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Nam Goong MinandHong Jin Youngworked up a sweat at the gym on the December 13 installment of 'We Got Married'.The actor-singer couple decided to have an exercise session together, and Hong Jin Young had a particular plan before they even started.
ActorNam Goong Mintalked about his character in 'Remember,' Nam Gyu Man, during an interview at the935 Entertainmentbuilding on February 23. In an interview held at the935 Entertainmentbuilding on February 23,Nam Goong Minwas told that he had been a hotter topic than his 'Remember' co-starYoo Seung Ho, who was the lead. A high school senior was unfairly booted from her prom for a dress that didn't break any dress code rules, her mom said.
She said the school's dress code forbids students from wearing a dress that exposes their midriff.
Principal Brad Perkins initially defended the school's decision when questioned by the Fox affiliate, but he now tells The Huffington Post that the dress code will be reviewed in the fall.
Perkins said he wishes he could have spoken with Briceno before she left the prom so the two could have worked out an agreement that would have allowed her to stay. Perkins declined to say what about Briceno's outfit violated the dress code "out of respect" for the student and her mom.

Briceno's mother told HuffPost she's still waiting for "an apology and an explanation" from Perkins about why her daughter was asked to leave.
Yoon Han said to Lee So Yeon, "I've heard that a lot of women dream about walking down the street arm in arm with the person they love," adding, "I want to show off." She responded, "I want to show you off too."Do you love their tandem? The K-pop star continued to flee even after crashing into a telephone pole while being pursued by police.
The Girl's Day singer and 'Reply 1988' star was admitted to the hospital over the weekend and diagnosed with meningitis.
The girl group survival reality show has been caught up in another scandal, this time centering around the entertainment agencies involved.
Fans can expect the K-pop boy band's official return next week, in what will be their first release since September. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web.
I was dying to try these and had collected a few coupons, but I lost them and I ended up paying full price.

Perkins also said he will make it clear that, in the future, if students feel they're being unfairly punished for a dress code violation, they can talk to him about it. The CVS in my area had a really dismal few displayed and only 1 or 2 in stock, so I grabbed the one that appealed to me most, "Check it out" and headed home. Then file your nails to the desired shape and buff over the tops of them to create a smooth surface for the sticker. He said,"I'm caught off-guard and don't know what to do because you suddenly took your jacket off. Why do I feel embarrassed?"The actor also taught Hong Jin Young how to do squats, which led to a discussion about both their bums. For $10, it's not a bad deal for a 7+ day manicure with a cool pattern but I'd recommend purchasing on sale or BOGO.

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