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Simply Being is one of the most popular meditation apps that cater to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
The people behind the app have over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching guided meditation.
Equanimity is one of the most full-fledged, all-encompassing meditation apps you can get your hands on. Based on the Silva Method of meditation, Omvana is one of the largest collection of meditation sessions and tracks available on any app in the store. 1000’s of high-quality audio tracks, ambient sounds, binaural beats and narrated guides. Listen to narrated lessons and guides by inspiring thought leaders, like Bob Proctor and Martin Luther King, Jr. We just launched PINE: Your daily check-in, a mobile app that enables you to check-in with yourself on a daily basis. A full website URL is something new for many users, who check websites on Safari OS X El Capitan. Oh, and one last thing, most of them are free, but they have in-app purchases to unlock more sessions. There’s a variety of guided meditation techniques so you will be certain you will find one that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs.

The problem is that only the 5-minute session is free, and you’ll have to pay for the rest. With each composition working seamlessly alongside the relaxation script, you’re taken on a guided journey through the body, relaxing each and every muscle before being invited to float down into Complete Relaxation, where the positive affirmations begin. It is aimed to calm your mind via guided relaxation sessions, meditation music tracks, and a bunch of premium programs aimed at specific things like focus, sleep, confidence etc. Omvana is designed to be a repository from which you can pick and customize your own meditation sessions. The latest update hasn’t really been an exciting one if user reviews are to go by, but try this free app nevertheless. To be honest, I cannot do it alone for a very long time – hence my foray into guided meditation. Even though I use guided meditation apps, I find that in order for them to do the trick, I have to do them repeatedly. From quick meditation techniques that can be done in seconds to nice long relaxing meditation sessions.
What I like about it is that it has sessions with different lengths – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. Complete Relaxation features a bespoke mix of his hypnotic tracks “The Essence of Peace” and the angelic “Heavens Gate”.

If you are dealing with a particular problem, you can search for that, and you’ll probably find a guided meditation session targeting that issue.
Simply Being addresses every individual feature that a practitioner needs ranging from just sounds and music to guided sessions with configurable time-limits. Meditation Timer comes with features like Prepare Time, Cool Down time, Intervals, with customizable sounds for initiating, interval switching and ending your meditation sessions. As is common with most meditation apps, Headspace comes with trackers, reminders and a timer.
You’re able to add friends on PINE, where you can send gentle nudges to one another as reminders to check-in with yourselves daily, helping to make it a habit.
The instructions were simple and did help me relax, but as a beginner, I found 25 minutes to be a little long. That’s not to say they do not work, but if you have anxiety (or other similar) problems, you might want to get some help on top of using guided meditation apps. This is just an audio-app basically with different sessions helping you through relaxation at different points of the day.

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