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This is another tendency people have, of constantly seeing their lack or what they “could’ve, should’ve or would’ve” done better. I have been on your mailing list for sometime now and like many others find your enthusiasm very inspiring.
What I really need is just some kind of inspirational therapy to keep me from straying from my course and give me the confidence to see each project through. I would be pleased if you could advise me on one of your coaching products which best suits my situation.
PS Just in passing, I am getting more impressed with the power of the mind and what can be achieved from positive thought.
Just as a simple example… thoughts that bring about fear will put your body in a fight or flight mode… this effects eye site, heart rate, breathing rate, blood flow, digestive system, reproductive system and immune system! I currently don’t have any hypnosis download products to address what you are experiencing.
My name is Nicole Anderson and I absolutely love this article on confidence peace of knowing( creating certainty with in yourself).

I’m certain that each of you has at some time in your life have used these terms and applied them to someone you know or know of. The man that I consider one of my “mentors”, Alan Weiss, said in his Monday Morning Memo “True arrogance is the belief that you have nothing left to learn, while true confidence is the belief that you can help others to learn as you continue learning yourself.” He pointed out that confident people share value while arrogant people try to “sell” you that they are correct. It made me think about the question “how do you give a performance evaluation to someone who is arrogant?” If they feel they know it all they will be indignant with the feedback.
The question then becomes “at what point will they cease to be of value to the organization?”  When they cease to be of value to the organization do you then get rid of them?
I tell newcomers all the time, there’s 3 stages of growth in their athletic development.
This is precisely why working your way up to heavy weights is important when you’re new. So achieving peak performance requires you to train your mind to see the good in yourself…and feel prepared.  It is a shift in perspective to start to recognize in yourself that you really are prepared, and able to achieve peak performance. I am thinking that your mind has the ability to cure quite a few illnesses that we suffer without the use of medications etc.

We have applied them to fellow employees, students, friends, family members, celebrities, politicians and more.
At what point do they stop offering value to the organization and what do you do with them? Haberman, SPHR is a consultant, speaker, writer of HR Observations, and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc. One thing that might interest you, I wear glasses to read now, but one day I was looking at the job I was doing thinking how clearly I was seeing it and how clean my glasses must be, when I realized I wasn’t wearing them, and instantly my vision blurred again! Society has come to accept stress as a normal part of living but what they aren’t realizing is it is caused my their own thoughts.

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