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This gentle meditation has been prepared to create a unique environment in which you will be able to invite these golden spirits to draw close.
I first discoverd Robbie Wrights cds when i bought one over the internet because i thought it sounded interesting, It was just a shot in the dark, i stumbled across it.. Yoga, tai chi, qigong and walking are all exercises that I not only recommend but also practice every week.When I feel pressure in my life these exercises are all ones that I will use. Sign up for the FREE Relieving Stress Today Newsletter to learn more about stress management.
Let the relaxing voice of Stephen Cottee expertly guide you through some of the most powerful meditations from his popular courses.
Enjoy these crystal clear recordings professionally mastered in a digital studio with commercial quality artwork and manufacture. All the meditations on these CDs are self-explanatory - you do not need to have done any of Stephen's courses or any other form of meditation before - just put them on, sit or lie back and start experiencing the benefits that meditation has to offer.
Lie down, fall still and shift your awareness through each part of your body, mind and heart.
Sitting comfortably but straight, free your mind from concerns of past and future as you allow your attention to become absorbed in your five physical senses.
A breathing exercise to clear the mind and energise the body, followed by an extended Sense Awareness meditation as described above. It is here, in their heavenly presence, that you will be able to ask for help in different areas of your life. Robbie's voice is very soothing and although English is not my native language, I am able to understand it without any dificulty. By putting a guided meditation on your MP3 player, finding a quiet spot and listening to it regularly is a great way of learning to how to meditate.I personally listen to meditations on my MP3 player on a regular basis and find that it really helps to relax and unwind me.

ExerciseThe second tool I would recommend for how to relieve stress quickly is exercise.Exercise is a wonderful way of releasing stress easily. And within 10 or 20 minutes I am feeling clear, relaxed and calm.One of the best ways I have found of exercising is to be motivated by someone else. This monthly newsletter is packed with valuable tips and advice on how to relieve stress, discounts and freebies, stress relief stories and feature articles on the art of well-being and stress management. As your attention moves slowly, rhythmically and methodically so you come into balance, peace and harmony on all levels. Once your mind is present and aware of your senses then shift your focus inside, finding yourself in states of stillness, peace, presence and Self-awareness. This meditation helps you awaken to Reality and become your Self, free from physical tensions, mental chatter and emotional dramas. Earth - safety and comfort in your body, Water - peace and love in your emotions, Fire - light and creative purpose in your motivations, Air - awareness and clarity in your mind. The side effects of stress can be anything from being unable to sleep to having really tight and sore shoulders. The more time that goes by without stress being dealt with, the more the greater the health risks.
I put guided meditations on just before sleep and this is a great way of having a deep and nourishing night's sleep.I would recommend 2 products on the market if you want to learn how to meditate. Exercise helps you to ground into the body, meaning that the thoughts which were stressing you out become less important. It gave me great comfort to listen to this meditation when i would tell the angels all my worries and concerns in a safe environment.
Heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure are all serious conditions which are starting to be linked with stress. What most people do not realize is that there is something that can be done to gain stress relief.
If you want to learn how to relieve stress quickly then meditation is a good place to start. The benefits of meditation go much deeper than that and much research has been done over the years into how powerful meditation is.

One is Brainsync whose meditations combine brainwave frequencies to help to induce the mind into a really relaxed state. Great for meditation but also for working as well (there are certain tracks to help you to study - and others to help you be more creative). If you are looking for a way for how to relieve stress then I recommend Holosync's Awakening Prologue. Meditation helps to improve sleep, improve concentration, and for general well-being. I have personally been meditating now for 13 years and spent 3 of those years as a novice Buddhist monk.
Only by trying them out and sticking with them for a few weeks will you know if they work for you. What are 3 things that you need in your life if you want to reduce the impact stress is having on your body? If you feel stress now what will be the consequences of not taking action - in 5 years, in 10 years?
Keep this rhythm going for as long as it takes to de-stress.I love using breathing techniques. The way I see them is that they are like the mortar which holds together the bricks of meditation and exercise. When you have all three together you have a sturdy stress management building.It is not possible to meditate and exercise all the time but it is possible to do breathing techniques in most situations.

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