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admin | starting exercise program | 15.12.2014
Whether you are a good spouse, devoutly religious, a high achiever or a dope fiend - there is nothing to be done to make you better or worse at the level of Being. This is a very cool original animation by Louis Lefebvre which chronicles the evolution of Consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. With the cloak of 2014 wrapping itself around my shoulders, I feel drawn to sit down, and review some of the self care rituals and habits I’ve followed over the past year to nourish and replenish my core. Last week I returned home from an unexpected 11-day visit to Grenada to attend my dear aunty’s funeral.
Hugs and blessings dear friends and welcome to today’s post, My Top Ten Fears And Struggle To Find Inner Peace. I will be honest with you, it took me a while to write and share this post as I feel quite vulnerable in sharing “my fears” However, my growing sense of service,  self-love and wanting to share with you the different ways yoga and meditation  helps you care for and love yourself more, is stronger than my fears. On Tuesday, October 15th 2013 I woke feeling a failure and frustrated at the lack of progress I feel I’m making.
Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires Ntathu Allen shares her Yoga Poem of the Week – Do You Believe in Fairies? As I sat with these feelings, I felt my fears lessened and lightness and a sense of “all is well” flow through my body and in that instance, I knew all my fears, as usual where Read more…? I am always happy to share what I know, so in today’s post I offer you a general introduction into Shri Lakshmi and in the next post will go into more detail about Mantra meditations and how you can use them to enhance your health and sense of wellness.
I needed the time out as I was feeling overwhelmed, slightly confused and not sure if I was on the right path. It’s been another exciting week for me and, considering the amount of debt and financial uncertainty I’m in, I woke this morning feel very prosperous and abundant. Chanting mantras is a wonderful spiritual practice and next week, I’ll be more organised (famous last words!) and will explain more about the philosophy and practice of mantra meditation. Before Easter I wrote a couple of posts about “finding inner peace” and looked at five ways to find peace in troubled times. As a working mother how easy is it for you to find “inner peace?” Do you even believe that “inner peace” is something you can achieve or is the whole “inner peace and happy ever after scenario” just some kind of fairy tale you read to your children to help them get a good night’s sleep? Do you constantly eat-on the go, snack on junk food and indulge your cravings for sweet and highly salty foods? Encourages working women to let go of stress and weave more moments of calm into your busy life. Meditation has long been emphasized and practiced by thousands of people on the spiritual path to achieve greater heights of consciousness, or even by ordinary people just to achieve a higher degree of calmness and peace. Whatever purpose the meditators have had in mind, the benefits gained through meditation have persuaded man to look into meditation as a part of daily life. There are many meditation quotes by well-known authors, teachers and spiritual figures that point out the benefits of this priceless practice and explain its real meaning. Currently even many artists, politicians, actors and businessmen have turned into meditation and have recorded inspiring meditation quotes to look into. For over 18 years, Charles has helped people find inner peace through mindfulness meditation. The demands of modern society can leave us stuck in a routine that feels alien to our life’s purpose.

Some may ignore that small sign from the universe to explore what the meaning of life actually is, and others will obsess trying to find it. Many people these days are starting a mindfulness meditation practice with great intentions and lots of enthusiasm.
The holiday season is upon us and most of us are looking forward to enjoying the festivities, and spending quality time with loved ones.
The rising popularity of mindfulness meditation in recent years has sparked a great deal of interest by the general population. Whenever I invite someone to our weekly meditation meeting, I am often met with some skepticism. As a spiritual mentor, part of my job is to challenge the people I work with to consciously observe their BS (belief system) and challenge any current beliefs they hold that are keeping them stuck in a mental prison of their own making.
Generally speaking, mindfulness meditation provides us with tools that guide us to its benefits—increased happiness, health, and peace. Developing knowledge of one’s self is a great endeavor, but to make the pursuit more manageable, we can divide it into smaller tasks.
The 12 Steps of the Mindfulness Meditation Practice is a new and unique approach to learning mindfulness meditation. Ever feel like the moment you decide to do something good, some cosmic twist of fate throws obstacles in your way? Most people today would recognize the name of Alexander Graham Bell of the telephone, but not the name of Irish physicist John Stewart Bell. A remarkable series of scientifically credible studies has shown a link between group meditation and lowered incidents of violence and crime.
The Doer seeks comfort and invents stories of success, righteousness and salvation in order to manufacture such a feeling. I am sharing my top three self-care tips for 2014, as a way to let you know what’s working for me and, hopefully, if you are interested, to help you nurture and sustain your intentions to reduce stress, and have more love, fun and happiness in 2015. It is a reflective journal blog entry which I hope you find useful in understanding how easy it is for our fears to block our goodness and the steps you can take to overcome your fears. It has been a few weeks since my last post and during that time I’ve taken a mini sabbatical and time out to reflect, review and remember past dreams, goals and aspirations. This feeling of abundance, trust and knowing that I can and will turn my situation around is a wonderful feeling. This has been a bit of a packed week for me and I’m about to rush out to teach my weekly Friday Yoga Class. Today we look at one of the best ways I know how to ease stress, tiredness and worry – meditation. Remember to subscribe to my FREE soulful and inspiring Yoga enewsletter to receive regular yoga and healthier living tips.
Have you tried to eat healthier yet feel over whelmed by all the advise thrown at you from all corners?
Whilst working 9 to 5 and running errands are a necessity in order to get by, it’s inevitable there will come a time when you will ask yourself; “What is the meaning of all of this?” That single moment will no doubt occur in your hours of need.
Neither path will get you any closer to the meaning of life, for it is the experience of feeling alive that you must seek.

They’ve heard of the stress-reducing and other health benefits of the practice, and are eager to start meditating. So, in our desire to have everything go as planned, we create more stress for ourselves, and lose sight of what the holidays really mean. I often hear things like “meditation is not for me,” or “I’m the type of person who can’t sit still.” While these are valid concerns, they are usually based on secondhand information, which is often inaccurate. The moment is quite interesting to witness when they discover that they, and they alone, hold the key that will set them free. One of the most powerful tools of mindfulness meditation is learning to listen to and understand the inner workings of our own minds.
A great place to start is to learn of and understand the specific moods and automatic process of our cognition.
Research over the last 20 years has confirmed many of the health benefits to the body and mind. It is designed to guide you through the practice in a simple step-by-step process, so you can get started quickly and achieve immediate and steady results.
If this question seems abstract, consider the two photos below as they may help put it into perspective.
You decide to go on a diet—the very same day that your friends want to come over for pizza and beer. There never seems to be enough as it is, much less for sitting around for 20 minutes doing nothing. Over the next few posts I would like to share with you my experience of meditating and in the process, offer you Read more…?
And as we become more stressed out, we pass that stress on to our loved ones, and end up needing a vacation after our vacation. And if you’re not meditating, you could be missing out on some of the benefits, such as better health, relationships, and personal fulfillment. These processes, when left unobserved, seem to give our minds “minds of their own” and determine our emotional states without our conscious consent.
But not many people understand how to get started in this up-and-coming meditation practice. I took one of them while touring the many galleries at the Vatican in Rome and the other while roaming the streets of Geneva.
One way around this is to take advantage of the time you already spend doing nothing, and convert it into meditation.
And those who don’t stick with it, will have a hard time dealing with stress in their lives. And if you don’t use the proper techniques, then you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for.

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