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Most of us think how we speak and interact is what matters the most when it comes to being confident but it’s not true.
This is good news for introverts like me because I am not so good with words when it comes to making conversations. There’s a huge difference in body language of confident, successful people and an average person. So we all go through tough times when you just can’t seem to have a hope for yourself in the future and this is where I lost my self-confidence. So one day I watched this video from TED which showed the importance of body language and it just clicked with me. When you are in an office or a store, just take a moment to observe the person who is in charge of the shop or company.
FUN FACT: A research study conducted by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup. When you’re proving a point or explaining an idea, use your palms to point with your fingers together. Just like AC Slater wooed me on Saved by the Bell, Grace Bustos fiance caught her eye with a smile.

Apparently some women pay attention to a man's footwear as much as they do to heels and sling backs.
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So whenever you are in a situation where you have to make a powerful first impression keep these in mind because trust me it’ll make a HUGE difference.
Even when I walked by the side of a road I used to feel anxious like all the eyes are on me and that I am being criticized. This is a really good technique of showing that your point is valid and it’s an effective gesture to persuade someone. I am not telling anyone to change who they are but if you want to feel confident in the outside world, this will definitely help you get there. That they see the beauty and feel the connection that one can only feel with their future husband. And the husband, he knows this woman is it. Case in point, Jenny from Boston, who is dating a man who she fell for due to his humility.
One stated her boyfriend's smile was "gracious," while another simply loved her now husbands teeth.

I have tried and tested them so now I can definitely say that if you struggle with low self-esteem or no-confidence-syndrome these tips will change your life and how other people perceive you.. But now I can definitely say that I can make a small talk confidently even with a stranger (not that I do that but it’s usually with a Starbucks barista in my case). For me, I keep my head high (obviously), my shoulders back which brings our chest up and my hips back.
If you notice yourself walking fast down the sidewalk or speaking really fast with your friends, just stop.
This may feel weird at first because we’re just so used to staying in our comfort-zone and slouching. For example, while standing keep your feet shoulder length apart and keep them in place. Guys usually keep their hands in pockets and girls usually play with their fingers. She was an audience member for 106 and Park and watched as he licked his lips on stage during a Nelly look alike content.

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