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Welcome to the 5th session of The Yoga, Meditation, and Inspiration Podcast for Beginners, where we are building on our meditation theme from the last session. My husband and I have spent the last year and a half out in Mojave desert in California, where we’ve had tons of amazing adventures and met so many wonderful friends, but we are so ready and excited for a change–especially one that takes us to white, sandy beaches! I also have lots of great plans for this community and look forward to having the time and space to get the ball rolling once we are settled in a few weeks.
Until then, I didn’t want to leave you hanging completely, so I recorded this session just for you. If you’d like to be able to listen to this session (and meditation practice) on your phone or iPod, head over to iTunes to download the episode.
We dig a little bit more into meditation and the fact that there are several different types of meditation practices, in both the Eastern and Western traditions.
If you enjoyed this session, please consider leaving a quick rating and review of the podcast over on iTunes by clicking the link above. Finally, if you know someone else that you think we be interested in or could benefit from a simple meditation practice, be sure to send them this way! Designed to help you feel more energized and relaxed when you need it most--and to never stress about stepping foot inside a yoga studio. YOGADRIENNE, your online yoga and wellness community, makes yoga more accessible to beginners by keeping it simple and enjoyable--so you can experience the benefits of yoga at home, without the stress of going to a studio.

Mike Love Quote“There are different things one can do to establish and hasten the peace process.
One is able to release obscuring hindrances through the meditative development of serenity and one gains liberating wisdom through the meditative development of insight. If we go back through the ages, Transcendental Meditation was an ancient technique for effortless transcending. According to a recent report by the American Heart Association, Transcendental Meditation is the only meditation that can lower blood pressure. Best done outdoors for time periods of around twenty minutes – it is not to be combined with other activities, such as shopping or other exercise. Meditation is simple, not always easy; it thrives on practice and a kind and spacious heart. Analysis: Dead end types, distance from start, distance from solution, important passages, important walls. Over the next couple of sessions, I will introduce you to several styles so that you can experiment and see what might work best for you.
It will really help make the show easier for others to find, and to let them know it’s worth their time. Moving and settling in turned out out to be a bit more hectic than expected, but all is well, and I’m so looking forward to getting back to bringing you yoga and meditation!

Click here for more ways to deal with stress.This is only a few of them to give you an idea of what is out there. Effortless Unlike other techniques, the TM technique involves no concentration, contemplation or control of your mind. This week, we are focusing on Mantra meditation, and I have provided a simple, guided mantra meditation practice. I’ve been doing this stuff for years and still pretty much consider myself a beginner. As you develop the habit to meditate regularly, you will feel positivity oozing through your mind, body and actions. Evidence-basedOver 380 published research studies on the TM technique have documented a wide range of wellness benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, and improved heart health and cognitive function.3. Standardized for effectivenessEvery certified TM teacher ensures consistent effectiveness in your results by providing standardized instruction in TM.

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