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Essentially, men are biologically driven to seek sexual congress with women, to spread their genes.
In fem-centric western societies, men commonly lower their standards to satiate sexual thirst and seek female companionship by adjusting to (commonly substandard) modern women.
Time is also the greatest rationalizer in our lives, more than people’s own hamsters. Happiness can be described as the feeling of contentment we derive from successfully achieving or doing the things we want—at the right time, that is.
Thus, time is the (often cruel) master of our happiness, working secretly in the background. For some men, this shelf life of emotional fulfillment through women can be a few weeks, a few months, a few years, or a few decades—depending on his level of adjustment (or toleration), and the kind of woman he’s dealing with. It could be a hobby, a life mission, a red pill tribe, spirituality, or a development of a skill or talent within you that provides inner fulfillment instead.
In short, the trick is to develop detachment to emotional fulfillment from sex, while instead seeking it through these internal factors that are in your own hands. The caveat of this is not to push emotional detachment to such a level so as to lose complete interest in women and become an ascetic. The irony of relationships is that women often want men to attach to them on an emotional level.
The power balance shifts in a woman’s favor once she realizes a man is dependent on her for his sexual and, more importantly, emotional fulfillment and gratification.
Awakened alphas understood this throughout history, and usually limited their interaction with women to sex and pleasure – with emotional detachment. One thing to note is that most of these emotionally detached men had interactions with many women in their lives, who actually assisted these men by providing counsel or support.
If you can succeed in liberating your emotional fulfillment from physical pleasure in relationships with women, then all power goes to you.
Mother of pearl, quartz, howlite and agate blend together to help open your heart, release past hurts and feel loved. Free Shipping On Orders Over $150: Free shipping coupon code SHIP150 available for orders over $150 before tax. Mother of Pearl is believed to help take away deep wounds from your past and heal them with its nurturing, motherly love. This item is expected to ship from our warehouse within the time range noted here, excluding weekends and holidays. Such empowering and uplifting needs tend to require a lot of self-discovery and emotional maturity in order to acquire them.

While they may be empty, the Canned Intangible Needs remind people of the important aspects of happiness. He enjoys philosophy, archery, target shooting, learning new languages, globe-trotting and the company of non-hypocritical, feminine women. This is a question which has been contemplated throughout history—possibly even by the first man.
While the act of sexual congress with women essentially provides physical pleasure (or fulfillment), the emotional aspects of sex too hold some value. The so-called successful relationships they get into are usually those of staged togetherness—where either or both the partners are pretending to be happy while either secretly harboring unhappiness, resentment, or in the worst cases cuckoldry and adultery. Either way, depending on the circumstances, some of these reasons might hold credibility and be valid ones to maintain a relationship in the eyes of society. People rationalize their personal experiences and responses depending on the circumstances Time thrusts over phases in their lives. It can delay our personal successes, while prolonging periods of personal failure beyond our control and in spite of our best efforts. If he’s a person who has low attention span, he’d feel frustrated as quickly as possible within the emotional drudgery of a relationship with a woman who has lost her novel physical appeal to him. I’d rather suggest looking internally than externally, for I believe every man on this planet has a talent or is gifted in some way or the other, but most of the time men themselves discover or develop their hidden talents. No woman can hurt a man with options, so do you think a woman has even a minute chance to hurt a man who is emotionally detached?
Sex, love, care, affection, or sometimes outright subservience are ways women can get men to become attached. Women often do more to get men to attach themselves, but then take men for granted after they’ve achieved that.
You will feel more psychologically powerful, which can heighten your pleasure in all interactions with women, both sexual and platonic.
We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles. You can use it to talk about new product launches, experiences, tips or other news you want your customers to read about. With these cans of immaterial emotional fulfillment, you can purchase things like trust, unconditional love, shamelessness, inner peace and self-esteem. They are not simply things you can purchase at the supermarket, as they are not tangible items that can be bought or sold. Not even if she was the most feminine, beautiful, caring and chaste woman who magically had the skills of the most skilled broad in bed.

Our tastes in women undergo transformations throughout the phases of our lives, as do our relationships and interactions with them, as we age. If there is one thing I really admire about a fellow man, it is never his woman, his wealth, or anything else.
Instead, they seek external emotional fulfillment through interaction with women or relationships, while letting their personal gifts go to waste.
Sex is necessary, for if it weren’t, nature would not have itself designed male and female bodies with reproductive organs to begin with. The more a man emotionally attaches to a woman, the more she wields power over him—even if it may be subtle. Regulate their involvement and use in your life, or run the risk that they’d rule your life in the end.
Even the best qualities of a woman become predictable, over a period of time, in the most successful of marriages, LTRs, or mini-relationships.
We are of course the masters of our choices in our lives, but we cannot deny the regulating influence of Time on our lives and fate itself.
The lover of women will find no happiness with women at a time when he is besieged with other problems.
The reality about women and relationships is that they all have a shelf life when it comes to providing long-term sustained emotional fulfillment in life for a man. This is one of the many reasons betas get sidetracked by women: they are often emotionally dependent on them, even when the women are not offering anything in return. Women can gratify you temporarily, but they can never provide complete emotional fulfillment.
The worshipper of wealth will find no happiness in wealth at a time when he cannot spend that very wealth to obtain what he wants. Game is a great way to achieve this state of channelizing of the search of emotional fulfillment in life to other factors apart from women, while retaining physical fulfillment through sex with women. They all know a man’s emotional attachment entails his emotional dependence and manipulation, and eventual subjugation. Women know they are easily replaceable in the life of an emotionally detached man, who could walk away from them at will.

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