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One of the fastest growing segments of the head shaving industry that I'm seeing is Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor shaving.
Along with adopting the Safety Razor, many head shavers are also purchasing a shaving brush and shaving mug to lather up their shaving cream. If you're looking for advice on which safety razor, or even straight razor, to purchase, check out this thread on the best DE Safety Razor for head shaving.
Matte For Men has the perfect head and face care products for those that want great skin care without the shine. Double Edge Razor - Razor Blade ReviewsReady to make the switch to classic manly art of shaving with a double edge safety razor? So, you want to ‘dare to be different’ while practicing the manly art of shaving with your favorite Double Edge Razor Blade?
Hailing from the same country as Jaguar (UK…though not owned by an Indian conglomerate as Jaguar is now), Edwin Jagger, of Sheffield, England, has been in the business of crafting fine wet shaving tools since 1988. The Plaza also uses that normal Edwin Jagger head, but has a handle with a sort of teardrop shape. Using the standard Edwin Jagger head, the Briarwood model uses briar burl in the handle (reminiscent of your grandfather’s pipe) and is trimmed in Chrome. The other day, we received an envelope in the mail from Gentleman’s Gazette reader Tucker Garrett that contained a short cover letter, a print of an article and a CD with a word file.
However, technology is moving so quickly that tablets will soon sprout gills and occupy coral reefs.
I remember wanting to shave as a kid – my father put bath soap on my face and handed me a plastic butter knife. Pleased with the ease the Mach3 provided, I used that razor like a bad habit for the next decade.
To be honest, I was less interested in the quality of the shave and more interested in the novelty of razor blades and shaving brushes. I recommend doing 1-2 passes with the grain of your beard and one light pass against the grain for perfect smoothness. Having memorized those steps, and preparing for sudden death, I picked up the miniature weapon disguised as a personal grooming tool.
My face looked like I had just spent the better part of a hot date making out with a blender.
And after 10 years of shaving, I finally understood why men leave the bathroom with bloody toilet paper flags all over.
In case you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, we just get a small commission.

That morning’s shave felt and sounded gritty, like trying to polish sandpaper with itself. The next time I whipped up a lather in my shave cup, I felt like I’d been There and Back Again. In my opinion, the most redeeming quality of cartridge razors is that long beards are no matter. Safety razors often stow away in dark corners of beauty stores, but I recommend shopping online.
Shaving with a double-edged razor does take more time and effort, but the returns pay in spades. If you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, we just get a small commission. These handles are generally plastic and have no weight to them, forcing you to apply excessive pressure during the shave.
Aside from the fact that a safety razor will look pretty sweet when displayed in your bathroom, there are several benefits to using one. Even though I am placing Safety Razors on a pedestal, there are indeed still some cons.  There is an initial investment, a decent new Safety can cost anywhere from $30-$80, but the fact that it will last forever should override that as a con, buy one and never need another.
Cartridge shaving requires no special training, but mishandling double-edged razors may earn stitches. Once you get it down, DE shaving is hardly slower than using the ol’ hack-and-slash cartridges. A third of the price, four times the razors, and a shave your special lady friend won’t forget. Shaving soaps or creams to lather yourself lubricate better, can be much cheaper, and can be better for your skin. Some men prefer bespoke suits, but I’m more of a well-tailored off-the-rack kind of guy. I have been a DE shaver for about 6 years now, and like the author, I used to consider shaving a chore that had to be accomplished in the quickest time and the most efficient manner utilising chain store disposables and tinned goop.
My daily shave is now a luxurious and indulgent ritual that every gentleman should experience. Long after the cost is forgotten the sheer sensuous pleasure of shaving with top quality razors, brushes and after shave lotions will linger. Personally, I prefer the shaving creams out of the tube to just the soap but each to his own!
I already had an older Wilkinson brush, but I very quickly changed that to a Vulfix badger brush.

These razors have some heft to them and you can feel the difference in weight in your hand, this makes it easier to let razor do some of the work instead of putting too much pressure which could cause irritation and discomfort. There is a learning curve when using one, because there is no pivot to the head of the razor, you need to take your time at first and insure you have a proper angle during shaving. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. One day, while discussing my love of pomade and vintage suits, Ryan asked if I had ever shaved with a double-edged razor.
However, in a rush one day and curious to see if my DE blades were actually better for shaving (or if I’d only converted myself out of novelty), I pulled out my old Mach3 Turbo. If you have any questions, I’ll be listening to Johnny Cash and working a firm pomade into my hair. All, the complete package, is located in the 30th if the last century, fully chrome plated and in very well working condition.
I made the move to the DE as a personal interest in traditional man grooming (I studied menswear design and fashion). They advertise a strip of lubricant that helps the razor glide over the skin, that strip  usually wears away after the first shave making it basically non-existent. Many people are hesitant to switch to a Safety because of this learning curve and feel it may be difficult, truth is they are over-thinking it. Having a real shave has turned my chore into a ritual: I anticipate lathering my soap and I love the frictionless second pass.
The move was also a financial one: I figured it was an investment, but as with all good things, you pay once for better stuff, and you pay less in the long run. I wanted to believe him, but how could a simple razor blade beat my cartridge with three blades, lubricating strips, Aloe, and Vitamin E? I consistently struck out in Little League – as a teenager, if I could swing cartridge razors around my face without killing myself, anyone can. As the second blade peels a little more after the first, you’re now wasting good food! Lastly, I must admit that it is virtually impossible to cut yourself when using one one of these.

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