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We all need some time and space without focusing on children now and then, and planning a romantic evening at home can be just the ticket.
Having a blank canvas to start with in the form of a tidy, organised house - or at least a tidy, organised sitting room and kitchen - is a helpful first step. Make sure your children are in bed and asleep before you sit down to your romantic evening. Of course, oysters and champagne are the traditional aphrodisiacs, but you may find something less costly is just as enjoyable - especially if you don't like oysters! A good bottle of Cava or Prosecco can be just as nice as champagne if you're on a budget, and a cheap bottle of Asti Spumante can be transformed by the addition of the juice of a lime or two.
Candles, tea lights or fairy lights can help transform your home into a more romantic setting.
Flowers on the table are great, but don't forget that a single rose can be just as romantic as a large bunch! Strawberries dipped in chocolate, petit fours or exotic fruits - you can have fun choosing a special desert. Good chocolates can be the perfect finale to your meal, and there are lots of fun heart-shaped or red and pink wrapped chocolates available for Valentine's Day. If you can't find what you are looking for, use our search engine below to search our pages and the entire web. We'd love to talk :) We're available most times, but are especially perky after we've had our morning coffee – between 10 AM - 9 PM. A beautiful private and traditional Kerala villa surrounded by the backwaters on three sides! Each bedroom also comes with an exclusive open to sky bathroom accompanied with a private bath garden with swing! The house has a beautiful central courtyard, typical of traditional Kerala architecture, from where light and fresh air stream in! The food prepared here will be as per your taste and requirement and will be served a location of your choice! If you’re looking for a place to relax that’s private, luxurious and right on the beach, this is it! The house has a beautiful central courtyard which is typical of Kerala architecture providing for fresh air and light to stream in, a beautiful private infinity pool, a large well maintained tropical garden and lots of open space where you can see the coconut trees swaying from one side to the other from the sea breeze!This house is the perfect combination of the past and the present - Heritage architecture with solid and intricate woodwork of the past coupled with modern and luxurious amenities and fittings to suit the needs of the modern traveler! The house has only 2 bedrooms which can either be taken individually or together accommodating a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people.
The 282 year old Dutch Cemetery in Fort Cochin is considered to be an authentic record of hundreds of Europeans who arrived in India to expand their colonial empire. The center of attraction is not the structure of the Palace but the splendid murals on the walls that depict scenes from the Hindu epics, Hindu temple art, portraits and exhibits of the Rajas of Kochi. Many shops are closed on SundaysOne of the oldest Jewish settlements in the world dating back to 700 B.C.
Today you’ll see antique shops dot the narrow lanes leading up to the Jewish Synagogue, a flourishing spice market, brightly painted walls and interesting Hebrew inscriptions! Rest your tired legs, read a book, engage in discussions with world travelers, sip your coffe or simply admire the art without anyone waiting for you to vacate the table.

Getting in the mood for romance isn’t just about the candles and roses, though those, of course,  are important mood-setters. Julia’s addictions: Champagne, sushi, rock’n'roll, fine art, steak tartare, red wine, sarcasm, bears. Whether you're considering a special night in for Valentine's Day, or planning a regular 'date night' with your partner, we've put together some great tips for a romantic evening at home. If you find you just don't ever have time to get sorted out, you could always ask a friend or relative for some help with childcare for an hour or two during the afternoon to give you time to tidy up and get ready. If you have a relative nearby who might offer a sleepover for the night, that can make for a guaranteed peaceful evening - otherwise, stick to the usual routine, fitting your evening around their hours, as most contented babies will sleep well once they are settled. Jasmine, sandalwood or rose are popular scents, or you may want to choose your own personal favourites.
You could even consider making a heart-shaped cake if you have the time and the inclination! Since we handle each booking individually, you often get better rates than the fully-automated systems of general-purpose travel websites. This traditional Kerala house is over 400 years old and has just 2 bedrooms and is surrounded by water on three sides! If you decide to take both the rooms, the villa is like your own private luxury resort without a sight of any other guests!Meals will be served as per your requirement and served where you’d like to have it - at the verandah or on a small private jetty!Getting around is not an issue. Take a glimpse into the lives of the locals - children splashing and swimming in the waters, women washing clothes, men sitting on the banks of the canals and fishing. The 104 tombs in the cemetery are a record of prominent Europeans who changed the history of the land. It is also believed that Jewish traders came to the shores of Cochin seeking spices and the town bustled with trade, festivals such as Hanukkah, Yom Kippur and Jewish New Year. Kashi Art Cafe feels like an airy tropical garden that is a hip and relaxed meeting place with an interesting gallery showcasing the works of talented artists. If you’re hungry try a variety of sandwiches, salads and soups for lunch, else snack on their freshly made cakes and pies with of course with a cup of coffee or tea!
Which means they're often lower than the prices indicated above as well as on other general purpose travel websites. The sounds you hear are just as significant, and just as crucial for creating that sexy setting for you and your partner.
Be spontaneous.If your other half knows he is coming home to a romantic meal, it won't be as special.
Prepare your meal together.Shopping for and cooking a meal together can also be a great way to connect. Surprise his taste buds with something deliciously different.If you always eat pasta or chicken, try making steak or seafood. Try exotic or ethnic ingredients.Browse the ethnic section of the grocery store or pick up something wild at the farmer's market. Definitely don't forget dessert.Dessert can be the best part of the meal…and it can always be worked off later!
When beets are cool enough to handle, remove skins using paper towels, they should easily slip off.

Reduce heat to low and cook, stirring often, until almost all the liquid is absorbed, about 25 minutes. We have to ensure our relationship survives the test of time by doing those things that continue to renew our love for one another.
Since we personally check out each getaway, we can help you out whether you're thinking of a group vacation, a place your kids will love or the perfect romantic break. Look closely from the gates of the cemetery and you’ll observe that none of the tombs carry a cross! Now, you’ll find fewer than 9 surviving members of the community, all over the age of 75. If you want to know what’s happening in Fort Cochin, chances are you’ll see its poster on the board or walls of the cafe! Though everyday can't be a Valentine's Day or an anniversary, you can still turn a typically blah weeknight at home into a delectable romantic affair with a special - yet super easy - meal.
If you feel the urge to make a romantic dinner, do it without the other person's knowledge – it will be a nice surprise! If you both have the time, meet after work at the grocery store, pick out the ingredients, and cook a meal together. New, exotic or ethnic ingredients can turn a humdrum dinner into a stimulating feast for the senses. Keep the meal simple enough so you and your lover can truly enjoy it, from beginning to end. If towards the end of cooking, the polenta is too thick, add a bit more water to loosen it up. A wonderful romantic evening, at home, with the one we love, as often as we can, is just one of those things.So, on this page, we have answered the question: what are the ideas for a wonderful romantic evening at home? When you've come up with some creative ideas (that we will discuss below) planning it can be very exciting. Limit yourself to a salad or easy appetizer, main course with a quick side-dish, and, of course, a sweet finale. Spread beets in a single layer and roast for 15 to 20 minutes for small beets or 45 minutes for larger beets or until fork tender. Sprinkle short ribs with salt and pepper, add them to the pan and brown them, about 4 minutes per side. Such arrangements include setting the romantic dinner table with plates, cutlery, flowers, candles etc.
It also improves self image and respect.While offering a romantic massage, understand the necessary lubricants and oils and do not forget to create the sense of sight, sound, smell and taste.

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