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If you’re not heavily entrenched in the world of scrapbooking, you may not have heard of the Smash Book phenomenon. There’s really nothing new or special about the concept, but the marketing is absolutely genius! Things like these: stickers, notecards, washi tape, and fill-in-the-blank lists pulled from my Listography book.
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Why take notes in a boring spiral when you can use a fabulous journal?  This set of four journals by Anna Griffin are a unique way to store your knowledge.  You can use one for each subject, or use all four for different aspects of one subject.  Learning a new language? This entry was posted in DIY, Gifts and tagged diary, diy, gift ideas, gifts, journals, planner, scrapbook, scrapbooking, wedding, writing by Hannah Diamond. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The idea is that I’ll be able to stick some stuff in here to use to decorate my book.
The bright colors and graphic style fit the look of my book a little better than the original.

I printed out some Hipstamatic photos for the page and listed out some of the things I enjoyed.
So far I’ve slipped in a Starbucks drink holder from a date with Wyatt and a receipt from the grocery store.
I’ve been meaning to do something similar for almost two years now but just did not know where to start. The process would be fairly similar weather you were making a journal, or a fun home made smash book! I wish I’d have thought of making my own before I bought a bunch (with coupons, of course!).
I really like the currently pages, and I would totally pay you to make me a book like this! There’s something visceral about the tactile stimulus provided by writing things down using pen and paper. The idea is that you use the book like you would an old school scrapbook — one where you actually paste scraps of paper in.
I dug through my paper stash and pulled out all the papers I loved best, printed out some stuff I found online and then bound it all together with my Bind-it-All machine.

I also have been enjoying just playing around with all my scrapbook junk and using up little pieces that I wouldn’t normally pull out. I glued them partly so the pages would be sturdier but mostly so that both sides would be decorated. I have another question that may sound like a no brainer but how did you get all your pages cut and shaped? Did you glue scrapbook pages back to back or is there some kinda of cardstock between them?
There are some pages that were made with papers that were patterned on both sides and I just left those as single sheets — they tend to be made of heavier paper anyway. I also printed the stuff I downloaded onto the back of some of the single-sided sheets so those are a little thinner too. At first I’d planned to wait for them to come back in stock but then I got antsy and decided I should just make one myself!

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