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I’ve created printable decluttering calendars for June, July and August for you to write which areas you plan to declutter, and when.
I’ll be sharing posts every few weeks on various areas of my home and showing you the good, the bad, and the CLUTTER-y. Dreamer, thinker, + lemon squeezer; you'll usually find me clutching a mug of coffee, glue gun, fandeck of paint colors, and a child at any given time. Hi, I'm Carrie and I'm here to help you keep sane by serving up freshly squeezed ideas for home and family!
Obviously, no one can organize every last toy, paperclip, and piece of paper in their home in just one month.
I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for you, and I’m SO EXCITED to get started! Also, if you haven’t subscribed to getting new posts emailed to you, sign up now (and click the link in the confirmation email!) so the decluttering and organizing posts land in your inbox for daily motivation. Okay, everyone, ROLL CALL… WHO IS IN for the Declutter and Organize EVERYTHING Challenge 2015?
I’ve been in decluttering mode since my dh wants to sell our home and move to a bigger one. Now that you’ve minimized your food to include only those items that you actually eat and cook with, and you’ve got a clean place to store it, it’s time to organize!
If you place an order for any window coverings with Select Blinds this month, use my March code DESI9N at checkout for 40% off your order! Oh, and the rolls of banner paper do double duty as cushioning paper in shipping packages so I only store one thing. For my privacy notice and full disclosure of blog policies, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, and trademarks, please see my blog policy page!
Something about summer’s longer days and more freedom in our schedules makes it perfect for decluttering and organizing our homes before we settle back in to hibernate this fall. I try to drop off at the thrift store every two weeks so it doesn’t build up in my house. I'm Carrie-- a dreamer, overthinker, + lemon squeezer, making it my mission to share fresh ideas for home and family. I’m not sure about you, but January always jump starts a frenzy of decluttering and organizing for our home. But I’ve got a plan to get you on track, identify your needs, and tackle common clutter areas in about 15 minutes a day so you can get most of it done in 31 days.

The ‘before’ pictures show you that it was a mess, with food crammed anywhere it would fit.
Take out all of those extra cans of food, tiny bottles of herbs and spices you thought you’d use and boxes of pasta you haven’t touched and give it to friends who cook with it, or if it is unopened, donate it to your local food bank.
There’s nothing better than starting an organizing project that involves your food no less, with a clean area to put things! Because my pantry space is a bit limited, I decided to purchase a couple of items to help maximize my space. Once my husband helped me secure the over the door shelf (we used command strips, both Velcro and hooks, to keep it in place since we are renting and I didn’t want to put screws through the door), I started filling the little shelves with some of my lighter supplies like nuts, NatureBox snacks, cooking supplies, etc. I’ve done different things over the years including using brown packing paper with plaid ribbon. The need to declutter a second year in a row isn’t a failure, it’s actually a success! The general rule of thumb is to have a place for trash (trash can), donate (I use white trash bags for clothing and cardboard boxes for the rest), sell (these go in cardboard boxes or plastic bins), and consign at kids’ consignment sales (plastic bins). We can all find 15 minutes, so let’s make them count and set us on a fantastic path for an organized and simplified new year! Here’s a handy button you can snag to add to social media and announce that you are IN for the challenge. I couldn’t tell what foods I had, which is how I ended up with duplicates like three bottles of green enchilada sauce and two bulk bags of brown sugar.
Wipe down your shelves and get rid of the nasty areas where honey has stuck, spices have spilled, or worse yet, little bugs crawled in somehow and setup home! The first item is a handy ‘over the door’ shelf system, and the second item are these wonderful spice clips that worked out so well!
They work well if you have a tall enough cupboard to use them in, however, I don’t, and they ended up being awkward and unstable on the pantry shelves.
It worked extremely well to free up space on the actual pantry shelves for me to spread our food out a bit more so I can actually see what we have available.
Without having to rummage through everything we have, realize I should have used something up months ago, or feel guilty about food waste, it makes my time in the kitchen much more enjoyable and efficient. The Inspired Room was voted Readers' Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Garden's magazine two years in a row, 2015 and 2014! I would suggest refraining from buying new, just using the old until it’s gone or (if like me you have gone crazy during those after Christmas sales,using social media to see if you know anyone who needs some, before they go out and buy new.

These days I’m back to favoring white paper and use banner paper from the office supply store. You can also Freecycle the items, sell them online or on Craigslist or a Facebook Yard Sale group… but whatever you do, make sure it gets DONE. My pantry isn’t huge to begin with, but I knew it could definitely be more organized and minimized.
I opted for the clips I mentioned above, and moved all my spices and herbs to the inside of my cupboard doors, and it worked out perfectly! I made sure to put our food back in the pantry in order of expiration date, so I use the oldest food supplies first. No trips to the Dollar Store or strolling through thrift stores while waiting to pick up my kids. At the very least, I know I need to make sure our trash and recycling bins are empty and ready to go.
One of the cardinal rules of living simply for me, is that I ALWAYS minimize BEFORE I organize. I also have another set in a different cupboard that holds our medicine and vitamin bottles. I also grouped together similar items like flours, sugar, cooking oatmeal on one shelf, cold cereal on another, breads together and so forth. Lastly, we might try to have another yard sale this year since our last one was successful. While I love organizing, it isn’t very useful to put items in order that you aren’t going to use anyway. If you don’t have a spice rack and don’t like the clip idea, you can opt for something like an old large Tupperware container.
Below is a step-by-step on how I minimized my pantry a long with some items I think came in handy to help the process. With your spices contained, you can easily pull the whole thing out of the pantry and find what you are looking for without knocking everything over. Those few things alone should STOP the clutter at it’s source and allow some breathing room to get rid of what we already have.

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