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Dedicate one day (or two depending on the size of your home) preferably during a weekday when no one is around, to decongest your home and make it more appealing. If you’re like most people who don’t have the time to do a marathon clean up, you can opt to declutter your house slowly and gradually.
Just because you’ve managed to put everything in its place doesn’t mean you’ve solved the clutter problem once and for all.
One clutter free habit you can start implementing right now is to put something away – in its proper place – immediately after you’re done using it.
If you need a larger space have an attic or a basement built that you can store your extra goods in. How many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by the hoards of things we have piled in our houses? Unfortunately,for most of us the answer to these questions is ‘Yes!’ Keeping your home tidy and organised may sound like a lot of work but actually it’s one of the best ways to obtain peace of mind and a calmer outlook. Most of the times, the clutter consists of things which are of little use but great emotional significance or things which we think would be useful sometime in future.
Meditate daily to stay focussed and for a calm, peaceful mind.It’s the simplest yet the most profound method for a blissful you! My clutter has gotten out of hand and I have now started a process of eliminating at least one item from my home every day for the next year. Love reading this post from Shaloo.It is great lesson for getting rid of garbage of all kinds and creating more life supporting energy at work, home and in the being. It can make you want to scream out loud when you’re running late and can’t find your car keys. In her book – Unclutter your home: 7 Simple Steps, 700 tips and ideas, Donna Smallin advises home owners to spend at least half an hour each day sprucing up their homes but no more than an hour.
Practicing clutter-free habits in the home is the only sure-fire way to ensure you’re not submerged in clutter later on. This way you’ll make your home less congested and you’ll be able to find it with ease whenever you need it. By doing these, you ensure your home always remains spacious and you beautiful design and decor is not compromised. Most of the things are of little use but still occupy a major space in our houses just because of the sentimental value we attach to these things. The less you have, the more free you are.Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life.
Declutter your home Do you waste time searching frantically for important documents, lost keys, misplaced things?

It’s very difficult to let go of things on which you have spent your hard-earned money.But remember, if you do not use it or need it, it’s clutter, and it needs to go.In a nutshell,use it up,wear it out,make it do – or do without! Declutter your workplace Look around your workplace and you will most likely see items and papers that can be cleared away.
Discard whatever is outdated and irrelevant.Store the documents with appropriate labels so that you can easily find them when needed.
Though one understands the need of de-cluttering, but seem to overlook this, hard pressed under multiple commitments. Well, a few years ago, when I was going through household moving, I read a post by Zen Habits on the decluttering and it stuck with me.
According to this organizing expert, cleaning up in this short time span each day ensures that one’s ability to make decluttering home decisions remains fresh and unfaltered. Clear up one drawer in your kitchen to store coupons, shopping receipts and recipe booklets. Not just our homes,we have cluttered our workplaces,our actions , our thoughts and our life with so much of junk. It doesn’t help your image if someone walks in your cabin and sees clutter piled up at your desk. We waste precious time in unnecessary gossip , derive pleasure in criticising others or hurl abuses when angry. More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter.Harbouring negative emotions of anger and frustration only add to the mental stress. I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and decided this was a manageable and accountable way to get the deed done. This emphasizes the need of de-cluttering to be prioritized and to be made part of everyday work list, not a once in a while kind of thing. At the time, I was drowning in trash and donation bags, completely stressed out, and seemed so fitting.
If you’ve ever missed the first few minutes of your favorite T.V show because you couldn’t find the remote in time, then you’re all too familiar with this feeling. It’s a daunting task that will leave you exhausted but you’ll be very pleased with the results. She advises homeowners to pick a room and focus on organizing one part of the room at a time and then work on the other rooms in similar fashion to have a clutter free home. Do you feel at times that you need a bigger place because your things don’t seem to fit in? I’ve always loved moving – and maybe one of the reasons why is because it forces me to get rid of things I don’t need.

If you are planning a move or major renovation, chances are you are going to have to get rid of some stuff.
You can even bring in friends, family or an interior designer to help you sort through furniture items, art and other decorative pieces. Here are some more tips for decluttering your home for a move or renovation: Plan ahead and leave plenty of time. If you are serious about de-cluttering, chances are that you will want to get rid of items that are still usable. This stuff is great for yard sales, Craigslist and donations to local charities , so give yourself enough time to sell items off or give them away.
In the past, I’ve suggested that people use green, yellow and red sticky notes to identify what is staying (green), what is going (red) and what is a maybe (yellow).
Most of the time, my yellows turn to red because I usually do want get rid of as much as possible. These big items are great for selling, so if you take inventory early you can start figuring out how to unload them. It’s so bad that I tend to hoard mail because I’m worried about people stealing my information.
If you are anything like me, there is nothing more liberating than getting rid of unnecessary papers. Put all of your truly important paperwork in a safe place, then borrow a shredder and go to town on the rest. Ladies, if you haven’t fit in your skinny jeans for the past five years the chances are that ship has sailed. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for the past two seasons, then either it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it.
If you have items of clothing that look like they joined your papers in the shredding machine, then throw them away. If you have shoes that are damaged beyond repair or no longer suitable for their intended purpose (ripped running shoes , for example), toss them. Paige Holden is the Director of Communications for Holman Moving Systems , an agent for United. She blog regularly about household goods moving and corporate relocation issues for Adventures in Moving and Mastering Mobility.

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