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OverviewSusan is a gypsy-like woman that lives from boyfriend to boyfriend in 1980s New York City.
Georginio Wijnaldum compounded Liverpool's misery, scoring Newcastle's second in stoppage time to secure the three points, leaving Klopp and Moreno feeling aggrieved.'It was a clear goal, I saw it.
Newcastle's Georginio Wijnaldum sprints away in celebration after his deflected strike opened the scoring on 69 minutes at St James' Park'I agree with Rob Elliot, I think they stop. A perplexed Klopp scratches his head having witnessed his side lose 2-0 at Newcastle on Sunday evening in the Premier Leaguea€?It showed what we are capable of doing. Steve McClaren, congratulating Wijnaldum, says Newcastle United were a€?on the brink of crisisa€™ before the 2-0 victory over Liverpoola€?Ita€™s been really frustrating because four weeks ago we thought wea€™d turned a bit of a corner.

But we went from a certain level of performance to an unacceptable level of performance.a€?Part of a coacha€™s dilemma is working with players, and these are young players. Starring big frizzy hair, scrunchies, lots of lace, and the poster girl of fashion during that time. They have to come through that, and then next time they go through it again, theya€™ll know how to put it right.
It was a brilliant goal, goal of the month', he added.Dutchman Wijnaldum's deflected strike off Martin Skrtel opened the scoring on 69 minutes and Liverpool seemed to have equalised courtesy of Moreno's volley but Klopp joked their lacklustre performance had an effect on the decision. She lives in New Jersey and reads the paper each day in hopes of seeing Susan and her lover meet up.

Feeling unhappy with her life and marriage, Roberta stakes out one meeting to see the action unfold.

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