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As we talked over coffee, it became clear that she was serious about fulfilling her purpose, and equally bewildered as to what that might actually be. In Stephanie’s case however, she jumped in trusting that she was making the right move. It’s like being in a dark room without a crack of light underneath a door to lead you to the next stage. Once you see a speck of light, your eyes can adjust to the darkness and guide you to the door and you can walk into the next room pretty easily. In the darkness, if you learn to identify and follow your spirit with faith and patience, you will be rewarded with the clarity you are looking for when the time is right (which is not necessarily when your ego wants things to happen). Think of it this way, if we are never forced into a situation that causes us to find a way to deal with uncertainty through faith, we will never develop the skills needed to blaze a trail that is truly our own, truly our destiny. So please treat this phase of your life reverently, it is going to build you up and take you farther than you ever imagined if you consistently listen, trust, and follow to your spirit. I love the fact that you say that the spirit, not the ego, is what knows what our purpose in life is. When we are growing up, people try to help us find our careers by rationalising what we are good at, what we do well, what we enjoy doing. Ignoring the ego and listening to the spirit instead is a scary and counter-instinctive thing to do -A but it’s so *right*, and we will never understand how right it is until we do it.

My name is Jess Lively and I am a nacho lover helping people transform their approach to life to experience joy, peace, presence, and fulfillment through Values-based intentions. I'm an Amazon Affiliate - Which means Amazon items (like books) I genuinely recommend may earn me a commission. He has once again managed to conjure up some infectious piano chords which perfectly highlight the talented vocals of Jeppe.
I meet a lot of people who know what they want to do but haven’t actually designed their life around that intention. In the dark room, use your your spirit to guide you towards what feels right for your life in the same way that you use your hands to feel for furniture in the darkness. Start to pay attention to the feelings you get in your stomach which drive you towards some things and away from others. And even more importantly, you will have then developed the spirit muscles needed to lead you once you open that door and follow your path to the next stage. I had always planned on going to law school after college and having a successful legal career.
I am a free spirit stuck in a dreadfully boring job and I just KNOW I can make it with some sort of creative, small business… someday!
We fell in love with his delightful remix of I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li and his new single is definitely in the same vein.

I think that there are many others out there who also, like Stephanie, don’t know what they want to do just yet. Thank you for helping me realize I’m not alone, and for giving me a LOGICAL excuse to listen to my gut (which of course is right). Usually there is some kind of mental obstacle that they feel is compelling them to stay in their dissatisfied situation rather than taking the leap of faith. You can even do what I do and pray that the white noise is drowned out by the spirit’s voice.
I know I should count myself lucky that I at least have a job in this terrible economy; however, I know for sure I am not living up to my full potential and for sure am not pursuing my passion.
I am struggling right now to find a career I am passionate about, but that also can be portable. It’s a challenge and I know I will at some point succeed, but it is very frustrating being in that dark room and not being able to find the door knob.

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