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Use the new year as a starting point – chances are you have a sudden need or urge to organize and get rid of stuff – use it to your advantage and get started! Clutter makes your home look messy, full and, well, cluttered!  And there is simply nothing  inviting about that!  By decluttering and keeping only the things that you really love and use, you create a space that is much more welcoming.  Remember what I said about open spaces being refreshing and energizing?
Set boundaries to protect your schedule and your family, and create margin where there hasn’t been any. Learn how to organize your time and click here to sign up for the Stop Settling for Overwhelmed ecourse.
You know, I’ve done that same thing numerous times and every single time, I’ve ended up realizing that I never miss the stuff that I put away!
Personally, I have written my Christmas thoughts elsewhere: I respect gift-giving as a love language and do not rob my family members of that simple joy.
Still as most book lovers will attest, books just seem to find us and our collections grow and grow.
So at times my need to simplify outweighs my love of being surrounded by books and that’s where I find myself today.
I like having some books (okay a lot of books) around because I feel like they help “warm” a home. I even decorate with books on mantels and tables, so deciding which to get rid of can be hard. Non-fiction books that are out of date or represent an interest I had that I no longer have.
Once you’ve decided on which books to let go, you essentially have two choices: sell them or give them away. Used book stores – If you have an independent used books store near you, it probably buys books.
Cash4Books (referral link) – With Cash4Books, you can tell what you’ll get for your books before you send them in and they pay for the shipping. Because most used books don’t bring much, you might consider giving them away, which is what I find myself doing these days. Libraries often take donations of used books, not so much to use on shelves, but to sell themselves to support their operation. If the place where you’re donating books is an eligible charity and will provide a receipt, you can write off your donation on your taxes, provided you itemize. Now that your book collection is streamlined and simplified, how do you keep it from mushrooming out of control again? I make full use of the request feature, which delivers the books I want to a branch near me.
This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday, Frugal Fridays, One Project at a Time, and the William Morris Project. Shannyn, I love the idea of a future student stumbling upon a text book they need in the thrift store you used.
Ladies, don’t kill me, but my husband and I are on much the same page when it comes to decluttering.
Somehow I don’t think a library of Kindle and other online readers is quite the same.
Geoff, like you, I could never make a complete switch from real, physical books to all electronic ones.

Mimi, my favorite decorating books are something I would definitely keep on hand, as well as my favorite decorating magazines, which are priced more like books these days! Then I learned in design school that books represent dead energy and are bad Feng Shui (not that I really believe that, but it was a good motivator to stop hoarding them). Lindy, I don’t know about all books being dead energy, but I definitely believe that clutter steals your energy. Leilani, I can completely relate to both you and your husband when it comes to organizing them. Despite the innovation of e-readers and such… I still think nothing compares to a good ol’ fashion book! Our family loves to read and we love to have a lot of books but I was thinking just this morning about books that we might want to get rid of (just so we would have space for getting more of course!). We find homes for donated books where they are most in need such as women in prisons, we are building a library for an orphanage in the Philippines, send books to soldiers in Afganistan ETC. But I’ve discovered that money is less about numbers, and more about the kind of life you want to live.
I hope that the things we talk about at The Family CEO will help you make the most of your money, but mostly I hope that they'll help you create a life that you love.
DisclaimerThe Family CEO is for general information or entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional financial advice. In accordance with FTC guidelines, we state that we sometimes have a financial relationship with companies mentioned in this website. Any references to third party products, rates, or websites are subject to change without notice. Inspirational quotes with color images and tips to help motivate you to clear clutter and simplify. Three years ago, this typical family of four living in the suburbs made the decision to minimize their possessions, declutter their home, and simplify their life. I am also focusing hugely on de-cluttering this coming year and am blogging about the journey being taken.
But I prefer quality over quantity, needs over wants, experiences over products, and provide gift wish-lists whenever possible. Even though our library has cut back on hours and some services due to budget issues, it’s still the best resource going for both saving money and reducing permanent book clutter. Investing in an e-reader, like a Kindle or Nook, may not be as cheap as using the library, but it’s a great solution for book storage.  And many books, such as the classics, are actually free in electronic form. I am, however, writing at Creating This Life, where we talk about home, books, travel, and other life stuff. Knowing which books to keep though and which to get rid of can be a difficult decision to make (and stick to).
Our library had that service, but had to discontinue it due to cost and is now looking at other options.
Last year I put together a list of books that I no longer want and started to sell them on Amazon.
I love them all and many of them I have very fond memories of… but I am getting married soon and knew that it was time to start sorting. I kept the boxes hidden in my house (out of sight, out of mind really did the trick) to make sure that I truly wouldn’t miss them and I now know that I am ready for them to go.

And because I really hate to follow budgets, I talk a lot about found money, which is a strategy that's helped us pay off debt and build our savings. This may include advertising revenue, affiliate commissions or access to free products and services for reviews and giveaways. We do our best to maintain current information, but some information may have changed since it was published.
Author Sarah Gabb definitely shows her area of expertise and her every desire to help others to simplify their lives.
Follow along all month for motivational posts and tips to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks. Like you say, it is great to see the results and to experience the benefits of greater simplicity on the homefront. By the way, the new blog looks great and I’m so glad you mentioned on fb that you were away. For the kids, we reevaluate toy boxes and closet space a few months after the holidays to determine if there are items (new or old) to remove.
From cookbooks in the kitchen to coffee table books in the living room to novels in the bedrooms. When a new Maeve Binchey, Elin Hilderbrand, or Nelson Demille novel comes out, I usually indulge.
My favorites tend to stand the test of time, so I try to be more selective when buying them.
I am totally saving that book value list, we have piles of books, and {how does this happen?} no bookcases. I am finding myself getting pickier and pickier about the content- If a book does not help us learn or edify in some way then I probably don’t want it.
I am a widow, we had 4 children who are all grown up and every one of them have left stuff in my home.
When things got quiet I started to get worried, and forgot that Bible school is in session. As my 12 year old is reading everything she can get her hands on I am trying to make sure everything that we have is something that I would want her to read. Her own series of ten step suggestions in the different categories of how to go about simplifying your life contain some very sage advice as well. I moved from a HOUSE to a mobile home, and I tried to leave my boxes packed but other people decided to UN pack them.
I usually wash and put the same set back on the bed 8 out of 10 times) My house was easier to keep clean and someone else benefited that really needed it. It’s a constant battle to keep up with getting rid of unneeded things, although it definitely helps if you are mindful of not bring extra clutter in too!
I will go through the bag at a later time but if I wanted to, I know I can live without it. I am telling you all this because I am going to employ your methods and get this done once and for all and I want a record of when I started!

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