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Earlier this year, I shared 10 questions that you can ask yourself to help you declutter, and today I’m making those questions available in a printable card format.
The question cards print four to a page, so keep the extra for when your original copy gets worn or share them with friends and family who are on this decluttering journey as well. Or get all of the Life Your Way printables in a single download when you buy the complete download pack for just $7! A few things you should know about me: I'm a wife and mother of 6, as well as a full-time work-at-home mom, a passionate entrepreneur, a homeschooler, and an INTJ, with a heavy emphasis on the introvert!
Make use of the shelves and wall space within your closet-- I like to roll my leisure wear such as tanks, sweats and sweatshirts, and place them in a basket on the shelf below my hanging items.
Tip: If you need to save space (AKA fit more clothes in your closet) try  switching out your hangers for my favorite felt variety. After your closet is organized, vacuum the floor and walls to prevent bugs from finding a home in your closet. Wood Floors: Vacuum and then lightly damp mop with a solution of water and one cap full of Murphy’s Oil Soap. Check your window treatments for dust and stains—follow the manufacturer’s recommended method to clean them. In my family, we have always used a solution of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket, a sponge, a squeegee and old newspapers (in that order) to wash the windows.
A simple solution of vinegar and warm water is a fantastic cleaner to use on windows to get them sparkling clean.
Weed the garden and lawn and then rake around plants and trees to freshen up the dirt and make the garden look happy! Outdoor cleaning projects can be fun and it’s always great to involve the whole family. It may be a little overwhelming, but chances are your garage could use some help this spring. If looking at the old boxes in the garage is uninspirational to you, then try purchasing some new containers. Space Case principal interior designer, Kamaren Henson, is known for her ability to understand what her clients want and bring the vision to fruition. While my daily checklist is the make-or-break issue in my deslobification process, decluttering makes real progress possible.  A daily pick-up can only help so much when there’s just .
When I stand in the doorway of an out-of-control room and feel overwhelmed, I’ve learned to do the easy things first.
I have finally realized that contrary to my natural slob-inclination to declutter a closet that no one ever sees . And most of all, I’ve realized that it is okay (and home-changing) to JUST declutter. It’s a thorough and actionable guide to decluttering your home and changing how you deal with STUFF! I’ve just printed off my own checklist and starting Friday morning I am going to nail this place! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing a break-out session at our church day — you were GREAT!

That room was a total enigma to me but slowly I got it to the point where I’m now happy when I walk into it!
If anybody has some ideas for how I can get rid of some of this stuff without relying on my husband to even help me lift it, I’d really appreciate it. Old TV’s and computer equipment that is even too obsolete for pawn shops can be donated to certain organizations that accept old electronics and gives them to schools and such in third world countries. Old cell phones can be donated to some cell providers who give them to battered women in domestic violence programs.
I just stumbled upon your website from a pinterest post to a link to another link all the way through to here and I cannot tell you how wonderful the last hour of blog post reading has been! You’ve already encouraged me to go ahead and start with the little messes and get a move on towards the big ones!
But my son and his girlfriend announced TWINS on the way, and have a 3 yr old daughter too. I can’t remember how I found your site, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I found this and thought of how you said we must become ruthless with the clutter of every kind. The truth is, neither our love for the person, nor their love for us, nor our memories, are in the possession. Il blog dedicato al mondo dei traslochi, un punto di riferimento per tutti coloro che cercano la soluzione migliore per effettuare il proprio trasloco.
Servizi per traslochiDai traslochi casa, ai traslochi per uffici e aziende, dalle spedizioni internazionali al deposito mobili: tutti i servizi per traslochi offerti. Consigli per traslochiTutti i consigli per traslochi casa, traslochi uffici e qualsiasi altro tipo di trasloco che vi renderanno la vita piu facile. Traslochi InternazionaliTutti i servizi offerti per effettuare un trasloco internazionale e spedizioni all’estero. Il trasloco, indipendentemente dal fatto che sia organizzato con largo anticipo, e sempre una fonte di stress in quanto inscatolare la propria vita e comunque un atto destabilizzante. Per prima cosa dovrai cominciare dalle zone della casa dove sono presenti gli oggetti legati al vostro passato (le cosiddette zone critiche) o dove sono concentrati oggetti e documenti messi da parte ( armadi, garage, soffitte eccetera).
Se fra il ciarpame troverai qualcosa che ancora non sei sicuro di dare via, prepara uno scatolone con tutti gli oggetti su cui sei indeciso, ma a patto che sara il primo che disferai nella nuova casa di modo che deciderai subito il da farsi. Post it on your bulletin board, carry it in your cleaning caddy or keep it in your pocket for help making those tough decisions. The complete set includes all printables published to date, organized by folder within a single download. And I'm pretty sure fair-trade chocolate, loose leaf tea, and Starbucks lattes are among life's greatest pleasures.
It’s time to clean and refresh your home by way of the wonderful tradition of Spring Cleaning. Start with tanks and sleeveless items, then short sleeve, long sleeve and jackets, followed by pants, skirts, shorts and dresses–all hung from left to right. Start in the room of your choice and scan the floor, surfaces of furniture, book shelves, counters, and even look under the objects in the room for items that do not belong there.

Check to make sure that you are using the proper cleaners on your woods, counter tops, tiles, etc. Touching up the paint or stain on fences is a great way to make the outdoor areas feel new again. With a little effort this spring, your outdoor areas will be ready to entertain throughout the summer. As you transfer sports equipment, Christmas decorations, or whatever your family hides in your garage space into the new containers you will surely find things that you can do without.
I finally understand how to properly use containers, and the One In One Out Concept no longer boggles my Slob Brain. Per la filosofia del decluttering, invece, il trasloco dovrebbe essere visto come un’opportunita per liberarsi del superfluo e di tutto cio che ingombra gli spazi. Quest’operazione dovrebbe essere effettuata almeno un paio di mesi prima del trasloco e dovrete buttare via tutto cio che risulta inutile (a cominciare dalle vecchie riviste o floppy disk). It also includes free monthly email updates with any new or updated printables in a single download as well. While you’re at it, if you have clothing or accessories which you haven’t worn for at least two years, pack those items up and donate to charity or sell them.
They allow for about 20% more clothing to fit in the closet when compared to the thicker wood style hangers. Once you have massaged the sponge around on the window a bit, use the squeegee to get the majority of the water off the window and then use old newspaper, instead of towels or paper towels, to absorb to rest of the water.
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Then you told the kids that they had to put their most precious toys in a box and everything else would be up for decluttering. Qualora deciderai di disfarti di tutto, un’ottima soluzione e quello di tentare con la vendita online.
It can be hard at first to let go of things, but once you let them go, you’ll feel so good! Yarn, needles and craft supplies you want to get rid of may also be accepted for their daily senior programs.
The vinegar also cuts right through pet gunk too, such as nose and mouth smears and paw marks.
That means hauling really heavy stuff (not the nice new flat screens that are easy to move) to some official ewaste event or lugging them over to Best Buy with my fingers crossed that some young employees will carry it to wherever IF they accept that stuff at that particular store. In his 20’s he suffered some pretty bad injuries, fractured his hip socket and threw his back out.

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