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Lightguard Keep *WAS* the last standing pillar of hope in the cursed, undead-filled forest of DoomWood. Safiria is Queen of the Vampires, and a trusted ally who has maintained peace in her Kingdom with the Werewolves (Lycans.) The war became personal when the 13th Lord of Chaos laid seige to her Kingdom in Darkovia. The 13th Chaos Lord is sending their forces to attack the Dragon's Lair while the Alliance works to recruit one of Lore's most powerful mages to their side - Xan the Pyromancer! All games and game character names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Artix Entertainment, LLC. I think that’s why this idea of embracing {a little} chaos has been hard for me to write. This weekend, learn the rest of his story: what turned him from a young Prince into an all-powerful mage bent on achieving a single, world-shattering goal!

This unexpected and highly dangerous Chaos lord now leads the forces of chaos and may be the one who conquers or destroys our world. Despite a massive force of defenders, the Chaos invaders reached the castle of Safiria, the Vampire Queen.
Lore's Legendary Heroes can begin questing for these valuable artifacts that should, the Loremasters say, aid them in the battle against Chaos!
Unsheath your sword, grab your spell book, and join the most important battles in AdventureQuest Worlds. Play as Cysero, Artix, Warlic, or Robina the Hood AND Drakath as you finish the journey towards one of the most important events in our world's history: the day Drakath became the Champion of Chaos!
As the 13th Lord of Chaos lead his troops on to attack the next location, a chaos infused werewolf was left in their wake.

In a conversation with my mom earlier today I said I feel like this is just the way life is going to look until my girl graduates from high school in four and a half years.
Queen Safiria was slain, and 10 million of her vampire minions disintigrated along with her. You can increase your side's war meter by defeating enemies and turning in the war medels that you collect.

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