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Japanese gardens have been around for hundreds of years and combine simple, natural elements such as water, stone, sand and plants to create a tranquil, Zen sanctuary. As you can see in this design, square sections of moss are alternated with square stones to create a chessboard effect. Moss can also be spread out throughout the garden space whether it is surrounding a structure or a body of water. These unique water features are placed in gardens to scare away birds and animals that may do damage to the garden.
You can find all different shapes and sizes of Japanese lanterns, but they are typically always created in stone.
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Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. This very grand set of garden inspiration is best suited to classic manor houses and more modern mansions, but that doesn't stop us all from reveling in the natural beauty that thrives there. As more and more Fengshui gardens are implemented in Western outdoor home decoration, the Japanese Zen gardens are also increasing its popularity since this type of garden promises such a unique and exotic landscape, while still provides harmony, peacefulness, and calmness throughout the environment. Besides the fact that it origins date is from the thirteenth century, other knowledge about Zen garden that we should know is that this garden also gives an excellent alternative to traditional gardens for different reasons which I will explain in this article.
To create a dry garden, it is important not to have too much space in it, yet still wide to create a simple and fluid space that invites you to relax. The first thing you have to do is choosing the right location, then creating some kind of wooden container that can be filled with up to 10 cm of sand. In Zen gardens, the sand represents calmness and peacefulness, so this element must be properly distributed across the land, which we can use a rake to help the sand formed in certain order. The way to put the stones is something entirely personal, but there are some useful tips that should take into account, such as the stones must always be grouped in a symmetric and odd number (preferably 3), and they should be placed slightly submerged in the sand since their visual impact will look better. The thin forms of the sand that we created with the rake will mark largely to the garden, which in turn represent the fluidity of our lives. The way these various elements are employed in relation to one another brings about a miniaturized version of nature.

The sand and gravel is raked into careful patterns to symbolize rivers while the rocks represent mountains. Below you can see a glass enclosed rock garden in this home that unifies the living space with nature. Moss is able to survive and remain green even in harsh conditions, including severe cold and drought. Select a great location for your garden with medium to dense shading – direct sunlight should be avoided. The pH of the soil should be tested, and then if necessary brought up to the desired level with liquid sulfur powder suspension mixed with water, sprayed on the soil where moss will be placed. Since moss loves humidity, regular misting is important after transplanting moss which should continue for at least the first three weeks. A bamboo tube is used with a water source which trickles into the lighter end causing the heavier end to lift off the ground, emptying the tube. They are carefully placed within the garden at select locations, usually on islands or next to important buildings, to provide light and add beauty to the space.
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As we hop over the stepping stones, across huge manicured lawns, we might also find a few ideas that will translate into smaller nature spaces and more modest yards. Create a vista at the end of your pathway, it doesn’t have to be a pool like this one, a simple focal point like a wall mounted fountain will work wonders in a smaller space.
This garden also enhances the beauty of your surroundings that emphasize in style and idealized conception of Japanese design and elements, mostly used in Japanese landscape architecture.
In addition to its advantages, leta??s see some short guides to create this dry garden in your home. These spaces are especially designed for contemplation and meditation, which are composed of sand, stones, gravel and wood.
If your house doesna??t have much space for a spacious garden, or if you want to make a small Zen garden in front your house. As for the stones and gravels, they represent the experiences, obstacles and stumbling of life.

The long and curved lines represent agitation, while some straight lines represent calmness.
The designs of these gardens are based on three principles: reduced scale, symbolization, and borrowed view.
The grouping can be done randomly or in patterns but tradition says stones should be placed in odd numbers. Moss has remained a crucial element in Japanese gardens because it is considered a peaceful plant. In order to grow your own moss garden, three steps should be taken after purchasing living moss, which can also be found online. As you can see in the photos below, Koi ponds can be very large in a recreational area or small enough to fit in a backyard. Its composition gives us two advantages over classical gardens: they are cheaper to build and much simpler to maintain.
You can create the garden inside a big container in front of your house as an entrance to the front door. The forms given to the sand should be made through meditation, which is considered as a good time to think and contemplate. Bamboo is another great alternative, and even small bonsai will be very well received in a Zen garden. Placing these gardens in existing scenery brings about the illusion of seeing mountains from a distance.
If you are looking for something smaller, you can buy the desk-top rock garden seen below which can be found and purchased online.
Notice some of the bridges in the following photos are bright red while some are unadorned stone. Lastly, water is also an element that can be included in a Zen garden, small streams and small waterfalls are very much welcome.

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