like to call a mortgage a forced savings plan, because it makes you sock a little cash away every month in the form of a mortgage payment—money you will, with any luck, get back when you sell the place. Eventually, as your equity in your home builds, you can borrow against it at relatively low interest rates, using a home equity loan or a HELOC (home equity line of credit). The interest rates on these tend to be higher than on primary mortgages, but lower than on the typical credit card. Of course, there are risks—if you default and your house goes into foreclosure, the lender is second in line to be paid from the proceeds of the sale of your house, after the primary mortgage holder. You’ll get to claim various federal tax deductions and credits for home-related expenses. One of the biggest deductions will be the interest you pay on your home mortgage (available for mortgages of up to $1 million for individuals and married couples filing jointly and $500,000 for marrieds filing separately). To take advantage of house-related tax deductions, you’ll need to itemize your tax deductions, rather than take the standard deduction (for 2014 tax returns, $6,200 for individuals and $12,400 for marrieds filing jointly). While it may be too soon for you to imagine selling your first home, another important benefit is available if and when you do. To qualify, you must (with a few exceptions) have lived in the home two out of the previous five years before selling.
Expressing your personality isn’t the only advantage to leaving rental living behind.
Even reasonable landlords who make prompt and thorough repairs and never raise the rent can pull surprises or sell the property. Some people are reluctant to buy a house because they’re single now, but hope to be part of a couple before long.
We have an unbeatable selection of 7 million books, honest, accurate grading and features that help you find out-of-print, second-hand treasure. A Sacramento, California lawyer, she has represented employers in litigation, drafted employee handbooks and policies and counseled employers on sound employment practices.
She received her law degree and a Master's degree in East Asian (Chinese) Studies from the University of Washington. She is also an author on a popular Immigration Law Site and writes Nolo's Immigration Law Blog. If the market value of the house is $300,000, Hugo’s current equity in the home is $60,000 (market value minus mortgage debt). On the other hand, you might call it a smart investment plan, because it gives you both a roof over your head and a way to convert your cash into a potentially appreciating asset.

The money borrowed can be used for any number of purposes, such as home improvements, college tuition, or a car.
A tax deduction is an amount you subtract from your gross income (all the money you earned during the year) to figure out how much of your income is subject to tax.
If your taxable income is $80,000, and you qualify for a $2,000 tax credit, your taxable income is still $80,000, but you get to reduce the amount of tax you ultimately owe by $2,000. A tax credit good through 2016 lets you claim 30% of the cost of installing geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines, fuel cells, or solar energy systems.
This one’s particularly advantageous during the first few years of a fixed rate mortgage, when most of your payment will be put toward interest.
While the amount varies between states and localities, most people pay around 1% of the home’s value each year in state property tax. Points are additional and usually optional fees paid when you buy your mortgage (you get a reduced interest rate in return). If you move because of a new job that’s more than 50 miles from your current residence, you may be able to deduct your moving expenses. Although we advise against getting a mortgage with a prepayment penalty (as discussed in Chapter 6), if you do, and then you make a prepayment, the penalty you pay will be tax-deductible. The true tax savings comes in the difference between your tax liability when you take the standard deduction and your tax liability when you itemize. But if you itemize your deductions, you could deduct the $8,000 in interest payments instead. Thanks to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, you don’t pay capital gains tax (usually 15%) on the first $250,000 you make on the place. Many first-time buyers use this tax break to move from modest starter homes to roomier homes that cost more. White walls stay white, ugly carpeting stays ugly, and the funky bathroom light fixture stays funky. There’s just no way to quantify the psychological advantage of personalizing your space. Say goodbye to things like waiting around for things to get fixed, wondering whether the landlord will raise your rent or kick you out anytime soon, and being surprised by landlords who stop by at their own convenience. Revisit the calculators after you’ve looked at Chapters 3 and 6 (covering the financial details of buying a house). If you’re planning to return to school or quit your 9 to 5 to pursue an acting career, you might not want to lock yourself into a mortgage.
Scraping together a 20% down payment can be no small task when you’ve already got your plate full with your current bills.
There are alternatives: For example, you may be able to augment your down payment with a loan from a family member, or even enter into a cobuying arrangement with a friend. By remaining flexible, and starting with a not-quite-perfect house, you can break into the housing market. Timing is definitely important, but it’s not easy to get in to the market at the perfect moment. Then find ways to address them, for example with self-education or by hiring professionals.
Understand what real estate agents, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and other professionals do, and put them to work for you, saving time and money. Use all the worksheets and checklists in the Homebuyer’s Toolkit on the Nolo website to stay on top of key tasks, such as choosing a real estate agent or inspector or pulling together financial papers for the lender. It will tell you where you are at every step, so that you can breathe, get your bearings, and proceed with confidence. In the next chapter, we’ll discuss how to examine and settle on your priorities regarding types of houses and neighborhoods. Many of her books are consistent Nolo bestsellers, among them Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits, U.S.

Yet you get to enjoy the appreciation on the full value of the investment, not just your cash component. Better yet, if you use the money for home improvements, the interest is tax deductible, up to $1 million. For example, if your gross income is $80,000, and you have a $2,000 tax deduction, your taxable income is reduced to $78,000. But you can’t deduct interest on loans used to make normal repairs, such as repainting the kitchen or fixing a broken window.
The deduction is limited to a maximum loan amount or the total fair market value of the home less other mortgages.
Itemizing involves a step up from the good old 1040EZ, but it’s not all that complicated.
That doesn’t count property taxes, points on the mortgage, or any other tax-deductible expenses.
This publication will give you more detailed information about the tax benefits of buying a home.
Double that to $500,000 if you’re married and filing jointly, or to $250,000 per person if you co-own the place. Even people who’ve never taken an interest in home decorating, repair, or gardening find themselves hooked on the creativity and self-expression possible with home projects. You’re in charge of when you move on, who comes in the front door and when, and what gets done to the place. If your first priority is being able to quit your job any time a friend proposes a round-the-world sailing trip, maybe homeownership will feel more like a trap than a positive step. Still, you may be a potential homebuyer if you can afford something more modest within your anticipated future income or can pay the mortgage by co-owning the property or taking in renters.
In a few markets, you can still rent for less than you can buy—even after you factor in tax deductions and inflation. Obviously they have figured out that there’s no secret rule that says only couples get to buy houses. You’ll also find more useful books, software, online services, and downloadable forms.
Packed with tips and timely reminders, our latest USA TODAY book gives you the lowdown on:prioritizing purchases maintenance and repairs safety and security insurance neighbors and disputes taxes remodeling and working with contractors decorating and renovating on a budget mortgages and refinancing, and preparing your home for an eventual sale.
You’d be hard-pressed to find another investment where you can borrow a large amount of money, pay a modest interest rate, and reap every bit of the gain yourself. The maximum loan amount is $100,000 for an individual or married couple filing jointly and $50,000 if married but filing separately. Consider getting help from a tax professional—even your meeting might be tax-deductible! While that admittedly is possible, it’s also possible that in the meantime, the increased value of your place will help, not hinder, your happily-ever-after. This slim volume could potentially save you and your family thousands of dollars -- and perhaps even your home.
This chapter will preview some of the primary financial and personal benefits to buying a home (and you’ll find details on many of the subjects covered, such as tax benefits, in later chapters). With the high price of real estate, it’s not usually too hard to outpace the standard deduction with deductible homeowner costs, not to mention other deductible expenses like donations to your favorite charity. If the value of your home increases and you pay down the mortgage, the two of you will have equity you can use to buy a place together. Turn to this all-in-one resource for the tools and tips you need to keep home ownership simple and fun!

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