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If your organization is loaded with filing cabinets overflowing with paper and you are unable to find the information you require easily, then you need our document scanning service to get you back on track. We specialize in all aspects of document scanning, document management and data capture services. Valerie Craft (Begin With Craft) posted a message to the group showing the system she uses on her Mac for her digital files. The first thing you need to do is determine where you want to keep all of your digital files.
It really depends on how many files you plan on storing in there and how much virtual storage those files will take up. On the RIGHT side of your explorer window, create a new folder using one of your surnames and the process you used above.
Within the appropriate surname folder, you will make a folder for each individual with that surname.
Within the individual folders, you can further segregate your document types if you want by creating additional folders.
In Windows 7, you can see your file hierarchy in the address window at the top of your explorer window. I hope this helps get you closer to identifying a filing system that is compatible with the way YOUR brain works. Content may contain links that point to commercial enterprises via affiliate relationships. On a related note (how to organize various things) I have built a google spreadsheet (for easy family sharing) that lets me capture most of the important data from censuses (censi?), including stable direct page links into the Internet Archive (where available). It’s also been handy to have a google doc to build up an inventory of the materials my brother lent me, since he never got around to doing much organization.
I follow almost exactly this scheme for my filing, EXCEPT I file women under their maiden names only. I have many Belgian and French-Canadian ancestors where women kept their maiden names for all official purposes, and I have several women with multiple marriages within my family. For the wife or husband of a very peripheral person, I use the name of a new (empty) folder merely as a cross-reference, as in “Watrous see Barnes”. What do you do with your photos and images of things like birth, marriage and death certificates?

I have found that for me the easiest way to uniquely name my ancestors is to insert their birth year in their name. Over the years my files have had so many different names and your’s probably have too, Jenny. Then the re-naming of each file had to be done, there’s about 4000 of them and that includes my genealogy photos which are separate from my day to day photos. By doing this for every Williams in the folder they sort by type then date and I don’t have to look through lots of folders to get the info for one person.
I took a genealogy class years ago, and I couldn’t remember how they recommended labeling the digital documents. I am currently uploading all my churches central database as they back it up daily for free.
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Your Xerox unit can be transformed in a Digital Filing Cabinet by storing and then printing your commonly used documents on demand!
Documents are titled and sent to the Xerox unit through the print driver to store on the device.  These documents can also be password protected.
One of Southern Solutions main assets is that they are made up of enthusiastic employees. They are there when you need them and are full of innovative ideas. Southern Solutions recently became our IT provider and we could not be more pleased. They have been very attentive to our needs and very prompt in responding to any technical issue we have had. Southern Solutions understands there is a human element to IT issues called customer service, and they consistently deliver outstanding courteous customer service that exceeds all expectations! Digital Signature for filing Customs documents – Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills, IGM, EGM and CGM etc. Since last 1 year I was searching for high professional Web Developers to upgrade the existing website of Smt.
The way we pay today %u2030i??i?? and tomorrow %u2030i??i?? and the brands driving our digital future. The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. Scanning your stacks of paper to digital documents is a huge project, and you want to make sure all that information will be as easy to find on your hard drive as it is in your filing cabinet.
Special thanks to Adam Pash of Lifehacker and Ed Imbier for appearing in this episode, and to Popplet.

As everyone’s requirements are different we aim to make our scanning process as simple and flexible as possible.
Whether you require documents scanned to disk or a more sophisticated document management software solution, we can help you to obtain the most suitable solution to fit your needs.
Using a Mac, I’ll have technical differences here and there, but the general ideas are the same of course. Wouldn’t want to use the same spreadsheet for everyone, but at least for tracking info for a particular family group (and nearby relatives) it has been fairly handy.
From envelopes and job applications to forms and letterhead, printing on demand saves space and reduces waste.
In this week's episode of Work Smart, packrat Ed Imbier asks how he can organize his digital archive in a way that makes finding information easy. Any resulting purchases made by a visitor might result in a commission being paid to Jenny Lanctot. Anyone looking for help deciding if Xerox is right for them is more then welcome to contact me - I am sure I can convince you. We never have to wait more than an hour for help! They get an A+ in Customer Service. Thank you Southern Solutions from your friends at Loyola on the Potomac! For others also soon it would be mandatory to submit digitally signed Customs documents at ICEGATE. Therefore, you are requested to start submitting digitally signed documents as soon as possible to avoid eleventh hours glitches or any rejection of documents at ICEGATE level.
They are rendering outstanding customer service, giving valuable suggestions. I am highly impressed by the talent of there team, they are very professional and dedicated to produce a high quality product. For your help, a Common Signer, Advisory, Demo and Process Document have been placed at ICEGATE website.

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