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Self-confidence is not a gift of nature to some people but it is something that we all deserve to search for; and nonetheless we own it our selves. Self Confidence means that we accept every moment as it is and appreciate the good and the bad from it. We doubt about our capabilities and therefore we are often reluctant or we completely avoid what seems difficult. We prefer to be «popular» instead of being really appreciated and liked, so we do not show what we are and what we can do. We are constantly questioning ourselves and we need constant confirmation from others, which is tiring especially for our own people. Anyone who denies himself and undermines its capabilities and abilities, remains in “shadow”, unnoticed, and has a more rare opportunity to witness successes.
It is not as important to have big self confidence as we have a big car, but to drive smart and well with what we have in order to go where we want when we want. It is important to base our judgement on a personal assessment: We need to feel that we are moving and growing, and not always comparing ourselves with others. The road to the conquest of self-esteem and positive self-confidence is no magic way, we do not just wake up one day and we have succeeded. Keep clear attitude in misfortunes and difficulties of daily life (contingencies, delays, bad luck). Remind yourself that these are problems that you need to resolve, not bad luck that you have to deal with or things that you should feel sorry about. Look for solutions, consider: “How can I solve this problem?” instead of constantly looking for who is to blame.
Put yourself the question: “What will be left over from this unhappy situation in one, two or five years?
When you feel that you lose ground and that you cannot control a situation, remind yourself of the reasons to continue to have faith. When you have concerns or doubts (after a presentation, a dispute, a decision), then make it a habit to ask others their detailed view: what they consider to be good at what you did, and what in their opinion you should have done otherwise (Just think about it).

Believing that self-confidence is a characteristic that brings dynamism, openness, impressive presence, and that is something that is generally consider ‘extra ordinary’, many people come to the conclusion that they have no confidence and so they feel miserable and unhappy.
Make every day an effort to try things you want, even small and not so important without the need to be successful.
If you believe that they should make you discount because you find the price a little too much, tell them and ask for a discount.
The purpose of your actions must be experience, discovery, expansion of your understanding, «Look, this can be done too». Each time you make a mistake, each time you start doubting and having negative thoughts try not to be disappointed and especially not to blame yourself about it. Unkempt hair will certainly give an awkward look and leave poor impression on people you socialize with.
Wear stylish pumps, sandals or court shoes that fit rightly into your feet and also look attractive. Building self confidence is not something that one day falls from the sky, or a lottery that a lucky person wins.
This gives us strength and it is an important condition for us to be satisfied with our lives and to feel confident that we can achieve at least some of our objectives.
The failures discourage us, because we almost always attach them to our own inadequacy and incompetence (“I cannot manage anything!”).
We even come to the point were we doubt their confirmation even for their love and that makes relationships very difficult and painful. In this way, it does not give himself the opportunity to feel recognition, satisfaction and admiration, so the self confidence is still low: this vicious circle in the long run can lead to serious psychological problems.
We can have a fragile self-esteem often hit and questioned but nevertheless to live quite well with it.
Our goal is not to stop making mistakes but to avoid converting the inferiority feelings in obsessions.
There is a set of small daily exercises we can easily follow; in regards to the relationship we have with our selves and in our relationship with others that can help us improve our self-confidence. Do not experience them as injustices or evidence about how incapable you are, but as natural phenomena that nobody can avoid in his life.
Putting this in the future, many times you will find that almost nothing is worth the confusion caused you at the beginning.

Try not to start immediately to justify yourself, but listen and leave little time to think what you hear. Yet all of us without exception have self-confidence in things we do in our lives as irrelevant they may seem. If they give you a discount then that’s even better, if not never mind, the important thing is that you asked what you wanted.
Show your self-mercy, as you would do for a good friend who came to ask for your help when he is experiencing a difficult situation. You will be many times lost in the way, you will wonder if you are made about this and sometimes you will lose your faith. No matter what natural features you have, you can still enhance your beauty by trying out various tips and techniques that can hide your flaws and highlight your best parts. Those who don’t they lack one of the most important, priceless assets of our lives: self-confidence.
It is for our self that has weaknesses and abilities, moments of desperation and moments of joy and euphoria.
Scientists suggest that apart from disturbances that have biological background, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is the main reason for psychological problems. We need to be able to see our weaknesses without blaming and punishing ourselves but trying to calmly and slowly improve without forgetting our “strong cards” (we all have one). To deny trying these simple things, this does not show you anything else but your own limits. Do not put yourself under the pressure of success, except in exceptional cases when necessary. Keep it glowing, well-hydrated and smooth by applying good –quality skin care products daily.
When wearing all these together, make sure these are of the same color and style to create harmony. Keep these moments of your life alive and revoke them in your memory when you feel that things did not turned out as you would like.

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