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A good friend of mine, Clarence Lowe, Founding Partner of StarForce, USA, reminds me that each of us is created with a specific life purpose. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Roaches are hearty creatures: the rumor is that roaches will be able to survive a nuclear blast and should outlive mankind on this planet for generations. Murphy initially got 12 squirming cockroaches into his mouth, but then kept adding them until he got to 16. From Uniform to Uniform: Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Job Market provides tips, exercises, and helps to military and others looking to transition from one career to another. Husband of the same lovely lady for 36 years, father of two great kids, and grandfather of three red-heads. Others volumes fill the shelves trying to help people understand that we each have a life purpose. The Lansing State Journal reported Sean Murphy on Friday stuffed 16 Madagascar hissing cockroaches into his mouth.

Find that you look at your job differently because you really are fulfilling your life purpose in your current job and you find happiness in doing it. Or you might find yourself in a completely different career because you have found your real life purpose. Ia€™m going to be honest here, roaches are the critters that give me the a€?hebbie gebbies.a€? You may have one or two of those yourself. Consequently, 60% of us are unhappy in the jobs we’re in and would quit if we thought we could. I'm a certified change management advanced practitioner, executive coach, leadership trainer, and strategic planner. How do you use those cockroaches wings to hitch a ride on instead of letting a few transparent wings stop you? Shake yourself up a bit and do something new, especially something that you don’t think you will be any good at. You realize that it’s OK to fail miserably, do stupid things, and have everyone laugh at you.

Invite A Stranger For Tea (Or Coffee, Or A Pop Rocks Margarita, Or Chocolate Milk)When’s the last time you invited a perfect stranger to do something with you? And you can control the fact that you will choose to look at everything that happens to you as one big adventure. If you want to learn how to be brave, realizing there are things you can’t control and stopping the wasting of energy to try to control those things is probably the biggest step you will take.You want to know the biggest secret of how to be brave? Realize that you have the ability to call the entire world to the magnificence of your being.
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