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Alle meisjes en jonge vrouwen die meer willen weten over zelfvertrouwen, zelfbeeld en positief denken  zijn van harte uitgenodigd hier aan deel te nemen!
Vind je het gezellig om samen met iemand te reizen, kom dan gerust samen met je vriendinnen, zusjes of nichtjes!
Reacties Flower - Woensdag 7 november 2012 15:51lijkt me echt super, jammer dat het zo ver weg is.
October 18, 2014 by Pooky Knightsmith Leave a Comment My colleagues are looking for Year 7 and Year 8 students to take part in a body image research project which could involve workshops and completing a series of brief questionnaires.
You and your school staff have probably witnessed the negative impact that low body confidence can have on young people’s lives, from engaging in risky health behaviours to withdrawing from participating fully in important life activities like trying out for teams and clubs, putting their hand up in the classroom, dancing and swimming, going to parties and even giving an opinion.
In 2014, the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England is conducting a research project to support the development of the Dove Self Esteem Project’s new world-leading healthy body image programme. We have already successfully worked with eleven schools in the UK and an opportunity has arisen for further schools to be involved. Your students and teachers may also be asked to participate in, and contribute to the further development of, the Dove Self Esteem Project’s new positive body image programme. A tailored report providing a snapshot of body image and self-esteem issues at your school and a detailed summary of the results of the research project.
Ongoing free access to body image lesson plans and teacher training resources from the Dove Self Esteem Project. 2 hours of complimentary in-person staff development and training delivered by body image experts from the Centre for Appearance Research on how to deliver our body image lessons and resources to students.
A certificate of body image excellence from the University of the West of England and the Dove Self Esteem Project. Get the very latest from Pooky and the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust including blog posts, free resources and updates on child and adolescent mental health. The PSHE Association is delighted to launch new practical guidance for teachers about the safe and confident teaching of body image in schools, as part of the PSHE curriculum. The study reveals the shocking impact of low self-esteem, with the business world looking set to suffer. As a brand that is dedicated to building positive self-esteem, Dove has developed the 2012 Campaign for Dove Self-Esteem Programme (DSEP) to make a real change to the way young girls perceive and embrace beauty.

Dove has worked with some of its most accomplished supporters to highlight how low-self esteem can impact the number of successful women in the future.
Toch zijn veel meisjes zó onzeker dat zij dingen niet meer doen vanwege deze onzekerheid. Dove organiseert deze maand verschillende workshops door het hele land met als thema ‘'Self esteem''. Het zal een lekker ongedwongen workshop zijn waar ruimte is voor gezelligheid, een praatje en jouw mening.
Het lijkt ons leuk samen over dit onderwerp te praten en jullie te ontmoeten in een workshop speciaal voor meiden! It’s in partnership with the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE and Dove Self Esteem Project. By participating in this important and exciting research project your school will be contributing to research that will help to maximise the ability of this programme to positively impact the lives of young people in more than 20 countries across the world. This would involve fun and interactive lessons for students and body image training resources for your teachers.
No matter how tall, slim, beautiful or glamorous people tell us we are on the outside, sometimes it's how we feel on the inside that matters.
The UK could be deprived of 200,000 female business professionals and 42,000 successful female entrepreneurs by 2050, with an estimated two to three potential female medalists dropping out of competitive sport.
Through the DSEP, Dove will be reaching out to young people in the UK through self-esteem workshops, which will be held in schools all over the country. Successful women such as Chemmy Allcott (Olympic skier), Michelle McDowell (Civil Engineer and MBE), Jane Fallon (Author) and Karen Gill and Maxine Benson (founders of Everywoman) have been photographed by Rankin with their younger aspiring counterparts to ensure aspirations for future generations. Samen met hun partners willen zij zoveel mogelijk meisjes bereiken en er voor zorgen dat het zelfvertrouwen bij meisjes zal toenemen.
The lessons have been designed for girls and boys aged 11-14 years and have been created by world leading experts in body confidence from the Centre for Appearance Research and La Trobe University, in collaboration between teachers and students in the UK. We all have issues with the way we perceive ourselves: are faces are never pretty enough, our bodies never slim enough, our boobs never big enough, our bums never round enough, our hair never shiny enough.

Low self-esteem could also have a huge impact on the medical and legal professions, with the potential number of female doctors and lawyers reducing by 17%. I utterly applaud Dove for raising this issue and helping to overcome the insecurities so many young women suffer from in an age obsessed with cosmetic surgery, fake tan and crash diets. In de tijd dat ik mijn eetstoornis begon te ontwikkelen had ik erg last van die onzekerheid.
That’s a shortfall of 20,000 female lawyers and around 35,000 doctors by 2050, all because the current teenage population doesn't believe in themselves or their abilities. As a woman that's had her fair share of esteem issues, and as someone who's overcome them to become a successful career woman in her own right, this is a cause that's close to my heart.
I only hope this campaign helps anyone out there who doesn't believe in themselves - take it from me, you can do whatever you want to do and much, much more.
Aan het eind van deze workshop krijg je een leuk tasje mee met daarin materialen om thuis door te gaan met dit project! Ali Fisher, Dove Marketing Manager says “We are passionate about our social mission and want to continue to help young girls and women develop a positive relationship with their bodies. We’ve already reached over 800,000 young people in the UK as part of our Dove Self-Esteem Programme and our aim is to reach 1 million by the end of 2012. Want aan een beetje meer zelfvertrouwen en een positiever zelfbeeld had ik toen vast veel gehad! Heb hun eerdere project bijgewoond dat ging over wederzijds respect tussen kinderen en jongeren.

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