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For Easier Viewing of Blog Posts:Click on "Home" button in top left HEADLINE area to scroll smoothly through posts. Wouldn’t it be great if one vitamin could build stronger bones and protect against diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, and depression? Some studies have shown a link between a low vitamin D level and type 2 diabetes -- the more common version of this blood sugar disorder.
There's a simple blood test used to check your vitamin D level, called the 25-hydroxyvitamin D test. The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D is 600 IU (international units) per day for adults up to age 70. Some researchers suggest taking far more vitamin D than the 600 IU daily guideline for healthy adults.
Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to a greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. Institute of Medicine: “Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D,” November 30, 2011. World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, “Vitamin D and Cancer,” 2008. Normally, on this blog, Jacob, the deep and perpetual thinker between the two of us, writes about the serious and controversial topics.
But today, the tables are turned as I write about a topic that has been on my mind and sprinkled throughout our conversations over the past two weeks. We have realized the value in creating memories, in breathing in and out and loving where we are right now.
The idea first came up in conversation when I was describing to Jacob the best vacation my family ever took. It then occurred to us that we want our life together to look like that, not only as we decide where to take a vacation together, but as an analogy for our life. All that said, we want to enjoy life day by day, not only upon the arrival to our main destination. Who can say that they married at 22 and 23,  owned a home within their first year of marriage, paid off all their student debt within one year, lived on $12,000 in that same year, and still had a complete blast doing it?
It’s definitely a difficult thing to be content and to understand what that means and live it on a daily basis. I really liked this post (and I like your writing style Vanessa, nothing wrong with exclamation points). I see a lot of similarities between you guys and my wife and I…we seem to have similar hopes for our life. For years, experts suspected a link between sunlight, vitamin D levels, and this autoimmune disorder that damages the nerves.
One promising study showed that large doses of vitamin D could lessen the symptoms of mild depression. Fish such as salmon, swordfish, or mackerel is one big exception -- and can provide a healthy amount of vitamin D in one serving. If you still need help getting enough, there are two kinds of supplements: D2 (ergocalciferol), which is the type found in food, and D3 (cholecalciferol), which is the type made from sunlight. Breastfed babies need 400 IU of vitamin D until they're weaned to fortified formula and can drink at least one liter (about 4 ? cups) every day. But newer studies suggest that people with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood may have a lower risk for colon cancer.
Still, it’s not clear whether boosting vitamin D will reduce heart risks and how much vitamin D is needed. Researchers found that older people with vitamin D deficiency performed poorly on tests of memory, attention, and reasoning compared to people with enough vitamin D in their blood.

It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. That leaves me to do what I like best, which is the photo heavy, light hearted articles that apparently have too many exclamation points. The topic repeatedly comes up when we are making decisions like whether to buy ice cream as a treat or whether it would be worth our time and money to go on a mini vacation (we decided yes to both! I believe the appropriate term for that level of maturity is contentedness – being happy where we are, while not forgetting where we want to go.
We went on a long 2 week road trip that started in the Midwest, passed through Pennsylvania, on up into Canada, and then back to the US in Maine.
We want our life to not just be about achieving financial freedom and deeming financial success our final destination, but also about the memories, the sacrifices, and the crazy fun things we did to get there.
Perhaps not to the personal finance community, but to the rest of the world, the Cash Cow Couple just plain takes frugality way too seriously and can only see life in dollar signs. We still plan on making our financial freedom goal a reality, and we are still pursuing the dream every day and doing what it takes to get there. And lately we’ve learned the art of contentedness and the satisfaction of embracing each day. I have been married for 15 years and my husband and I have both worked full time jobs since graduating from college. I am so glad you have decided to focus on the important things in life and are using frugality as your catalyst for change. Me and my bf had a talk about the same thing the other day and what’s really important at the end of the day. I use lots of exclamation points too and take them as a sign that you are happy … or perhaps content! I think the ability to discern when it is a good time to spend and when it is not compliments contentedness quite well. Some are living while others are inanimate, but regardless of their state they all help me in my proceeding contentedness. Researchers have high hopes for vitamin D -- which comes from our skin's reaction to sunlight, a few foods, and supplements. In older adults, a daily dose of "D" and calcium helps to prevent fractures and brittle bones. One newer clue comes from a study of a rare gene defect that leads to low levels of vitamin D – and a higher risk of MS.
There's not enough proof for doctors to recommend taking this supplement to prevent type 2 diabetes. It's not clear whether obesity itself causes a low vitamin D level or if it's the other way around.
Some researchers recommend much higher doses of vitamin D, but too much vitamin D can hurt you. Very high doses of vitamin D can raise your blood calcium level, causing damage to blood vessels, heart, and kidneys. If you take digoxin, a heart medicine, too much vitamin D can raise the level of calcium in your blood and lead to an abnormal heart rhythm. Very high levels of vitamin D in the blood can actually harm blood vessels and the heart by increasing the amount of calcium in the bloodstream. Still, better studies are needed to learn if vitamin D supplements could prevent dementia or slow mental decline.
It is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your pet’s health.
I told him the reason the trip was so fun and memorable was because we didn’t just drive straight through to Maine, enduring an excruciating 24 hour road trip, but instead meandered our way through the country, stopping to eat at Mom and Pop diners and sight- seeing along the way.
We’ve intertwined a new mindset and we’ve taken a really important step on our journey to financial freedom together. We realized that having a Sunday brunch after church is something we both love and can justify spending money on.

Sometimes I get concerned because that YOLO feeling starts creeping back in, but I do feel I can strike that balance now and live a contented life. But once you reach a place of contentedness, it’s easy to remember how to get back there. It’s refreshing to see a young couple that can agree to be frugal and still have fun.
Having you as a reference during the great exclamation debate with Jacob should help quite a bit. Marriage and home ownership are years away for me, and my boyfriend and I still have student loans to pay off. I meant to say that I found the above article to be somewhat enlightening, and even moderately inspirational.
It should be about the condition of your life, your relationships, you goals, and your accomplishments.
Children need "D” to build strong bones and prevent rickets, a cause of bowed legs, knock knees, and weak bones.
Despite these links, there's not enough evidence to recommend vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of MS. But one small study of dieters suggests that adding vitamin D to a calorie-restricted diet may help overweight people with low vitamin D levels lose weight more easily.
The best bet is to talk with your doctor about whether vitamin D could ward off the symptoms of depression.
In children, a severe deficiency can lead to rickets and symptoms of soft bones and skeletal problems.
Children with some chronic diseases such as cystic fibrosis may be at increased risk for vitamin D deficiency. It's important to discuss your use of vitamin D supplements with your doctor or pharmacist. The VITAL Study -- a Harvard university study -- of vitamin D and omega-3 is following 20,000 volunteers to find answers. Never ignore professional veterinary advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
Because we aren’t concerned with what our lives seem to be from the outside looking in. The shift in focus from exclusively thinking, talking, and planning long-term to also incorporating an ongoing thankful train of thought that recognizes that where we are right now is pretty awesome.
We’ve learned the importance of enjoying the journey while delighting in the anticipation of our future. Those are the little moments (you don’t need to even spend money on it!) that you remember fondly looking back.
Fear, envy, desire, all these emotions make contentedness a state of mind that takes time and practice to achieve. But cloudy days, the low light of winter, and the use of sun block (important to avoid skin cancer and skin aging) all interfere. High doses can cause nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, muscle aches, or more serious symptoms. In the meantime, a healthy body weight, regular exercise, and the diet guidelines of the American Cancer Society may help prevent cancer. I don’t do everything in a frugal way (but, most things), yet I take a little time here and there to treat myself and family as I journey thru life. Personally I believe you have to understand and be confortable with yourself before you can be content in the world. We are confident in our goals and believe wholeheartedly in embracing a simple lifestyle that will pay us huge rewards moving forward.

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