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Retirement Hobbies for a Fulfilled Life AbroadMoving to a new country has its own thrill, but what kind of retirement hobbies will keep you happy long term? Nicaragua People and Culture - Retire in Nicaragua, Part 9Nicaragua people make you feel welcome. To kick off the season, here are a few incredible pumpkin and apple cider-flavored recipes to attempt. This easy, Pumpkin Spice Juice dish takes simply 20 minutes total to prepare and carry out.
This one’s super simple– and is a perfect fit for the season of apple choosing! Fu Wah International, the Beijing-headquartered real estate group led by billionaire Chan Laiwa, broke ground on Wednesday on a five-star Park Hyatt in Auckland.
We’ve been highlighting the dangers of Valeant for over two years and we do not see them abating as long as management is incentivized to destroy shareholder value. A Mitsubishi Heavy Industries robot used by IRID to investigate contamination in Reactor Unit 2. BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world. When you've just landed a new apartment, a security deposit is kind of like the pile of work on your desk at 5 p.m. However, it's important to be proactive so you can help ensure you'll get back every penny you deserve -- and you can't just assume the security deposit will let you "live out the last month," either. Here are six important questions to ask before you sign the lease that can help save you some dough.
Your landlord might be the white-glove type that meticulously checks for cleanliness, and not just by putting on a white glove and inspecting for dust. If you've lived in a place for several years, it won't look as good as the day you moved in. Were the walls in your rental just painted, but you already know that you simply cannot live with those "builder beige" tones without losing your mind? Lawn maintenance is a tricky area for renters and a subject that should be spelled out explicitly in the lease. If the landlord needs to spend money to get the grounds in the same shape as when you moved in, that will come out of your security deposit. If you spot a problem, tell your landlord right away, whether you caused it and need to pay for it through your security deposit or whether the repair is one the landlord pays for. The closer you can get to having your place look just the way it did when you moved in (take photos!), the more likely you'll be to get your full security deposit back.

While you may think green juice rich in kale is the only mixture a juicer develops, far more than that can enter into the device– even fall favorites, like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, apple crisp, yams, and more! After peeling your butternut squash and chopping up all produce, put everything in the juicer.
Today, juicing is everything about eating clean, cleansing your body of toxins, and best of all, consuming cool-looking mixtures from mason containers (and possibly even Instagramming it later).
They might expect a sparkling-clean oven, microwave, and fridge (and freshly spackled and touched-up walls). The carpet will show wear, the paint will fade or show smudges, and there might be small nicks here and there on the walls. If it isn't, generally speaking, when you rent a multifamily unit, the landlord is responsible for lawn care.
Cats might ruin the carpet by using it as a scratching post, and dogs sometimes dig holes in the yard. Either way, if you neglect to tell the landlord and said problem later turns into a disaster, you could be on the hook for the excessive damage. But if the landlord does keep some or all of your security deposit, they almost always need to present you with an itemized receipt detailing the reasons.
Une joie qui se veut communicative car il est quasi impossible de se morfondre sur de tels morceaux. I’ve had a blast checking out brand-new mixtures, and while the juicer needs a little assembly, it’s extremely simple (and fun) to utilize! As soon as it’s changed into liquid type, rim your glass with honey, coconut palm sugar and spice, then pour. You could push it aside for now, but you'll still have to deal with it on Monday (or when it's time to move out).
These things are just normal wear and tear -- stuff that happens over time in any home or apartment.
If you wish to paint the walls a soothing aqua chiffon or maybe a lovely hyacinth, you first need permission from the landlord.
If you rent a single-family home, you are probably responsible for the upkeep of the grounds. Get permission before you plant a flower or vegetable garden, and know that any bushes or trees you plant should stay with the house when you move. For example, if you spot water coming in from a leaky roof, the landlord needs to fix it right away, and they will pay for it.
How long landlords have to get this done varies by state, so familiarize yourself with your state's laws.

But if you’re searching for a healthier option to the PSL (which packs about 380 calories in 16oz, with 120 of those calories from fat), look no additional than your own … juicer? But until that time comes, it's easy to be distracted with decorating, meeting the neighbors, and celebrating your new place.
If you're a bit of a slob, you might want to pay a cleaning service to scour your place before you move out. If you get the A-OK, you'll either need to paint the walls back to beige before you move out or let the landlord take a repainting fee from your security deposit. But if you don't report the dripping water and a mold problem eventually develops, those mold-removal costs could very well be on you. If you don't get your security deposit back or a written explanation as to why not, write to your landlord and ask for your security deposit. Unless you know how to prep walls for painting like a pro and can be certain you won't get paint on trim, baseboards, or anywhere else it shouldn't be, let your landlord do it. If you paid a pet deposit, the landlord uses it, not the security deposit, to pay for any pet-related damage.
But if the wear and tear is excessive and outright damage has occurred (wine or vomit stains on the carpet, the unmistakable odor of cat pee, a child's "artwork" painted directly on the walls, broken doors or holes in walls from who knows what), that's on you and will come out of your security deposit. Once you know upfront how much they'll charge you for the privilege of painting, those beige walls might start to look kind of nice. Find out, for example, how often you need to mow the lawn and whether you need to water it, trim bushes and shrubs, and keep weeds under control.
If you weren't charged a separate pet deposit, the landlord can use the security deposit to repair any pet damage. If there is any doubt, maintain the property of the house you're renting as you would your own house. I have international health insurance, at 62, it only cost me $2100 a year and Ia€™m covered at any doctor or hospital in the world.
The care I got was top rate.Because Panama is such a small country, you can be in a completely different climate with only a 1 hour drive, sometimes less.

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