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There was something altogether fitting about Oliver Queen sacrificing himself to stop eco-terrorists. Queen was blown up in an airplane but, miraculously sprayed a€?spare atomsa€? onto Supermana€™s uniform. The death of Green Goblin, following the death of Peter Parkera€™s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, is one of the defining moments in Spider-Man history.A His return, decades later, was written in to end the colossally bad Clone Sage that the Spider-verse is still recovering from. The title of Amazing Spider-Man #400 was called a€?The Gift.a€? It was a beautifully written comic book masterpiece, in which May was healthy just long enough to enjoy her family. It is really possible, on some level, that DC Comics never really had the right to bring Jason Todd back.
The whole situation gets even stupider once you realize the writer who brought back Todd admitted that he was more interested in writing Batmana€™s reaction, than bothering to properly explain why Todd was still alive.
Batman really said it best when he told Superman that the last thing Supes had done to inspire anyone wasA  a€?to die.a€? After a titanic battle with one of the few villains able to match Superman in strength (Doomsday,) Superman and his foe both died on the field of battle. Short gist: right before he went to fight (and die in battle) against the Sun-Eater, Hal Jordan talks to Oliver Queen in the afterlife and tells him he wants to set things right again. This list is good, but in my view, if all of these guys remained dead comic books would be very different and not in a good way. This relates to our family cause my cousin Carolyn passed away yesterday she has been fighting breast cancer for a while know. However, sometimes the end of the character is not only a great story, but a symbol of growth for every single character around them. Queen was a left-leaning radical liberal, whose philosophy was actually pretty close to the people that he died to stop. In 2011, Torch had evolved into a resurrected hot-headed frat boy with a penchant for daring and bad decisions.
His death was voted on by people willing to pay a 1-900 number for the right to decide his fate.

Superman is a great character, but there are not a lot of stories about him that people readily remember.
And because Bucky took over for Captain America when he died, having both of them on this list is asinine. My nana was in the hospital and all of her grandchildren and children were flying in to see her and say goodbye to her one last time.
That is all undone, however, when the character is inevitably brought back for no good reason. An insane Hal Jordan was then able to use those spare atoms to resurrect Queen as a poor homeless man with amnesia. In that visual, Spider-Man fans learned you can have your heart ripped completely out, and still live.
After coming back in Avengers # 4, Captain America was overcome with the guilt of Bucky’s death. After losing a gladiatorial decision, as well as a tire iron beating by the Joker, Todda€™s death was, and remains, one of the indelible points of Batmana€™s existence. They remember the origin, that he loves Lois Lane, Lex Luthor being the main enemy, and his death at the hands of Doomsday. Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am".
The following are the top ten most egregious examples of characters that were better off in their graves. They tried to compromise by bring him out of Purgatory as a Spirit of Vengeance called the Spectre. Grey (or rather the Phoenix behaving like Grey) sacrificed itself (or rather the shell of a fake hot redheada€™s body) to save a universe. On Oliver Queen, I will mention that his passing in comics led to one of the best moments in comics to me.

She would always tell me that she loved me to the moon and back and that I was her favorite niece. My mom reassured her that it was ok to let go & that her yard work was done and her house was clean. I think of him every day watching over me and my daughter, and can sense him when times are hard, and when I'm missing him the most. Suffice it to say, Johnny Storm died, willed Spider-Man as his replacement, and was then resurrected.
When Grey herself returned, she worked up from the bottom of the ocean and arrived to one of the most confusing hangovers ever. Fans protested this charade for nearly a decade until Jordan was brought back young, healthy, and with a more confusing timeline than that ofA Friday the 13tha€™s Jason. She had not only been dead, but her boyfriend had actually married a clone of her in the meantime. Good thing that decades of guilt can go away a little communication over a simple misunderstanding.
A friend of mine from high school had lost his mother and we had not talked for a few years.
The guy was so shattered by his Mom’s death that I did not actually receive a notice that she died. Captain America being unfrozen and out of his time period is an undeniable part of the mythos but there should have been a modern Captain America introduced for modern day and both left dead. Then they go ahead and bring him back anyway and while it did not really diminish the power of the scene to me, it did in my mind earn a spot on the list.

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