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I'm really trying to create as many authentic assignments that aren't just busy work or things that will be tossed aside. It is very important the student's know the expectations before I send them off to do an assignment. They do present their Book Hooks to the entire class so a portion of their grade comes from presentation.
I did create a rubric for the Book Recommendation (seen below) but it isn't for me to fill out. If students are really into what their writing in Writer's Workshop then who am I to stop them?
If students are short on ideas then they can look at the idea list in their writing notebook but I NEVER EVER give them ideas.
So those are my only 4 choices that require little to no prep work, just a few lessons before students do them on their own. I do have some more ideas (like our class journals) I'll add in to keep Work on Writing interesting but I'll have to pull those out as the school year goes on! I actually started this blog last July I believe but I didn't update it regularly through out my first year teaching but I made a comeback at the beginning of the summer!
When weeks have passed and you haven’t written a single word, when unfinished projects are littering your desk and clogging up your computer’s hard drive, you can give up entirely and take out a lifetime lease on a cubicle in a drab, gray office.
What you’ll find is that if you write only when you feel like it, you won’t write very often. The single best way to develop a routine, to make something a habit, is to do it every day. I once had a music teacher who said it’s better to practice for fifteen minutes every day than to practice for two hours three times a week. Writing each day, or at least every week, makes you think more about story lines, about character development, etc. Whilst at school I would write reasonably regularly but whilst studying Journalism at university I had to write every day, whether it was an essay, a news article, a feature article or a press release.
Now I write every day and I do feel that it has an impact on my writing skills, it helps to improve in small ways such as increasing my vocabulary. When I struggle to write (those moments of writer’s block), I either pick up a book or browse through my feedreader. I absolutely love Cirque du Soleil, though I’ve never been able to go see the show in person. Yesterday I found this motivating article by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits about the benefits of keeping a daily writing practice. One of the most instrumental changes in my life has been writing every single day. For many years I was a writer who didn’t write that regularly.
Hi I’m Rossi, I am an inflexible (but enthusiastic) yogi, avid journal writer, quote addict and cake magnet. This is to get students talking about books and get them adding to their 'Books to Read' list in their reading binder. If they are so inspired or have a great idea they can't wait to write about them, they can.
I don't have any on mine and I haven't gotten one pesky robot so I don't think their needed! And to comment on other blogger's posts.
I live by rubrics, I think it communicates expectations and outcomes effectively and efficiently.I have 3 great products that work well with the Daily 5 writing.
They start manuscripts, launch blogs, purchase pretty diaries, and swear they’re going to make daily entries.

You’d think technology would give us more time for leisure and personal pursuits, but it seems to have the opposite effect. The world just keeps getting busier and busier. The world is full of distractions—phone calls, emails, television, video games, social media…The list goes on and on. You can improve your writing by writing occasionally, but the improvements won’t be significant and it will take decades for you to become an expert.
Okay, you don’t have to write every day, but you should get in a good twenty-minute writing session at least five or six days a week—I would say that’s the absolute minimum. By the following Saturday, your muscles have weakened again, so you have to start all over. She writes fiction and poetry and is the founder and editor of Writing Forward, a blog packed with creative writing tips and ideas. In fact one of the many reasons I started blogging was to make sure that I write every day.
Actually, I find that no matter what I write, my work gets better if I write something each day.
I was the kind of writer to wright only when I felt like it or when the words urge me to trow on paper everything out of my throat before i would screem it out loud. I always notice a difference in my writing when I’ve stepped away from it for a week or more.
I’ve always known that writing frequently improves writing skills because I am an English professor and teach advanced writing. As a once reluctant journal writer myself all of Leo’s points really do ring true, especially now that I have (finally) created a daily writing habit for myself. This is incredibly valuable, as often we do things without realizing why, or what effects these things are having on us.
Thoughts and feelings are nebulous happenings in our mind holes, but writing forces us to crystalize those thoughts and put them in a logical order. That’s when the magic starts, because once you get into the reader’s mindset, you begin to understand readers and customers and colleagues and friends better.
Many people don’t want to change their minds when they feel someone is attacking their position, so they get defensive and dig into their position.
This is good for any business, anyone who is building a career, anyone who loves to socialize with others who are interested in similar things as them. The full benefits of this regular habit are, ironically, not something you can put into words, but something that must be experienced to be known. My intention for 365 Journal Writing Ideas is to help you put pen to paper and enjoy the many benefits of a journal writing practice, one day at a time.
We do them together, all at once during Work on Writing before I allow student's to make their own choices in the Daily 5.
It is just like if you were to recommend a book to a friend, you'd tell them about the story but you don't give away the ending!
I give several examples of book hooks at the beginning of the year then we write a few together.
I think this will help build relationships with the students, model great writing for them, and is another way for us to chat about books in an authentic way. I made one on a trifold board for my first graders last year and it went well but I found they only made the same 2 or 3 things anyway.
If they miss a day, they end up missing two days, then three, four, and pretty soon they haven’t written in several weeks.

What you need to do, even if you just try it for a month to prove to yourself there’s a better way, is to make writing part of your daily routine. Even if you dedicate only a few minutes to writing every day, it will become an ingrained habit. On the other hand, if you exercise for forty-five minutes a day, five days a week, you’ll build up your muscles. I’m often exhausted after an intense one-hour writing session, but it’s also extremely rewarding! Though I had many disappointments in the marketplace, my writing got better and better and when I got my lucky break (which all of us need) I was able to take advantage.
I finished writing and editing a story, and I’m going to send query letters out to agents.
I’ve been sick for a MONTH, so writing has kind of gone to the bottom of my priorities, which is sad. I have found blogging to be an excellent way to ensure that I write consistently, especially between projects. Yeah, I think it helps me improve even more because on top of just writing, I’m writing for an audience, which puts a whole new slant on it! In the people you talk to, in your life experiments, in things you read online, in new ventures and magazines and films and music and novels.
I started to write everyday, a novel actually, humph, I thoutht I would nail it in a year or two, boy was I wrong.
But there’s no substitute for butt in chair, fingers on keys, for as many hours a day as you can afford.
As I reread my stuff I felt it needed more work, and the more I read it the more i worked on it, but then I came to doubt myself, I was unsure of my skills so I stoped for a while, but the urge of telling what’s inside took over me, so I took a course of creative writing, freewriting helped me a lot, I love it. My work as improve, I see a big difference, I read a lot, I write and write, even if it’s only two lines, a paragraph, a nonsense story. Struggling for authentic, meaningful work in centers is something I think we all deal with.
I know I need to work harder and harder, my library of books is growing, I bye about every book I can find on technics of wrinting. Now I know that you can be born with talent, but talent needs hard work, just like a talented athlet who train everyday for the olympics, I know I have to train my brain everyday to be a better writer.
I am going back to first this year, and I really want to get them excited about writing.How do you help them make a list of things to write about?
But this year I want to set up a center too, that would have fun stationary for writing letters, lists, and such. For any writing that has to do with a book like their letters to me, book recommendation, and book hook they do in their Reading Notebook under 'Reading Response'Your writing center sounds like your first graders would love it! I am in second grade as well and I am going to use your writing choice menu for reading response time in reading workshop!

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