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I received this treasured advice for speaking, teaching, and preaching either from a communications professor in college or from John Ortberg—maybe both. Although I’m neither a polished speaker nor an accomplished athlete, I do have significant experience breathing. If you are subscribing to our blogs, please note that our subscribe feature works off of an RSS reader.
Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. Concert pianist, writer of words and music, governor of royal ballet companies, theology, art, poetry, perfume, puddings. It seems that most of us living in this fast-paced contemporary society have actually forgotten how to breathe. One of my earliest memories as a child was when my mother took me to a funeral service held at a house a few blocks walking distance from ours, in my hometown in the Philippines.
This early childhood memory serves as a landmark in my journey toward the awareness of the significance of the breath and its transformative and healing power. With the three-pointed practice of zazen involving posture, breathing, and mind quieting, one is naturally led to a deeper familiarity with the workings of the breath in one’s life. In seated meditation, with one’s back straight, one is enjoined to breathe naturally but deeply, intentionally and slowly, so that the breathing is centered on the lower diaphragm. This process of familiarization with the breath is what we experience as we go on in our practice: the connection between our zazen and the rest of our daily life, taking the fourfold posture given above, gyo-zen, or Zen in action, ju-zen, or Zen in passivity or relaxation, and ga-zen, or Zen in horizontal position, that is, even while one is asleep, in addition to zazen, comes to be realized more and more.

One helpful way of enhancing this awareness of the connection is by taking advantage of those odd or idle moments in our day, such as while waiting for a red light to turn green at an intersection, while waiting for an appointment, or in the interval that naturally takes place as one goes from one task to another, and during those moments, intentionally taking a deep breath or two, placing oneself in the here and now where one is.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. Who would have thought that playing the piano involved not just hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, back (and brain) … but lungs too. Not that we have ceased to perform the biological function whereby we inhale this invisible mixture of gases, including oxygen, that we need for sustaining life, and exhale what we don’t need, including carbon dioxide, which plants in turn need for their biological life.
My mother held me by the hand as we lined up in the living room parlor to pay our last respects to the deceased, whom I gathered was a distant uncle that I did not recall too well in life. I remember how I almost couldn’t sleep that night, anxious that I might forget to breathe in my sleep. It was not until years later, as I came to Japan in my early twenties and began Zen practice under an authentic Zen master in Kamakura, that this awareness took on a new level. One thus becomes aware that it is the whole body, not just the lungs, that participates, or rather, partakes, in the breathing.
As one is able to catch those moments and bring them back to the here and now with the help of the breath, one actually notices the qualitative difference in the way one lives one’s day.
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We do this largely unconsciously, and so we maintain ourselves in our physiological existence without having to be aware that it is happening most of the time.
As we approached the coffin, I recall being lifted up and made to look very closely at the face of the deceased lying in state. One tends to breathe in a shallow and hurried way, for example, as one becomes flustered with the way things are going. And as one becomes more and more familiarized with this way of breathing while doing zazen, this way of real-izing one’s connectedness with the breath flows into what one does after zazen. What we would like to note here is that breathing, for most of us, has come to be nothing but that – a mere biological function that our lungs take care of for us as we wake and go to sleep, day in and day out. One finds oneself breathing more easily and with a greater sense of relaxation and satisfaction.

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