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View the highest rated and latest Coursesmart coupon discount & promotions enabled for the month of March 2016.
Coursesmart Code Input Instructions: Find your ebooks on the CourseSmart website, and when you get to Select Payment in your shopping cart, you will find the promotional or code box under the select payment method section toward the top of the web page.
I thought this was a good concept but today their server has been down and they do not provide any customer service at this time.
I have been using CourseSmart for a while now and could not live without the service (neither could my back). I like that I saved almost $40.00 on a textbook, but it definitely is slower going through pages online that in an actual book.
This is very handy if you have an iPhone because you can read your book anywhere without taking a tangible book or laptop!
Very good, cheap affordable and I don't have to deal with selling books back for nothing.
That's awesome idea about the ebook because I can read on everywhere that has a computer or with my iphone and the price is not too high. It was so much cheaper than my bookstore and I did not even have to carry it around either.
Awesome alternative to purchasing book in store and not being able to sell back like I did last semester. CourseSmart, a provider of electronic textbooks for use on computers, just released their new iPhone app.  Like their PC counterparts, the mobile service allows users to rent and read school textbooks online. The mobile version doesn't support note-taking, which is quite disappointing, although it does offer many of the benefits of the PC interface.  Reading books is great, with legible text and excellent contrast, although the controls beg a little improvement (you can't double-tap to zoom, for instance). I think it would a better option would be downloading ebooks on your pc and then transferring them to your iphone. We’ve found some great deals on this site and we find it to be a great option for students searching for e-materials. We also liked their “Features” page, which clearly describes the essence of the products they offer and what you receive with each of the given purchase options. In addition, there isn’t that much information on the site to browse through (readily available that is, because most of it is hidden in the footer).

We suggest you consider using this service – it’s time to go digital and leave all of those heavy textbooks in the 20th century. Browse through their available books, and compare their prices to other similar services and major booksellers, just to be sure that you’re making the right choice. After contacting Coursesmart, they graciously reset the page counter to 0, but other than that they referred to a non-existing software download link, and declared the issue as solved. If you are considering purchasing a CourseSmart product I recommend that you either learn from my mistake and DO NOT BUY ANY BOOKS from CourseSmart or check out the free trial before you decide to purchase. After I paid $104 for a microbiology textbook thinking it would be a convenient way to have all my heavy text books with me where ever I go, I found out that there are so many cons it was not worth all the trouble. The mobile app rarely works, the quality and resolution are extremely poor, and they refuse to give refunds. CourseSmart Textbooks Online is a creative digital solution that offers the freedom and convenience of online, offline, and mobile access using a single platform.
Search, Bookmark, and Note-Taking Tools save study time and reduce frustration by making critical information immediately accessible. Internet-based Service that makes textbook content available anytime, anywhere there is a Web connection. Offline access functionality - CourseSmart offers the freedom and convenience of online, offline and mobile access using a single platform. Ability to print pages as needed, lightening up the backpack while making critical content available for offline study and review. Digital Textbook Delivery that saves students a significant amount off the print edition suggested list price. Graphics detail in ebook sometimes unreadable (details & text absolutely necessary for program am taking), found same graphics in print version totally clear. I learned the hard way when I bought an ebook through coursesmart and though I had thought it included the eresources such as the development portal access code it did not and you cannot purchase this through coursesmart. Course Smart won't refund your money if you find out later you need this eresource for class but find that the publisher offers the ebook free with the access code purchase. In continuous view, text is too large to read effectively, and in both of the remaining views, the text is illegibly small.

I couldn't find all my course books at CourseSmart but I saved about $80 on the two books I was able to get in the e-text version.
As long as you are satisfied with reading on screen, and ONLY on screen, I guess they are just fine. Yes you can print (up to 10 pages at a time, and 150% of the pages in the book total), but the pages come out at smaller than a quarter piece of paper. Graphics detail in ebook sometimes unreadable (details absolutely necessary for program taking), found same graphics in print version totally clear. For such a seemingly useful innovation, it is surprising that the creators have rendered it useless. As an environmentalist I find this appealing too in the sense that I'm making a difference in the number of trees being cut down. Can't view more than one page online at a time (sometimes 2 necessary to reference graphic on other page to text on opposite- they force you to use cumbersome method- one page at a time), limited to printing 10 pages at a time.
Coursesmart would do nothing to reimburse me, I was told they don't offer the access code I needed. I tried to open a service request ticket but it did not recognize my user and password even I know they were right because I was able to get into the main area with them.
I wish I had known about this site before because I bought all of my books last semester and went to sell them back at the end of the year and they wouldn't take any of them! I now have to purchase the ebook through the publisher and purchase an access code for an eresource that should have been part of my purchase through coursemart but wasn't. I am disappointed in the service and if this is an indicator of the reliability of their service then it's not worth the 15% savings to me.

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