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Without question, truly following a gluten free diet takes conscious effort and full determination.
The last thing that anyone who does the work of cutting gluten out of his or her diet wants is to unknowingly consume gluten. Many people know that wheat, rye, and barley contain the gluten protein, but gluten also hides out behind many other aliases in addition to these more straightforward terms. Additionally, terms such as modified food starch, maltodextrin, natural flavouring and hydrolysed plant protein may be made from sources that contain gluten and should be treated with caution if their sources cannot be ascertained. The key to avoiding accidentally consuming gluten when you are dining away from home lies in asking a few important questions.
In efforts to not bother anyone, some people on gluten free diets will remain quiet, but a polite, well-intentioned question is almost certain to be well received. You know the importance of passing on cookies, crackers and bread in your gluten free diet, but there are a few other foods that often contain gluten as well.
Closely read labels, even on brands you have used for years as recipes and formulations are apt to change without notice. This last tip for avoiding accidentally consuming gluten is particularly important for people who live in homes where some members of the family still include gluten in their diets.
Keep gluten free foods on the top shelves to avoid crumbs from gluten-containing foods falling into your food.
So there you go… 10 Quick and Easy Organizing ideas to start off the New Year!  We will explore many many more organizing ideas in detail and also pop out 10 Quick and Easy Organizing Random Ideas each Month!  Hope you enjoy them and get to put some of them in action.  ENJOY! June 1, 2013 By Cake Decorating Jessie 27 Comments Decorating a cake can be as complex or as easy as you wish. Today I will share with you easy decorating tricks that you can try on a single or multi-layer cake and impress your family and friends with your creativity and professional looking cake design. Use what ever tools you already have at home for your cake decorating such as a spoon, knife or fork. When talking about patterns in the icing it mainly refers to using a spatula or a knife for frosting the cake but cake decorating tools can be as simple as a spoon or fork. The first thing to do is to place your knife completely flat on the frosting and make a quick upward movement. Watch the video for the easy cake decorating tips on how to use a spoon and fork to create simple but beautiful looking patterns in your frosting. Depending on how you cut the tip of the cone bag you can do different patterns of flowers, rosettes and shell borders.
Watch the video below to see what materials you can use to make your perfect bag cone at home, how exactly you should cut the tip to get different types of piped design and cake decorating tips on creating frosting patterns.

The easiest and fastest way to decorate your cake is to sprinkle edible toppings on the top or sides of the cake.
You will never fail if you choose a combination of fresh strawberries, whipping cream and rich dark chocolate ganache for your cake decorating.
Once covered pour the chocolate ganache over the cake, place sliced strawberries on the top of the cake and sprinkle with some chocolate ganache. Make sure to grab the features button and place it on your blog should you choose to do so!
I am going to a cake decorating class in October to learn how to use fondant, however the supplies were included and we can take the cake that we decorate during the class home.
Thank you so much for sharing at Sweet Treats & Swanky Stuff, I definitely enjoyed watching all of the tips, I love cake decorating! I decided to publish cake decorating tips that are easy to implement and anybody can make it at home using the tools that they already have. I have on Julep Eva pink base with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon manicure color Calypso Blue on tips. Also for those of you on the fence about the one pot spaghetti … I had to make it again today! While the effort is well worth the rewards of feeling better, reducing internal inflammation, improving energy and mood, or treating medical conditions such as coeliac disease, there is no question that actually being gluten free takes a little bit of work.
Unfortunately, the prevalence of gluten in so many food and drink options today means that it is all too easy to accidentally consume gluten, if you are not vigilant. Knowing the other names gluten lurks under empowers you to spot it on labels and in recipes and thus be able to avoid eating it.
Finally, though oats themselves do not contain gluten, growing practices typically leave them cross contaminated. Whether you are eating at a restaurant, a party or a friend’s home, asking questions about ingredients and preparation can make the difference between having a safe, healthy gluten free meal and accidentally consuming a gluten filled meal. Knowing these suspicious sources to watch out for will help keep you from suffering the ill effects of gluten without realizing how you got the gluten in the first place.
For those of you who have shared kitchens with people who do not adhere to gluten free lifestyles, keeping food items organised and separated is particularly vital. Label foods like peanut butter as being gluten free to avoid a knife with bread crumbs being used in the jar. However, you don’t need to use complicated cake decorating techniques to make an amazing looking cake.
In other words, a plastic bag and a tiny cut at the tip of one portion can work perfectly for this purpose.

In case you want to make a shell border, simply squeeze a portion of frosting material from the bag cone over the cake.
You can use nut pieces like sliced almonds, sugar sprinkles, crushed candy canes, shredded coconut, fruits, strips of chocolate, gumdrops or a combination of any of them. You can add fresh strawberries and some frosting between the cake layers and then cover the top of the cake and around the edges with the rest of the whipping cream. As you can see there is no need to be a professional cake decorator to make this delicious cake. I am going to make my daughter’s third birthday cake this year and wanted to do a princess cake but the decorating had me weary!
I wish I had seen this many years ago when I was learning to do cake decorating for my children. Unless oats are specifically labeled as being certified gluten free, consider them to be a source of gluten. It is also key to ask about preparation methods, an otherwise gluten free meal may become contaminated in situations you may not immediately suspect, such as flour being used to coat a pan. Sauces and dips, salad dressings, pre-mixed spices and broths all are likely suspects for including ingredients with gluten in them.
Not only will this enable you to keep gluten out of your food, you’ll also be able to avoid the refined sugars and processed oils that many store bought versions contain and save money over the packaged versions.
While some people this level of contamination may not cause an issue, for others, especially those with medical conditions necessitating a gluten free diet, even this small amount of gluten can have major negative consequences. You can use simple tools that you already have at home that can be highly effective if used creatively.
It is important to secure the edge of the cone simply by applying scotch tape or masking tape. The next step is to move the topmost part of the bag cone down beneath the end of the shell and discontinue squeezing. These top tips will help you make sure your efforts to be completely gluten free are not unintentionally sabotaged. Always reading labels carefully will go a long way to guard against these gluten sources sneaking into your diet. It will prevent the paper bag cone from opening when you are squeezing it and give you more control.

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