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When you have a lot of clutter in your home, it seems to keep building up until it gets completely out of control. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world.
April 11, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Do you have an organized mess or perhaps just a mess?
We will talk about how to put the best strategies into practice so you don’t feel stressed out or like you need a whole weekend in solitary confinement to get your house (and mind) organized and decluttered.
Kids are more likely to put away their stuff if you work with them and make it fun to create a “system”. Your husband might not put mail in the bin, but he sure knows how to arrange his baseball-hat collection. No matter how you choose to get started – whether it’s with some of these tips or countless others – the goal is to take your first step and feel good about it. House Maids has been cleaning our home weekly for 2 years and I can’t say enough great things about them and the owner, Sol. My wife and I are extremely happy with our decision to hire House Maids as our new cleaning company. If it hasn’t been used or displayed in several years, it probably has little meaning to you and should be sold or donated to a good cause. When cleaning out your closets, sort the clothes you wear the most from the ones you wish to keep for special occasions. The kitchen is a story unto itself and it is important that you give it a clean, tidy appearance. Haul the rest away.  If you feel you have time and energy, consider having a ‘moving sale’.
Sometimes, clutter builds up little by little until one day we look at it and we’re shocked to see how much junk has accumulated in our homes. Want more organizing tips delivered to your inbox?  Sign up for the Organizing Moms Newsletter! Getting Organized MagazineTreat Yourself to Some SanityReal life organizing for real life people!
Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets is the essential companion for anyone looking to organize their life and rid themselves of clutter. Clutter can disrupt the flow and function of your home, as well as make it less comfortable and more difficult to relax in. We all have different, yet similar, clutter situations; from the “junk” drawers in the kitchen or bedroom, to the box of Halloween costumes in the closet that have accumulated throughout the years, or maybe scattered junk piles due to a spouse who doesn’t always put things in their proper place. Have realistic expectations – ¬Double the amount of time you first imagined it would take to finish a project so that you are not disappointed.
Avoid distractions – If you have decided to concentrate two hours on organizing the closet – then really do just that. Make it fun – Play some upbeat, or relaxing, music so you can bop around while trying on old clothes and deciding which to donate or throw out.

If your goal is to have your daughter pick up her toys, let her pick out some pretty boxes to store them in or make a fun art project to decorate some storage boxes.
Time saving shortcut – Have different boxes for different rooms, so you don’t waste time by going from room to room several times to put things away. Creative labeling – You’ve done such a good job of organizing, don’t make it hard on yourself to find or remember what’s in which bin when you go into the garage to find something. Simplify your life – If you’ve organized all of your spices alphabetically only to find that you can’t easily access the thyme without reshuffling the entire cabinet and undoing all of your organizational efforts, then it’s time for a KISS (keep it simple silly) way of doing things. Learn that certain circumstances and situations are simply out of your control and are not worth stressing yourself out over. Once they are cleared out, you will have room to store those boxes you deem utterly necessary to keep. Clothes, kitchen utensils, collections of any sort may have lost their value long ago but could be useful for needy adults and children.
Dresses and other attire that are out of season can be stored separately in a plastic vacuum-packed bag for future use. Small tables that just collect dust or old cabinets with books that haven’t been read in years should be stored or given away. Remove personal pictures and magnets from your refrigerator and wipe down the exterior till it shines. Do you have so much “stuff” that you just want to throw it all into boxes and sort it out later?   The mere thought of packing up all your belongings into boxes making you stressed and overwhelmed?  Let’s take a different approach.  One that will free you of some of the heaviness and weight you may feel when looking at the overall, big picture. Remember to remove the things that take up too much space or detracts from the showing of your home.
This Declutter 101 page is filled with great tips, ideas, and articles to inspire you to declutter. I'm a real mom, creating realistic organization solutions for the constantly changing lives of mothers.
Filled with trade secrets, resources, tips, tools, tactics, techniques and organization revelations, Decluttering Your Home arms readers with the tools to create a living space that looks attractive and feels both inviting and comfortable.
Geralin Thomas brings her wealth of professional experience—both as a Certified Professional Organizer specializing in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding, and from her time working on A&E TV’s Emmy nominated show Hoarders—and gives readers the motivation they need to get their lives sorted.
There are several ways to get your clutter under control so that you no longer have to worry about your house being disorganized and messy. Allow yourself to feel accomplished by finishing projects over several different occasions. For example, if you suspect organizing the garage will take one day, it will most likely get done in two or even three days. Even if it’s just doing another “chore” during your break, for example: get an errand out of the way, make the kids’ lunch, or take the dog for a nice walk.
Double-check the measurements of your storage spaces before buying bins, trays, racks, or installing shelving or closet organizers. It’s about being structured just enough so that you can find anything within two or three minutes.

But if you are one to hang on to the short, short mini skirts – ask yourself the three F’s: Does it fit? Those old-fashioned cedar wood blocks and cedar wood hangers are still useful today to prevent moths from eating away at your precious outfits. Organize bookshelves in an orderly fashion…small books on one shelf, larger ones on another. Rearrange the pantry by food types…canned goods on one shelf, pastas on another, and so on. This includes all the things that are no longer useful or serve a purpose and get them out of your home.  Even those items that never got unpacked from your previous move (you know the boxes hiding in the back corner of the garage)!
You want it to be open, clutter-free and inviting.  Think about keeping that mentality in your new home as well. When you pick up a toy that belongs in your child’s bedroom, toss it into the box and at the end of your allotted declutter time return the items to the appropriate rooms.
Look for places where you have lots of little items that can be consolidated—linen closets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
You could use colorful stickers or buy assorted colors of containers and organize by color. If you have items of sentimental value only for yourself like old baby items, sports trophies and family photographs, set aside boxes where you can save them.
Stop buying groceries and household items in bulk now so you will have less stuff to pack and move.  If you have duplicates of things, pair down and only keep the one in the best condition. Of course this will depend on the size of the project and the time you have set aside for it. Toss travel-size toiletries in a bin so when you get ready to travel, you can pull it out and review the contents all at once rather than sorting through each item one by one. For example, Halloween items would go in an orange bin, Christmas storage would go in green and red bins, etc. If the shelves are deep enough, you may want to have two rows with less frequently used items in the back.
Besides the emotional element of parting from a home perhaps filled with memories, the physical stamina required to get the house in order can be daunting. Place small containers in kitchen cabinets or the pantry to keep dry packets of seasoning, small snacks, and other loose items. But if done correctly and enthusiastically, ridding yourself of the clutter in your home can actually be enjoyable.
Another way to cut through clutter but have peace of mind is to scan items you want to keep.

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