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They dish out empty phrases like “be kind and generous,” “get to know yourself,” or “think positive” (I am not kidding, there are blogs with millions of readers who publish these trivialities). A bunch of you already noticed the benefit of having a nice and tidy definition of an abstract concept like confidence or courage.
First we are going to take it way back and look at where the word confidence actually comes from before we look at how modern research defines it.
Dumitrescu and his colleagues wrote in one of their papers “self-confidence […] has to do with beliefs about one’s general ability to handle situations and problems in the world.” So self-confidence describes the extent to which a person believes they can handle the world.
General self-confidence is the type of confidence we already talked about that is the general belief of “I can handle it.” The great majority of psychologists believe that general self-confidence is simply an aggregation of your own evaluation about your past performance in many specific situations. On the other hand we have specific self-confidence, which can be the building blocks for general confidence. Emrah Oney and Gizem Oksuzoglu-Guven published a paper this year where they argued that general self-confidence was once a type of  specific confidence. So you have probably asked yourself: “What defines my confidence level in a given situation?” Good question.
Several researchers argue that general self-confidence is a personality trait, whereas specific self-confidence behaves more like a state. Now something interesting: In psychology there is the saying “state over trait,” meaning that your momentary state is a lot more important than your underlying trait.
I didn’t have a clue about all these things you wrote and the fact that we have different kind of confidences makes me also understand different shades of my personality too!
For me it’s clear, you have to challenge yourself everyday to go out of your comfortzone and it is not important in which direction you go, it will always increase your comfortzone like crazy.

So I decided to hook you guys up with some proper scientific definitions and a few clear concepts so you get a better understanding of the subject.
They say self-confidence also includes a “lack of anxiety,” which I think adds a very important dimension. Researchers therefore distinguish between general self-confidence and specific self-confidence, a distinction that most of us do not make on a daily basis. Just think of how many generally confident people you know start shaking and sweating when they need to get on stage and do a bit of public speaking.
They write that it was primarily used for dealing with evolutionary novel and non-recurrent problems.
This means general self-confidence is something that is very stable over time and almost part of your personality, whereas specific self-confidence is not stable because it is based on specific experiences. This means general self-confidence doesn’t really matter as it doesn’t accurately predict your behavior.
Instability of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-liking, self-control, self-competence and perfectionism: associations with oral health status and oral health-related behaviours.
Confidence: a critical review of the literature and an alternative perspective for general and specific self-confidence. This will lay the foundation for the next article where I will dive into the nitty-gritty part of actually building self-confidence. If we put the two together, then a self-confident person is somebody who goes through the world with the general belief of “Whatever comes, I can handle it.” Obviously, if you believe this about yourself, then there is no need to be afraid. However, this distinction is very important as it has certain consequences to our approach of increasing confidence–but more on this later. If things in your past worked out over and over again, you can be pretty confident that they will work out in the future as well.

As some of you might know, I played professional Basketball until I was 19 and lived together with my teammates. As an example, this type of confidence would serve you in a natural disaster, or when arriving in a foreign city for the first time. This is good, because it means you can increase your specific confidence in a short period of time when you have repeated success in a specific area of your life. What’s way more important is your specific self-confidence because of its moment-to-moment predictive value, and as you just learned you can influence your specific confidence pretty easily.
In the next article, we will dig deeper and find out why you need courage to become more confident and what other ways there are to increase your confidence.
Now we collected about 80-90 challenges and will do soon our next Extreme Comfortzone Challenge Day. One of these guys had low general self-confidence but great specific self-confidence; as soon as he stepped on the court he would make Russel Westbrook look shy. The paper then claims that this distinction still exists today and that general self-confidence predicts your level of confidence in completely new situations. This suggests that specific confidences are not the direct building blocks for general confidence, but rather an individual construct.
Therefore, you can have high specific confidence in a lot of areas and your general self-confidence might still be low.

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