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There are valuable lessons to learn from every player, especially this legend in the making.
If you aren’t satisfied with the shots you took or the dribbles you completed, keep practicing.
I’m putting a lot of time and work into this eBook because I want to make sure it solves all your issues around confidence and turns you into the confident player that you should be. It requires serious internal rehabilitation and development before confidence can be used externally. LIKE this post, SHARE it on facebook, and COMMENT (share your motivation and thoughts about this topic). This will help you accelerate quicker after you turn, keep better control of the ball, and protect the ball from opponents.
The goal is in the middle of the field, cut inside as much as possible to get your shot off.

Every time you get it I want you to be excited about dribbling towards goal (or open space) and making things happen. Practice dribbling at speed, cutting inside with a nice change of direction and curling the ball into the far corner off the net with the inside of your big toe. Remember in the video when I cut inside and took a few fake shots until I had space to get off my shot. Perform at least 15 repetitions from each side.
You will achieve this by practicing your attacking skills and studying the game (looking at great attackers). When you do have the opportunity to shoot, think about curling your shot into a corner rather than blasting it every time (obviously sometimes you need to). If you know you’re going to get closed down play a quick pass and move to get it back. They will teach you how to move quicker, run faster, jump higher, and be stronger on the ball.

Against a good defence intricate passes around the box are the way to get through and score goals.
They will teach you how to read the game like a pro and increase your chances of getting scouted. If you’re challenging yourself this can be used as fitness training at the same time.

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