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Dedicate one day (or two depending on the size of your home) preferably during a weekday when no one is around, to decongest your home and make it more appealing. If you’re like most people who don’t have the time to do a marathon clean up, you can opt to declutter your house slowly and gradually. Just because you’ve managed to put everything in its place doesn’t mean you’ve solved the clutter problem once and for all. One clutter free habit you can start implementing right now is to put something away – in its proper place – immediately after you’re done using it.
If you need a larger space have an attic or a basement built that you can store your extra goods in.
It’s way too easy to fall victim of House Messy!  Here are the four steps I use to take on the task of clearing out the clutter!   Feel free to print the words in the link at the end of this post and use them to label your sorting boxes. Worn clothing, stained and torn towels, kid’s ripped dress up clothes, and socks without matches. Enter numbers and addresses from business cards or scrap paper into a contact list and toss the hard copy. Subscribe, Learn More, or connect with Aimee on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. My mother and I have had this conversation several times recently about cleaning and purging. My procrastination to clean and purge has not been lack of motivation, nor not having the energy to do, I’ve got that. Chrissy’s blog is full of all kinds of great information on how to declutter and organize your house. Seeing the results from your hard work is a good way to keep you motivated.  The difference in my home office is amazing.  Where did all the stuff go???
I tried many times sharing a decluttering book with mum that I found at the library, she nearly threw it back at me. One emotion I have been going through the past few weeks is failure, because I wasn’t able to help her. We will all be here to support you through this, I am sure your Mum is watching over you as you all work through it. My husband and my parents are hoarders and I know how hard it is for them to throw anything out.
As everyone else has said I am sorry to hear about your mums passing.  I have never been a overly tidy person, although I am an organiser and mostly organised we live in semi organised caios. Your blog has inspired so many small changes in my home that have made a big difference… and yes, there’s a way to go yet!! After seeing this blog and video, she can understand that really, it’s the memory she wanted to keep, not the wool.
Thank you so much for your courage in sharing this post with us, it has inspired me not to put off those things I should have been getting organised around my own home, and also to give both my parents extra good hugs this week! Take care of yourself (you know you need to in order to take care of others right?) and know that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel very soon. Oh and I also found crazy things when I was decluttering that I am planning on sharing with ya'll. It can make you want to scream out loud when you’re running late and can’t find your car keys. In her book – Unclutter your home: 7 Simple Steps, 700 tips and ideas, Donna Smallin advises home owners to spend at least half an hour each day sprucing up their homes but no more than an hour.
Practicing clutter-free habits in the home is the only sure-fire way to ensure you’re not submerged in clutter later on.

This way you’ll make your home less congested and you’ll be able to find it with ease whenever you need it.
By doing these, you ensure your home always remains spacious and you beautiful design and decor is not compromised. Options are great, but too much of a good thing gets in the way.  Not only does sharing help me create valuable space in my home, others benefit from my generosity.
If you’re afraid to get started because it seems like so much work, try doing fewer tasks at a time. Select a room that you can tackle in a day, rather than the most challenging one in the house. Break your decluttering challenge into smaller increments and before you know it, your house will be clean and organized!
Really glad you liked the post, and I hope your readers have found some useful ideas over at my blog.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. We had a similar situation after my Mum died, but she had things hidden away in various cupboards, so we weren’t aware of the extent of the hoarding.
It’s a hard hard job and I hope you are able to find strength from family and friends.
I wish you all the very best Katrina, and hope that as the clutter is sorted, you can think more about your mum and not the stuff she was hoarding. My inlaws are hoarders and their house had a tree through it during the 2008 storms that hit brisbane. Brave to go through all of the boxes your mum had collected so close after her passing, brave to let us see the process (it is of course so personal to you), and brave to show your face to us while doing it!
I don’t visit any blogs as much as I used to but saw this in my facebook feed and wanted to say hi and pass on my condolences to you and your family. I've heard a lot of different ways friends, family, and bloggers declutter and simplify their house.
For example, I just decluttered the TV cabinet so I pulled out all the DVDs, wires, games, etc.
Because everyone has a pair of Spice-Girl-like platform shoes in their closet from 1997 right? I need to get a little better about getting rid of junk just sitting in boxes after our move. According to this organizing expert, cleaning up in this short time span each day ensures that one’s ability to make decluttering home decisions remains fresh and unfaltered. Clear up one drawer in your kitchen to store coupons, shopping receipts and recipe booklets. When you take small steps to declutter and organize your home, you can conquer the task much more easily.
Once you’ve chosen your room, start early so you have as many daylight hours as possible to work on your cleaning and decluttering. Everything that you touch in the room should go into one of four categories: Things you want to throw away, things you want to donate or sell, things that should remain where they are, and things that you want to keep but that are in the wrong room. Keep in mind that personal paperwork should be shredded rather than simply put into the garbage. When you’re only working with the things that are supposed to be in the room, decluttering and organizing becomes much simpler. Similar to your mum’s peanut butter jars, my mum had kept icecream containers and old towels.

For instance, Mum crocheted my newborn twins some blankets, and she didn’t want to get rid of the tiny bundles of wool she had left. I see how difficult this is for you and admire you and your brothers for tackling this with your dad to help him have a free-er environment.
It really does help to have an outline wrote out of how you will accomplish your decluttering mission tho.
If you are anything like me, you might start pulling stuff out of a drawer in the kitchen, then decluttering the TV cabinet in the living room, then sorting some clothes out of the dresser. We only have so many square footage in our houses, do we really want to fill it up with clutter? If you’ve ever missed the first few minutes of your favorite T.V show because you couldn’t find the remote in time, then you’re all too familiar with this feeling.
It’s a daunting task that will leave you exhausted but you’ll be very pleased with the results.
She advises homeowners to pick a room and focus on organizing one part of the room at a time and then work on the other rooms in similar fashion to have a clutter free home. Continue to add to this section from each room in your home until you’re ready to make one single donation or yard sale. Make sure that you definitely want to keep them so that you can transfer them into the right room without having to sort them again later. In some ways, those types of things were the easiest to get rid of, although sad because they were obviously important to her. I write down the rooms in order of how I want to conquer them and some areas in the room that may have "hidden clutter" {piano bench, a certain drawer, just anywhere I don't want to overlook!}. The harder things to deal with were the special items like costume jewellery and clothes, as well as all my dolls from when I was a child. How you didn’t shed a tear while making the video is beyond me, I have a huge lump in my throat. When our closets get too full of clothes, it's sometimes impossible to find that one dress that you love. I felt that if she had kept these things for so long (40 years in some cases), then who was I to just get rid of them? I tend to get sidetracked so to have a timer on and just keeping track of time in general really helps me. I tend to get sidetracked, so I follow the one room at a time rule to keep the house free from complete chaos.
I have been guilty of looking in an overcrowded closet and thinking "I have nothing to wear!". In fact, some of these things have joined the clutter in my house and I have found it too emotional to deal with them. When we fill up our houses or closets with mediocre things, we can't see the things that are most precious to us.
The decorating items that truly make us smile, the clothes that we love to wear, and so on.
The point of all this babbling I'm doing right now is be merciless when it comes to getting rid of clutter and think of your square footage as precious.

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