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If you would like to know more about Paramahansa Yogananda and SRF, visit the website for Mother Center in Los Angeles California.
The Autobiography of a Yogi is a spiritual classic written by Paramahansa Yogananda more than 60 years ago.
Through its worldwide service and teachings, Self-Realization Fellowship seeks to awaken greater understanding of the harmony underlying all religions, and a fuller expression in this world of the love that unites all people when they realize their oneness in God. For further information we suggest that you visit our Chapel (pictured below) where you can find free literature and a collection of books, tapes and other items for sale in the bookroom. Pictured below is Paramahansa Yogananda, or Swami Yogananda as he was known at the time in Denver, Colorado. When you’ve had a long day, there is nothing better than coming home and finding a few minutes of quiet solitude to reflect and meditate about the day’s events.
The Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver offers public meditation as part of a curriculum of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, including practices for those who are more advanced. The Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado offers meditation classes and teachings in the Buddhist tradition for people of all walks of life and every faith. The classes offered at Mediation Denver are designed for everyone interested in meditation from beginner to advanced levels.
The Zen Center of Denver offers seated meditation known as zazen, which is the full expression of inherent enlightenment and the practice of working towards uncovering enlightenment, all of which are basically the heart of the practice of Zen.
Mayu Sanctuary is a drop-in center for meditation, classes and retreats for anyone interested in the practice and study of meditation.
This group is going to support a community of individuals that want to better utilize their intuition and eenergy healing abilities to help others and themselves to create richer lives. Our Meetups will be designed improved your intuitive awareness and attunement to the world of energy which is all around you. If you are already resonate with this energy realm and would like more ways to interact with these energies we also highly recommend this group. Our meet ups will benefit you, if you are just looking into this realm or are seasoned seeker. You are invited to attend a meditation experience that will nourish your spirit regardless of where you are on your journey. The meditation experience is centered on music, readings, reflection, and guided and silent meditation. This meditation experience was born out of an interest in serving the growing number of people who are searching for quiet and a spiritual dimension and purpose to their lives.
We are composed of devoted members and friends of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The public meditation is a practice called Shamatha, or peaceful abiding, and everyone is welcome to join on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
There are introductory classes offered three days of the week plus kids meditation every Sunday morning. You can join in on the group teaching or opt for individual instruction, all of which focus on the practices of Buddhism, including mindfulness of breathing, awakening and other methods. In addition to zazen, there are lots of other activities including open meditations, ceremonies, talks, chanting and other social activities. The Mayu store also has the largest selection of meditation supplies in the area, so you can find everything you’ll need in one place.
This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.” “Transcendental Meditation doesn’t focus on breathing or chanting, like other forms of meditation.
To be active participants in the direction of your life not simply acting on old thoughts and patterns.

All levels will find this to be a very inspired space that encourages your unique intuitive voice to be your guide. If you seek more silence in your life, a time for yourself, and are exploring a deeper spiritual connection in your life, we hope you will join us on Monday evenings. The meditation leadership rotates among several people including Harry Brunett and Anita Sanborn. Self-Realization Fellowship was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda for the purpose of disseminating Kriya Yoga, a definite scientific technique for attaining direct personal experience of God. The lessons contain techniques for recharging the body, concentration and meditation, and the higher technique of Kriya Yoga, as well as guidance on how to live a balanced material and spiritual life. It can be very difficult to find a quiet space at home, especially when you have other family obligations and commitments. If you need some extra help learning more about the practice of meditation, you can get some guided assistance from the authorized staff free. Kadampa also offers regular workshops and retreats including study programs for those who want to learn more and dive in to the Buddhist practices. You are welcome to join the classes at any time and all classes are open to learners of any background or faith. In order to start attending the sittings at the Zen Center, you must take the minimal training offered on Tuesday evenings.
Feel free to drop by Mayu for the drop-in meditation based on Buddhist and Hindu principles.
Instead, it encourages a restful state of mind beyond thinking…A 2009 study found Transcendental Meditation helped alleviate stress in college students, while another found it helped reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression and anger.” “Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it’s relatively quick to learn and easy to master. We gather in a lovely multi- purpose room off the main entrance at the Church of the Good Shepherd at 8545 E. As an introduction to the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship, we suggest that you read Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. The Albany Hotel was built in 1885 and was located on the NE corner of 17th and Stout Streets in the Central business district. Why not seek that quiet reflection in one of the many fantastic meditation centers available throughout Denver?
If you want to check out more about the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver, visit its open house every Sunday morning for an introduction to the center. Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado is designed to help you find the happiness and freedom that meditation can bring, and you can get a lot of guided help learning just how to do it.
There are many different classes and retreats to join at Meditation Denver, so you are sure to find the perfect environment to learn more about the art and practice of meditation.
You are welcome to stay as long as you like, and you pay what you feel the service is worth. Harry Brunett realized early on that people desire a spiritual experience beyond denominations and religions. Copies of this spiritual classic are available in the bookroom or in bookstores all over the world.
You can get guided help learning about the practice of meditation, take classes, attend retreats and get a lot of support that you’d normally not get when attempting to meditate on your own at home. The Zen Center is also open to people of all backgrounds, and is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the practice of Zen.
If you are looking for a bit more, then consider picking up the guided meditation with available MP3 players loaded with guided meditations and teachings ranging from five to 55 minutes.
Or consider taking one of the many classes or retreats offered at Mayu Sanctuary for even more exposure and teachings about the principles and practices of meditation.

Or call 888-LEARN-TM (888-532-7686) "Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. For the schedule, please contact us contact us, or call (303) 796-0205.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Denver TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. However, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local TM teachers and sign up to learn the TM technique. The TM technique can only be taught by certified TM teachers in a course carefully personalized for each individual. All certified TM teachers have successfully completed an intensive 5-month in-residence Teacher Training Course, and they maintain their certification through ongoing professional courses for TM teachers.How to contact usPhone: (303) 796-0205 ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM?
It’s a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.Transcendental Meditation — brought to the West in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi — is an ancient technique that's easy to learn and enjoyable to practice.
Over six million people have learned it — people of all ages, cultures, and religions.What if I “can’t meditate”? No concentrating or focusing No control of the mind No mindfulness (monitoring of thoughts) No trying to “empty the mind” How can TM be effective if it’s so easy? Each local TM center offers a payment plan (above), as well as partial grants or partial scholarships for those facing financial hardship. For more information, contact contact your local TM teacher.Non-profit organizationThe Transcendental Meditation technique is available in the USA through Maharishi Foundation USA, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. 100% of the course fee supports the organization’s educational and charitable initiatives in the U.S. MoreHelping those in needOver the past several years, full TM scholarships have been given to more than 500,000 at-risk students, military veterans, homeless people, and others in need through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and foundations.Questions?
Deep inner calm Proven effective for stress and anxiety Full story Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Full storyFull storyFull story Heart health An effective natural approach Full story Other evidence-based benefits Insomnia The most common cause of insomnia is stress and anxiety. Many research studies have found that the TM technique is highly effective at producing a state of deep inner calm.
Many people report an immediate improvement in their sleep quality after learning the TM technique.
Treating and preventing alcohol, nicotine, and drug abuse through Transcendental Meditation: A review and statistical meta-analysis. The patterns of reduction of drug and alcohol use among Transcendental Meditation participants. The use of the Transcendental Meditation programme in the prevention of drug abuse and in the treatment of drug-addicted persons. Effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation program in preventing and treating substance misuse: A review.
Transcendental Meditation as an epidemiological approach to drug and alcohol abuse: Theory, research, and financial impact evaluation.
The role of the Transcendental Meditation technique in promoting smoking cessation: A longitudinal study. A neuroendocrine mechanism for the reduction of drug use and addictions by Transcendental Meditation. Overall, I am more balanced and at ease.”- Peg Samuel, Founder of Social Diva Media How do I learn?The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and provides a lifetime of benefits. TM center — one-on-one or in a small group Group meditations at TM centers Local events providing deeper knowledge to enhance your TM experience Online access to special videos, articles, and more Questions?

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