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Next time you go shopping, dining out, or strolling through your local home repair shop, think about the confidence level of the person you’ve asked for help in that store or restaurant. But, employees who lack confidence will often avoid eye contact, ignore a customer who seems lost or in need of help, and will get defensive and involved with an angry customer instead of addressing the issue at hand. Want to improve your customer’s experience, infuse each team member with a dose of Contagious Confidence™ and seek to help them feel better about the job you’ve asked them to do and the help they might need in order to provide an exceptional level of service. Confidence is contagious and it shows up in the workplace with internal and external customers.
This quick online assessment shows you clues as to how you lead and why employees respond the way they do.
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But I think everybody is confident enough to know that if we go down there Saturday and not have 20 turnovers like we did tonight, we have a pretty good shot at winning. When people feel happy, they tend to feel confident, optimistic, and energetic and others find them likable and sociable.

Our movement will not stop until complete democracy is restored in the country and we are confident that people will actively participate in our protests. I'm confident that we will be able to successfully defend a target in the region of 160 given our bowling attack. Then think about how much different your experience has been when the clerk or host or server you’re working with has a high degree of confidence.
They hinder instead of help customer loyalty and your business may be suffering as a result. What are the areas in your company that might benefit from a higher dose of Contagious Confidence™? There you will find resources to boost the confidence of those you lead and perhaps even a tool for each employee to manage their own confidence level and make your job even easier.
I haven't had the kind of results at this level I've been used to in the past so it has been a bit challenging to cope with. Maybe it’s time for a Contagious Confidence™ training class before 4th quarter kicks into high gear?

Monica Wofford is an internationally acclaimed leadership development expert who engages audiences and teaches them how to become better leaders.
The good things about it is I think we've got a car that can qualify in the top 10 and draft well at the same time.
Now we understand we have to play a near-perfect game and Memphis has to be a little off their game. The fact that these kids have been there and understand everything they're going to go through, I don't think it can do anything but help us.

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