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Before we dive into power poses you can use to be more influential, let’s talk about the basics of proper posture from head to toe. Positioning your body in a confident stance doesn’t only impact how other people view you. 86% of people who held a high power pose were open to risk, compared to 60% who held a low power pose.
20% increase in testosterone, a hormone that influences how assertive you are, for the high power pose group.
Putting your feet on your desk could be frowned on depending on the setting, so be careful about when you use this power pose. There are few things more frightening than going to a bar or coffeehouse alone with the hope of meeting a person worthy of your affection. You spend the meeting slumped over in your chair with a posture that resembles a timid adolescent.
The words you express, no matter how brilliant they might be, will have no impact without a powerful posture. If you want to start your day feeling powerful, put your body in this position as soon as you roll out of bed. If you’re having a meeting with your superior, for example, then it might leave the wrong impression.

You should never lean into the desk of a person giving you a job interview, because this will make you appear arrogant. Confidence is a skill that can be learned just like playing an instrument, riding a bike, speaking a language, or anything else. He serves as a ghost (not the spooky kind) for several folks, self publishes Kindle books, and is currently writing short stories for fun.
If you have an interest in e-commerce, telecommunications, or general business and technological advancements, you’ll love PakWired.
But this doesn't just mean that you can decode a person's feelings by studying his or her body language.
If you want to inspire confidence and win trust, check out these power poses that will help you influence people. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist from Harvard Business School, created a test to determine how much posture affects confidence. But if you are a manager who would like to feel carefree and display confidence during a meeting with subordinates, go for it.
If you’re giving a sales presentation in a boardroom full of potential buyers, however, this pose would be a great way to exude dominance when you ask for the sale.
If the result is solid, he will compile + try to sell them to you in this bio one day soon.

I believe it also means that you can change your own state of mind by changing your physical behavior — use the body language of a confident person, and you will actually feel more confident. You should be able to see the faces of the people you walk past, while enjoying a clear view of the horizon in front of you.
If you’re feeling nervous about a job interview, you could even sneak away to a restroom or stairwell to practice this pose beforehand. That said, your mind and body are intimately connected, so it would be foolish to neglect the second half of that equation. It might help to shrug your shoulders up and down a few times before allowing them to relax in a position that feels natural.
Are you wallowing in a pit of negative thoughts about how stupid, worthless, and undeserving you are?

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