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If you want to live in hiding and stay away from showing up on Internet search results, well, it’s too late. From 2004 (when Google Insights started) to today in 2012, there has been an ever increasing interest in personal branding. You want your online presence to highlight the real, authentic you in congruence with your higher goals and objectives in life.
Effective personal branding is owning the online space at the crossroads between when you’re doing something important and when someone that matters looks you up.
Plus, your name, your personal brand, will outlast your current employer or station in life. This is an interview I did with Chris Bennett the CEO of 97th Floor, an online marketing company focusing on SEO, social media marketing and reputation management about getting your name on the top 10 searches on Google. Special note: If you share a name with someone famous (or infamous), they may be controlling your online name-space.
Have you ever done something, in business or in life, that others said was stupid but it turned out to be great? We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account.
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The ethical concept of social responsibility has to do with organizations or individuals speaking and behaving in ways that benefit society. Almost every decision we make is a way to express personal social responsibility, from the manner in which we treat others to the products and services we choose to buy.

A key element of personal social responsibility is endeavoring to have a positive impact on other people and the environment.
When people make purchasing decisions based on personal social responsibility, it paves the way for systemic change by rewarding corporate social responsibility.
When it comes to your various creative projects, job-finding and gaining trust from a third party, you need good, relevant information about you to pop up in search engines. I'm searching for people who have cool stuff, stupid stuff or other stuff (products or services) that you think my readers should hear about! Get more photo about Quotes related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is considered a trend whereby companies aim to operate their businesses in a way that is at the very least not harmful to people or the environment. When individuals strive to make positive contributions, they are acting in a personally responsible way to society. Because of the power of personal social responsibility, many companies are now striving to demonstrate their CSR by operating in ways that have a positive impact on society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a prominent and evolving 21st century business topic. If not, the people that might otherwise hire you, buy from you, PICK YOU, may end up choosing someone else with a stronger personal brand, because, like it or not, they seem more trustworthy.
With a little effort, you can create an authentic online personal identity that is sustainable and able to evolve as you evolve. Personal social responsibility involves individuals making choices that benefit other individuals, society as a whole and the environment.

By recognizing that our every action and utterance impacts those around us, we become more conscious of our words and actions and therefore are more likely to act in a socially responsible way. Companies can do this by utilizing environmentally-friendly practices, implementing fair and equitable labor standards globally and sponsoring programs for charitable giving. Business ethics implies the concept of social responsibility, though the two ideas remain distinct.
The company with zero online presence, or the company with a verifiable, credible online presence? Or at the very least it triggers uncertainty about who you are, so searchers have to dig deeper to try and find the real you. For example, being kind to a stranger increases the likelihood that the stranger will be kind to someone else, creating a chain reaction of kindness whereby people are being treated well and paying it forward. Often, corporate social responsibility is a direct result of customers exerting their personal social responsibility by using their purchasing power in a way that promotes socially responsible practices. You could associate your name online with your business or hobby in order to ensure you rank for that term.
So you can choose, is the most relevant search for your name turning up a wild image that your friend tagged you in on Facebook (worried about your high-school or college days coming back to haunt you)? Or, is the world’s most relevant search result for your name something you have a say in—CONTROL OVER?

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