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GoGraph allows you to download affordable stock photography, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage. On the other hand I have DVDs of my favourite movies (Star Wars – original trilogy – and The Lord of the Rings) which I have watched over and over again and, therefore, is not clutter but a cherished collection which shows my nerdy side. Continue reading with these posts:Owning your life skill ~ By Doodle One of our long time regular readers Doodle has kindly agreed to help out here at 365 by writing a blog post for me every other Wednesday.
Likewise I too have found that only be releasing stuff that was once important I have been able to take up new experiences. I have also felt that when we declutter that which does not serve us any longer, we make room for new opportunities and experiences to come into our lives. I don’t have a problem with deciding to keep a few small mementos, but my main problem is that my mom wants me to keep them more than I want to keep them. This is a great post and timely for me, because this is where I’m at on my decluttering journey right now.
My parents taught me well to make, mend, mingle and manage so being frugal, friendly and fun loving would describe me fairly well. Content on third-party sites are the responsibility of their owners and not 365 Less Things.
365 Less Things is my story and the lessons I am learning along the way, please use your own discretion as to what works for you.
Pegboard Organization Jun 05, 15 05:04 PMPegboard organization is a versatile, functional, fun way to take advantage of vertical space. Organize with Pegboards Jun 05, 15 01:38 PMA fun and versatile way to utilize vertical space for storage is to organize with pegboards. I appreciate the quotes I’ve seen about spending time with children rather than cleaning, etc.
Daiso Nose Pack - a charcoal-based mask you apply all over your nose and peel off to remove blackheads. Nivea Eye Make-Up Remover - it had more of a lotiony texture so I thought it would be hydrating for my eye area.
Marcelle Essentials Soothing Cleansing Water - I liked this one so much that I literally called my review of it a "love letter".
Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense - expired, and it's best to not ignore expiry dates where sun protection is concerned. Wet'n'Wild 6-pan Lust eyeshadow palette - I also went through a purples phase post-high school. Giovanni baked eyeshadow - the bronze shade in this one is really pretty and I'm sure I gave this eyeshadow trio a lot of use in the past. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream - denatured alcohol is super high in the ingredients list for this moisturizer. Please respect that I have put a lot of time and effort into this blog and do not repost my images or text, whether it is in part or in full, or as originally posted or edited, without contacting me. Professional organiser Angela Esnouf has shared this declutter checklist designed to help you clear the chaos and get your house ready for the market.
Venessa has worked in digital publishing for over a decade and has been a passionate online community builder even longer.
Her dedication to decluttering has inspired an unlikely global phenomenon a€“ and made her very rich. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. GoGraph has the stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, graphic or picture that you need for as little as 5 dollars. While they were all important to my teenage self and listened and cared for back them, they had no importance in my adult life, and therefore became clutter and a burden.

Well if I had never decluttered I would never had opened space to change, to discover who I am today. I kept a couple of childrens books and tried reading them to my nieces and nephew who were not the slightest bit interested in Paddington stories – no pictures. And this last move, as I was packing and unpacking, I realized there was stuff I had been packing for each move automatically because I considered it stuff I had to take with me for sentimental reasons, but that when I stopped and actually asked myself if I really still wanted these things, there was a lot of stuff I discovered I was just keeping because it had been important to me in the past and was tied into the idea of who I was in the past. I realized years ago that there have been times that someone gave me a present that surprised me because it’s not something I would have picked for myself. I am a forty something year old mother of two grown children and in my third decade of being wife to my darling hubby. Pegboards work well for organizing a wide variety of stuff in just about any room of the house.
I can’t help but wonder, without judgment and with some sadness, at the insecurity this may reveal. I treasure the breathability of an uncrammed space more than an area so stocked with items that it’s impossible to even know what I have. You know how sometimes your closet gets so full of old clothes you don't wear anymore that there's no room in there for the clothes you actually wear?
This is one of those things that are simultaneously fun and gross to do with friends and family to compare your results, but I quickly forgot about it.
It's called a gel but it's more of a lotion or lightweight cream that doesn't leave my skin feeling too tight. It's since been repackaged as Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution, which I've also repurchased. I had it laying around on my desk for a while, then decided to look at the ingredients and noped out upon seeing alcohol and black pepper oil. I started shying away from lip balms with that minty feeling when my eczema started; the minty-ness tended to irritate rather than soothe. The runny, liquidy texture takes some getting used to, but it's great if you hate the heavy feeling of conventional sunscreens.
I don't remember this being a bad palette, I just think I've accumulated better plums and purples now. I can understand the usefulness of alcohol in lower concentrations in some products, but third on the ingredients list seemed a bit much. She's the proud owner of a place to call her own and wants every Australian to have that same opportunity. Buy cheap stock photos, royalty free photographs and pictures and get immediate image file downloads. We change every day, but if we hang on to objects of the past, if we hold ourselves back we fail to enjoy today. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow.
But then when I would get those presents, I would think in the back of my head that maybe the person bought it for me because they thought it matched my personality, that maybe they knew who I was better than I did, and so I should keep the present because it suited me better than I thought I did. I love traveling, art and craft, spending time with friends and family and volunteering my time to help others. I look forward to getting to know you as well so join our friendly community here at 365 Less Things where we, that is Cindy, the readers and myself, share opinions, advice and lots of friendly encouragement. While I acknowledge I need to work on refusing to let my surroundings dictate my mood, I also realize the profound if subtle effect of ambient chaos on my psyche and behavior.
When going through my dear aunt’s house after she died, we were heartbroken to discover the things that she had, unbeknownst to any of us, hoarded.
But for me, for our home, for my children, so that none of us are weighed down by things and their enervating effect, keeping clutter away is a constant, unglamorous, but necessary and very rewarding battle that I choose to learn to fight.

Stopped using it immediately but stubbornly (hoardingly?) didn't throw it out for some reason. Amazing for sweeping all over the face to catch any leftover makeup, or removing non-waterproof eye makeup and lipstick. I've since relaxed my position a bit on denatured alcohol in beauty products but I still feel wary of using black pepper oil on my face.
I regret not giving this one more use because the ingredients list shows a lot of great emollients. Blue was teenage me's favourite colour and I seem to have bought a lot of blue eyeshadow, shoes, clothes, etc at this time. Stack those trinkets away and you’ll be ready to invite buyers through your home before you know it.
Even if their contents are impeccably neat, buyers will want them to feel spacious, and be able to picture their own things in there. Enlist family members, friends – whoever can lend a hand to make the process less frustrating and time consuming.
GoGraph also offers EPS vector illustrations, clipart digital artwork, clip art, stock footage, and video animation clips. Throughout my decluttering journey many times I have struggled with stuff related to who I was a long time ago as opposed to whom I am now. I went to a comic books fair and met one author, bought his book, got it autographed and took a picture with him.
I loved to play with my toys as a child, but no matter how many of them I had today that time has long gone.
Apart from a few mementos, we must direct our lives and objects to be useful today and to our life as it is and not some distant memory from the past. Lots of super old stuff tucked away neatly in drawers while products I'm actually using were scattered everywhere on my dresser. Please be aware that comments containing links may be edited to remove the links or not approved at all. Check with them to gauge the full extent of your clutter and where you should focus your efforts. Personal items should be stowed first, keeping any lovely items of neutral decor till last (they could save you having to invest in furniture or accessories for home staging). Pop on a favourite playlist while you clean and sort and before you know it, your place looks like new.
A prospective buyer will open cupboards and snoop into nooks and crannies to check out storage and other features. Apply the same rigor to removing that clutter as you would any other room, and sort ready for packing, donating or tossing. However if I still had them they would just be another collection of stuff to clutter up my home.
I enjoyed my young adult years, my college time, but no object from that time will capture those memories back. Have a garage sale for items you’ve culled that are in great shape and still worth something, Enough gold coin donations and you could convert mess into a bit of extra money to buy something you need in your new home, or treat yourself to a fancy dinner because you sold so much!

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