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When I left hospital with my first baby, a nurse advised, “forget the housework for the next few weeks. Recently we had to complete a complicated tax return, and even though it was the biggest tax bill I’ve ever had to pay, I felt so relieved I’d finally got rid of all that paperwork!
Welcome to my homeMy name is Zoe, and I write about simplifying, organising and improving home and family life from an Australian perspective. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To hire a professional organizer (me) to help you declutter your home office or another organization project click on the link below. Pegboard Organization Jun 05, 15 05:04 PMPegboard organization is a versatile, functional, fun way to take advantage of vertical space. Organize with Pegboards Jun 05, 15 01:38 PMA fun and versatile way to utilize vertical space for storage is to organize with pegboards. Seeing the results from your hard work is a good way to keep you motivated.  The difference in my home office is amazing.  Where did all the stuff go??? I have to admit, coming back home from a trip away and catching up with work makes me feel overwhelmed.
Our space mirrors our minds, so to eliminate chaos from life we must first eliminate chaos from our space. I’ve noticed that when I do clean my desk I feel better, so I came up with a system to stay consistent with it.
Kay’s NewsletterJoin over 7,000 other food addicts who get exclusive recovery tips and recipes every month, and invites to free live webinars! An office full of equipment and supplies would seem to be the natural order of things, but it’s all too easy for a functional workspace to become a cluttered one as the junk piles up. Another electronic artefact was a cheap inkjet printer that came with my last retail computer purchase — over five years ago. A DVD-burner and a small printer seem like relatively insignificant things, but over the course of years as we bring new things into out offices and fail to re-evaluate the value of the things we have already taking up space we can quickly fall into the trap of having too much stuff, outdated stuff, useless stuff,and every other variation of clutter you can imagine.
You don’t need to set aside a weekend to purge your office, although you can if you want. The Raspberry Pi can power all kinds of great projects, but building an interface to actually interact with those projects is a chore. How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Gelatinised alcohol has been around for a while, but most iterations tend to be violently coloured, super sweet and just not that good.
If you have any questions about any of the information here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re shifting uncomfortably in your seat right now, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone! If you’d like us to help you assess your business data and how it can be more efficiently stored, expertly scanned or securely destroyed, contact the team on 0800 008 7229 for a no obligation assessment.

The business benefits are significant, including reduced costs, regained space, secure back-up, easy retrieval and legal compliance.
Now, imagine this:  you walk over to an office desk and it’s filled with papers, notes, envelopes, pens, books, dirty food plates, CDs, keys and magazines. When we acquire new information, we take it in, into our brain, our body, and our life.  Yet our brain is valuable space. Simplicity is having everything we need with the additional benefit of being able to locate it.
But if we only hang onto the concepts that really benefit us, the high-quality stuff, we’re set. Not all nutrition and exercise information is clutter — otherwise I wasted about 7 years of schooling.
For example, many people hold onto the diet mentality because they enjoy participating in the “last supper” and going on a food bender before starting another diet. If they get rid of the diet mentality and mind clutter, they won’t be able to rationalize the food bender. Are you doing and thinking about the “big picture” basics and foundational principles that really drive success?
We might de-clutter, but then we crack open the latest fitness magazine and fill right back up. It’s hard to collect mind clutter when you are volunteering, reading a fiction book, watching a movie, taking a walk outside, meditating, doing yoga, listening to music, in dance class, or working on a puzzle.
To learn more about making important improvements to your nutrition and exercise program, check out the following 5-day video courses. They’re probably better than 90% of the seminars we’ve ever attended on the subjects of exercise and nutrition (and probably better than a few we’ve given ourselves, too).
So to show respect for money and what it can do in your life, you have to house it appropriately. And that means keeping your wallet or purse neat and tidy. This has taught me a lot about the unique skill of visual merchandising, but it also made me think about my conflicted relationship with minimalism. After a work session, I can fold it up to hide the mess, and I know that my papers won’t be disturbed.
I would love to have a separate room for an office, but even if I did, I might still end up with paperwork in my kitchen or on my dining table. Pegboards work well for organizing a wide variety of stuff in just about any room of the house.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. If you entered my home office right now and saw my messy desk, you’d have direct insight into how I feel.
I schedule in my calendar 15 minutes at the beginning and the end of each day to get organized with my to-do list and to clear my desk.
You clean up your office, put away your loose files, tidy up your desk and within a matter of days everything is a wreck again.

A three-hole punch obviously punches holes in paper, the important question is whether or not you actually need a big clunky device that punches holes in paper to get your work done.
If it is redundant, is its function so critical that you must have a backup immediately on hand?
In most cases the hassle of storing, cleaning and maintaining an item for extended periods of time has a greater expense than finding that item should actually end up needing it in the future.
During my last major office cleaning session I used the questions above to guide my cleaning session instead of merely putting thing away. I’d used it perhaps two or three times, the quality was mediocre and anything of real value that I needed printed in colour I would take to a copy shop and print there. Competition closes 12 noon 22 December.A Very Special Client has Gone Digital this Christmas!Scan Film or Store v. Assuming that you pay for your premises in some way, unnecessary paperwork is effectively squatting.
How long do you spend looking for documents you know you filed “sensibly” a couple of months ago but now can’t find?
A safe and secure storage facility could well be the answer – just make sure it’s one with a good barcoding, cataloguing and retrieval system.
If not, scanning it will reduce its physical impact without you losing the content you need. When we get rid of mind clutter, we discern essential from unessential information.  So, what is this brain clutter I speak of?
There’s no way I could focus mindfully on my child while my house goes to rack and ruin. Feel free to pin my images on Pinterest, but please do not repost them without my permission.
A large part of this cycle is that we fail to evaluate the worth of items and purge them from our environment. I found that I had an external DVD burner that was large, required external power, and wasn’t as fast and effective as the one in my tower. For five years I’d been dusting that stupid printer and in the process failing to use the space it took up in a more useful way. If it’s sensitive, make sure it’s properly destroyed so you don’t run into security issues. To request permission to use any of my material, please use the form on the Follow & Contact Zoe page. At some point I’d upgraded the DVD drive in the tower but never bothered to look around remove the redundant and inefficient clutter from an earlier version of my office.

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