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Sitting around and doing nothing to lose weight may sound too good to be true, but it turns out it actually is a reality. You may have seen pictures of zen monks sitting cross-legged on the floor when they meditate, but for most people sitting in this position for any length of time is extremely comfortable. Now that you are seated and comfortable with your eyes shut, begin to focus on your breathing. Once your mind is relatively clear as you inhale imagine yellow, positive energy coming into your body.
One thing about meditating is that you need a way to know when you are finished with the time you picked out. Enjoyed this Post?Subscribe to our RSS Feed, Follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues! This guide to weight loss meditation techniques will reveal how you can lose weight by utilising the natural power of your mind.  We welcome you to our wonderful community. Over the past ten years, scientists have consistently proven how effective weight loss meditation techniques are. In 2014,  researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago reviewed fourteen studies into mindfulness meditation for weight loss–one of the most popular weight loss meditation techniques. Jean Kristeller, professor emeritus of psychology at Indiana State University, says that mindfulness meditation changed the way she thought about weight loss. After hearing famous mindfulness teacher John Kabat Zinh discuss mindfulness, she decided to start a programs called Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training.
One of the best weight loss meditation techniques, mindfulness helps with weight loss by making you more aware of the entire process of eating. The majority of people who overeat do so because they have a negative relationship with food.
For comfort eaters, food isn’t just nutrition, it’s a survival mechanism they use when they feel depressed or stress. A person suffering from comfort eating associates food with stress, depression and relaxation. Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation in which you focus your mind and eliminate the power that your thoughts and feelings have over you.
In the example of comfort eating, mindfulness meditation will enable us to become aware of the thoughts of stress and depression that lead us to eat.
This process will be very easy to understand once you try one of the weight loss meditation techniques. Read these instructions carefully, then try the exercise while leaving this page on so that you can look back at the instructions if you need to. Now focus your mind 100% on the sensation of your breath coming and going through the space between your nose and mouth.
Now bring to mind your favourite type of food, the food you eat that you shouldn’t (so, if you’re a comfort eater, the sort of food you eat for comfort). To get rid of the thoughts, everytime you experience ANY thought, SEE the thought (imagine you are looking at yourself experiencing the thought, as though you were spectating yourself).
Mindfulness is the best of all weight loss meditation techniques because it helps you to eliminate the current thoughts that you have about food. You may have been a little surprised during the exercise when instructed to remove ALL thoughts, even good thoughts. The reason for getting rid of all thoughts and not just the bad ones is that thoughts exist in our mind as something of a mesh. So, we have done one of the basic weight loss meditation techniques and we have learned to get rid of all those thoughts that lead us to eat in unhealthy ways. Now, in order to continue this exercise I’m going to be using the example of a chocolate bar, but you can continue with whatever piece of food you have.
Add one, two or all of these little tips and tricks to your daily routine to help the healthy habits which lead to fat loss and weight management. Tune into your real hunger signals by slowing down, stopping to think about what you choose to eat, and eating more slowly too.
Eat mindfully: that means no eating in front of the TV, at your desk, or whilst on the internet. The debate about fasting rages on in the diet industry, but it's generally accepted that eating a healthy breakfast with protein and some fats will help you manage your appetite during the day, and avoid late night overeating. Coffee has been shown to have thermogenic properties (it's the caffeine) which help burn fat, manage hunger and mobilise body fat for fuel.
It's best to eat 4-6 times per day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner for example). Make sure your larder is filled with items that help rather than hold back your weightloss efforts. As well as using your slow cooker, air fryer and oven in smart ways, get to grips with clever ingredients like spray oil to help you cut unnecessary fat levels from your diet. Scientific research tells us that crockery sizes have changed massively over time, and we now use plates and bowls which are much, much larger than our ancestors would have used. If you accidentally make more food than you need, or if you purposefully made a double portion, put it away before you sit down to eat.
Carbohydrates are not the enemy, but most of us eat too many of the wrong sort and at the wrong time.
Sugar is great for energy, but that also means it's very high in calories (calories are a unit of energy after all).
Swap an Americano with milk for your regular latte, use Greek yoghurt instead of pouring cream, and use sharp cheese in place of mild cheese so you need to use less to get flavour.

Drinking water before you eat, or incorporating homemade soup as part of your meal, will naturally help you cut calories by keeping you full and ensuring you are well hydrated.
Fruit juice, smoothies, fancy coffees, milk, soda and fizzy drinks and - of course - alcohol are all pretty heavy on calories! You might not want to build mega muscle but that's no reason to avoid the weights area at the gym.
HIIT stands for high intensity interval training - a form of exercise which sees you working mega hard for 10-20 seconds, then resting until you've recovered, then going again.
Gym sessions and workout classes are great, but it's actually more important in the long run to be a healthy, active person on a day to day basis. This might sound crazy, but scientists have proven that eating from blue crockery can help you eat less.
Cayenne pepper, chilli pepper and red chilli powder and flakes are all bona-fide thermogenics, natural ingredients which help the body burn calories at a greater rate so you lose more weight.
We owe a huge thanks to our social media following for being with us on this awesome journey from the start, and we hope you’ll continue to grow with us. When we meditate it shifts the brain waves over to a more relaxed state, and sometimes the meditative state is even more relaxed than sleeping.
Finding somewhere you can sit comfortably seems like the simplest step of meditation, but it can be tricky to master at first.
This can be another challenging step for those of us who like to move about during the day.
As you exhale imagine red and green light leaving your body- this red light represents cravings, negative self images, jealousy or any other negative things that may be swimming about in your head. Their results showed that mindfulness reduces emotional eating and binge eating and helps with weight loss. Mindfulness makes you aware of the thoughts that initiate your desire for food, of how you feel about different types of food, and about what happens in your mind when you eat. By being more aware of the process of eating you empower yourself to change that process. If you would like to discover more about weight loss meditation techniques and how to use meditation to live a healthy, happy and successful life, pick up a copy of my new ebook: Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners. From authors to spiritual gurus, I've been blessed to have many truly inspirational figures in my life. Some of them might seem tiny, some might seem crazy, but all of them have been proven to help!
Let your body and mind catch up before even thinking about seconds, dessert, or your next meal. Pin images to your fridge, change your phone screen saver, and write down inspiring words and phrases to keep you connected to your goal.
Try to manage every day stress as best you can, by meditating, writing down your worries, talking to a friend or taking a walk outside. This keeps insulin response in check, and avoids building up an insatiable hunger which leads to mindless overeating when you finally get a meal. Get rid of items you know will tempt you off the path (cake mix, sweets, chocolates, crisps).
So learn to love cooking and get to grips with the basic skills of healthy, home cooked meals. Body fat only builds up as a result of eating too much - and that can come from anything (carbohydrates, protein or alcohol, not just fat). It moves food through the digestive system, protects against diseases of the stomach, colon and bowel, and helps our bodies absorb nutrients. It's all about smart swaps which help you manage unhealthy levels of fat, sugar and carbohydrates.
Not only does this enable you to get vegetables and protein into your diet, and control salt and other ingredients, but the water volume of soup will fill you up and keep you hydrated. Water helps weightloss in many ways: helps keep your digestive system running smoothly, rids the body of toxins (which are stored in body fat), keeps your metabolism healthy, and helps you manage your appetite properly. Some resistance training (free weights or body weight) will help you maintain lean muscle tissue, which raises your metabolic rate even at rest, helping burn body fat and keep your weight stable. Great for sprints on the bike or rowing machine, or running hill sprints, or doing body weight intervals with burpees and other plyometric exercises. It's far better to walk regularly, get outside, do the gardening, be active, do household chores, play with your kids, and sit around less than it is to go to the gym for an hour 4 times a week. Scientific studies have shown that chewing minty fresh or fruity sugar free gum can curb cravings. From our beginnings as a social media profile to launching this wonderful website in 2014, we have tried to stay true to our core beliefs - inform, motivate and inspire. The result is that regular meditating can help reduce our stress hormones, so that our body can more easily shed off the pounds.
The cluttered brain can often lead us to be brainstorming the next snack we have instead on focusing on the moment we are in right now. I highly recommend starting out your meditation routine by sitting on a meditation cushion, on a chair or even laying in bed.
Tell your brain that you are meditating, so that it knows it is okay to stop busily thinking.
Repeat these two images in your mind for a minute or two or until you feel like all the negative thoughts have left your body. In one exercise participants slowly eat a raisin while paying very close attention to the flavour and sensations of eating. It isn’t reality.” Finally, imagine blowing that thought away from you until it fully disappears.

In other words, yo’uer teaching your mind to see the fact that food isn’t relaxation, nor fun, nor luxury nor anything else. It would have made you aware of why you eat, you will have learned to recognise your thoughts, you will have learnt to overcome those thoughts and you will have gained a new appreciation for food. Complete and utter perfection with diet and exercise would be great, but come on how realistic is that?
Believe it or not, getting more good quality sleep on a consistent basis helps your body lose weight and burn fat. It's fine to ask the restaurant to bag up your leftovers - after all, you've bought them! Try eggs, omelettes, or even a healthier version of a fry-up: chicken sausages or turkey bacon, one or two eggs, tomatoes and mushroom. Stick to the outside sections of the store and avoid the inner aisles which is where you tend to find packaged goods, crisps, sweets and biscuits. And stock up on tinned fish, pulses, raw nuts, rice, quinoa, oats, tinned vegetables like tomatoes, and plenty of herbs and spices. Understand how to cook with a wide range of vegetables, and experiment with ways to get meats and fish into recipes. Once the second portion is in a tub and out of sight, you won't be tempted to eat it for seconds. Have a small, healthy snack with some fibre, fats and protein (Greek yoghurt with nuts or seeds, or a chicken thigh with some green veggies).
Protein helps keep us full, and has a thermogenic effect (the body has to work hard to use it). Make substitutions which help you keep on enjoying your daily diet, just in a healthier way. Avoid salty stock, cream and other heavy ingredients and experiment with homemade soups rich in vegetables, leafy greens, meat and poultry. Load up your MP3 player with upbeat, fast-paced tunes for running or gym cardio, and heavier, rock or dance music for the weights room at the gym. You'll lose track of time, the fresh air will bring health benefits, and the sunlight will boost vitamin D for healthy fat loss hormones. Avoid crockery which matches the colour of your food (white for risotto, for instance) and use highly contrasting colours - ideally blue - instead! Research shows that we drink less in one sitting when we choose tall, slim glassware over shorter, wider-mouthed glasses.
Meditation trains our brain to stay right in the moment, so that we can focus on work, exercise, family or whatever else we are doing right now.
Basically you can sit anywhere that you can be comfortable without adjusting for 10 to 15  minutes. It is okay if your brain continues to chatter, because even the most experienced meditation practitioners have this problem.
When you think “I’m going to eat healthy,” your next thought is just as likely to be “No I probably won’t because I’m overweight” as it is “Yes, I’ll eat healthy and exercise.” Weight loss meditation techniques help to remove those thoughts. Focus your mind 100% on the food, on the colours, the smell, the texture and every other aspect of the food.
It's all down to healthy, happy hormones which banish stress, get appetite in check, and encourage your body to give up excess body fat. It could be as small as going to bed 30 minutes earlier for a week, or drinking an extra glass of water every day. This brave tactic saves you calories, teaches you not to overeat, and gives you a ready made mini-meal for tomorrow!
Remember that frozen veggies are often better than fresh, and keep frozen berries for smoothies and desserts packed with anti-oxidants but low in sugar. Keep an eye on fatty food portions, but remember that some is essential for brains, cells, hormones - and your body's ability to shed its own body fat.
Load up on fibrous foods like vegetables, salad leaves, berries, oats, rice and some fruit.
Eat limitless veg (especially greens) but try to stick to 1-2 pieces of fruit per day, unless you are very active.
Remember what you weigh, how tall you are, how active you are, how much you walk during the day, how much exercise you do, and how active your daily routine is.
This step is so vital because if you are uncomfortable in your meditation seat, for example, from your lower back hurting, it is really hard to concentrate.
How will you feel, what will you wear, where will you go and what will you do once you've lost those lbs?
Bread, cereals, breakfast cereal, pastries, cakes, biscuits, pasta and noodles aren't so good.
So unless your training for the Tour de France or your job as a tree surgeon keeps you torching through calories 10 hours a day, cut back on sugar.
Aim for consistency rather than perfection and you'll find you have a much less stressful time.
Don't eat on the go, scoff it whilst surfing Facebook or munch without noticing it at all.

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