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Lord Super Stainless double edge razor blades are stainless blades that fit all double edge safety razors. I didn’t really have high hopes for these blades given the price and my lack of luck with super stainless blades, but they proved me wrong.
If you have any questions about our line of double edge razor blades or their suitability for your need, please contact us at (310) 452-1034.
These Extra Sharp Coated GEM single edge blades are the sister of the 62-0167 in our premium single edge blade line. The Razor Blade Co.'s heavy duty carbon steel single edge blades are fitted with a steel back and can be used in many applications with a variety of standard blade tools. Our Coated Platinum Chrome injector razor blades come with an easy to use dispenser for safe handling and dispensing. Based on my experience using 2 brand new Super Max Titanium blades, I cannot recommend them to anyone. Today’s Classic Double Edge Blade retains the orginal precision honed Wilkinson Sword Edge, but has been improved by Wilkinson’s famous triple coating process of Chromium to resist corrosion, Ceramic to for added durability and PTFE for less irritation. The result is a blade that maintains it’s edge even longer than stainless steel for incredibly smooth, close and comfortable double edge shaves.

Cut through the manliest of stubble with the Dreadnought branded pack of 10 double edge razor blades.
After having no issues with those blades, I decided to order a a 100 pack (partially because it is such an inexpensive option). Unbelievably, the Lord was the only blade that left me not looking like I just came off the battle field. For unknown reasons I can shave with stainless blades like these, Sharks, and Big Ben without getting so much a weeper. Each shipped blade is protected in shelling paper in order to keep each blade in optimal condition.
Equipped with a steel back to deal with added stress, these blades offer an excellent solution to heavy duty blade jobs. Call us on 0113 440 6411 (available 10:30 - 18:00 UK time) Login or Register Already registered? I would also recommend trying a blade sampler to find the blade that’s right for you. It took just a few passes WTG to notice the tugging and the irritation this blade was causing.

I get a close shave out of them, and can easily get 2+ weeks (10-12 shaves) per blade before I start to notice any dulling of the blade.
I can get four shaves out of each side, so eight in total, but usually swap after three just to change once a week on the blade. I am not sure why I can use the Lord for 4-5 shaves, flip the blade and repeat without any blood.
Being a bit of a masochist, I soldiered on and finished a 3 pass shave that I have to rate as substandard.
As Steve said above, you can flip these over and get a few more shaves from them if you like.
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