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The Discover Your Talent Day is a one day project to share workplace skills with about 100 young jobseekers who will have a chance to work with teams of volunteers from five companies to learn about techniques such as how to draft a CV and how to behave in an interview. Discover Your Talent aims to develop skills that can be applied to all workplaces, including the office environment and manual jobs. At its very highest level, I've divided the structure into two halves - Objective Data and Subjective Thoughts. Now, I've got to admit to you that clarifying the language of this initial branching of the problem solving structure was a difficult task for me.
Since I needed to standardize my language, I decided on the phrases, 'Objective Data' and 'Subjective Thoughts'. The key point here for you is that your analysis should be divided into two parts - objective data and subjective thoughts. For more information about the Model of Analytic Processes for Objective Data, go to Detailed Information.

My Model of Analytic Processes for Subjective Thoughts below is a conceptual diagram that shows how analytical processes develop the structure of your mental models during problem solving. Model of Analytic Processes - Subjective Thoughts.docx (Click link to download Word version). Model of Analytic Processes - Subjective Thoughts.pdf (Click link to download PDF version). For more information about the Model of Analytic Processes for Subjective Thoughts, go to Detailed Information. This means your structuring, at the highest level, will be aligned with the most basic way your brain operates. Discover Your Talent has been developed in partnership with Maks vzw (Media-Actie Kuregem-Stad), a social NGO working to promote employability in Anderlecht, Brussels.
These terms may seem general, vague, or oversimplified but I felt they were closest to the concept I was defining.

This process is used to examine your own personal thoughts for any flaws in your thinking that could be blocking you from solving your problem.
If you let them be, negative thoughts are like bubbles that rise to the brim and disappear.
My main consideration for bifurcating the structure at this level was to separate out 'predispositions'.

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