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Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy. While not a bad record, Contemplation, with a bit of time off and some self-editing (not to mention someone slapping Yaromisl’s hands away from the wind setting on his Roland) could have been a lot more. I did notice a *lot* of atmospheric faffery (wind!) in between, but the actual metal is pretty solid, I think. You’ll be pleased to know that the previous album also contains sounds of someone walking through snow.
Today's video is part of a series on female genius, in proud collaboration with 92Y's 7 Days of Genius Festival. Scientists are going to ground-zero of one of Earth's most notable disasters—to the Chicxulub crater to dig to the heart of the asteroid that collided into the Earth 66 million years ago.
Big Think is proud to partner with the 92nd Street Y in bringing you this series on female genius as part of the 7 Days of Genius Festival. Upon moving to Los Angeles two years ago last month, I was surprised by how few drivers use turn signals.
More interesting than simple and flagrant disregard, the refusal to tell someone else where you're heading points to a more complex problem.
As this month I've been working with the idea of contemplation in my meditation practice, I began to think of what it is we're thinking about. Partaking in a contemplative practice needs to extend beyond our own problems and dilemmas and address our role in society—how our actions affect others, how our assumptions easily lead to suffering.
Thanks to the development of fMRI technology, researchers have been able to focus on our brain's posterior cingulate cortex, the region activated when we think about ourselves, including our daydreams and cravings. Through directed, contemplative meditation, the posterior cingulate cortex becomes deactivated. Another benefit of the contemplative discipline is the weakening of what is called the brain's Me Center, or the medial prefrontal cortex.

Without a direct and detailed assessment of our everyday actions it is challenging to grow in any sustainable manner. Too often we wait until a tragedy occurs to make pertinent change; in this sense, we live backwards while pretending to move ahead.
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This got me checking out Zgard’s stuff, anyway, and I actually like what I hear, mostly. They say this forecast includes arid regions, which may not be prepared to handle extra rainfall. For a city literally built around the car, it continually amazed (and still amazes) me witnessing such poor driving habits. What a driver says when switching one, two, three lanes without signaling not only entails neglect. Another everyday occurrence that goes by without a thought: men who shave while letting the water run, sometimes walking away from the sink without bothering to turn it off.
This is the area that we sometimes feel oppressed by; if, say, we let a daydream run amuck and conjure intense emotional trauma. By focusing on something such as breathing or a mantra, your brains loosens its grip on the story you're telling yourself and relaxes. This region, along with the insula, give you 'gut feelings.' When the amygdala, or fear center, is then activated, you begin the process of flying, fighting or freezing. Noticing how we treat others and the world beyond us is the foundation on which contemplative practices begin. Yaromisl’s screeching reminds me of a younger Shagrath, only with a more higher, more maniacal pitch.
People have predicted the death of cinema over and over, he says, but people still love going to the movies.

Besides the pervasive texting and driving, there are any number of activities I've observed, all of which point to one trend: a complete lack (or care) of others around you.
This is most acutely felt between partners who fail to communicate over the course of a relationship.
We assume that since the tap provides consistent water, it is an unlimited resource, not recognizing the social and political structures that make such convenience a reality, nor how much waste we produce when a solution as simple as paying attention to what you actually need to use exists. What is contemplated can be an external object, though often it is an idea or thought that is continually deconstructed and gazed upon from every angle. It's impossible to understand your own actions without framing them within the context of the world around you…unless, of course, you believe the world around you was put here for your pleasure alone. Without mental training, we empower fears to create stories that subsequently define our actions, creating the realty we experience. While seemingly simple habits like leaving the water running or failing to signal seem like trite examples, they point towards a lifestyle that disregards the feelings of others and the reality of our resources. Will this have you ready for battle, braving the cold winds of war for greater glories, or are you better to sit this one out?
One thing that caught my ear, is the acoustic passage about 3:36 into the song, again with winds and eagles, and some ominous keyboards before the sopilka (flute) appears.
Also, the production could be less brickwalled, as there was some serious sizzling going on through headphones at any volume, and on my home speakers, though that may be from the format of the promo copy sent to me. This is one powerful technique that can then influence your actions and, hopefully, make them more helpful to those around you. In fact, it’s the moments when the songs go back to folkier roots when Contemplation shines brightest.

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